Weekly Rundown

Another lovely spring week 🙂 I think it must be here to stay. And we have been well above normal temperatures, hitting 70 and even 80. I did a lot outside this week, enjoying the weather as much as possible. I even got the horses out in the back field now that the  snow is gone–finally.

I was more than a little afraid that someone would be bucking and snorting and not paying attention to holes buried in the snow. If they can see them, at least they have a chance.

Monday: once more I had the “day after” the busy weekend. I did do some yoga, about 25 minutes of primarily stretching. It felt pretty good to stretch out all my muscles after all the work they had been doing, but I will admit it kinda felt like a day off.

Tuesday: running on the treadmill–I bumped it up to 1.5 miles, and hit 5.4 MPH.  I ran early, so I could meet my friend Kate for our walk around the hospital–outside! The path around the hospital is .9 miles, and there are outbuildings that can extend the walk if you leave the circle around the hospital. We ended up doing 1.55 miles in about 39 minutes before heading in for our coffee.

Wednesday: my goal for the day–off. Well, that was easy!

Thursday: another 1.5 miles on the treadmill running. I had planned on doing weights as well, but my ears had a different idea. I woke up Sunday with my left ear completely clogged, which happens about once a decade. I tried the OTC ear cleaner for three days, but on Wednesday I admitted defeat. I looked up the Express Care hours and got there right as they opened, so I could just be slightly late to work. And, dang, the world was loud after they washed out my ears. Yes, ears, apparently the right ear was clogged too.

Friday: a walk on the treadmill, followed by weights. I admit to wanting to sleep in a bit, so I only got 17 minutes on the treadmill and 17 minutes of weight training.  I wasn’t trying to match times, sometimes things just sync up!

Saturday: a busy day! Holy cow. So I started early with Daisy, we did a mile walk out and then ran a mile back. I was pretty happy, as my time was 11:38, which is about the same as when I do it on the treadmill. This made me feel good, since the road is much more uneven and hilly than that treadmill. I then sat a bit (taxes needed to be finished), before heading out to walk the fence line to get the horses out back for the summer.  Then I came back in and did some spring cleaning in the house, as well as just a bit out in the garden. Yup, I slept very well.

Sunday: started the day with Daisy again, we did an easy 1.44 mile walk. I wanted to make sure she was stretched out from yesterday–that was her first mile run in forever. But she’s a bouncy little thing, never even knew I had asked something harder of her. Then I spent the bulk of the day helping my husband. He had brought home a wood chipper, and we put all the piles from our land clearing the weekend before through. It is amazing how fast that chipper eats a  pile. I took the time to do some groundwork with Charby in the afternoon, before falling into a puddle on the couch.

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