Monthly Stats

Last month stats

A bit late, but here are last month’s stats.

I was a bit depressed by the miles, until I realized that my tracker will track the time I am on the treadmill, but won’t calculate the miles while I am on there. So I went back and looked at my old-fashioned notebook.

Yes, I track everything. It’s my dad’s fault. As a farmer, he had notebooks upon 3-ring binders on what the weather was like, what he had in one field and what he moved to the next field and how well it all did, as well as how well it sold so he knew what to rotate, and what to grow again.

So it is not that surprising that I have my Misfit, which is on my arm to track my activity in general; my Endomondo app on my phone to specifically track when I ride, yoga, run, etc; and my notebook to track how far and how it felt when I exercise. Genetics!

Anyway, I found that I did 26.5 miles on the treadmill as well as the 9 miles outdoors. Not a bad month after all 🙂

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