Weekly Rundown

Another week of spring showers. Getting a bit tired of this now, I’ll take those spring flowers any day.  I had to put the raincoats back on the horses–the looks I got from Christopher Robin. He does not like to be dressed any more than a 2 year old. He has lost 3 halters and he actually managed to get his blanket off last spring, took me 3 months to find it.

Clearly, not getting a lot done outside right now, no riding and very little walking of Daisy. Plus, I need the rain to stop so I can rake the leaves out of my flower gardens. No fun raking wet leaves!

Monday: I looked at my plan for the week and I realized that I had not planned a day off. Ooops. I wanted to do some yoga when I got home from work, but that didn’t work out so a day off it was.

Tuesday: running on the treadmill. I wanted to run 2.5 miles, but ended up just doing the 2 miles in 22 minutes. Some days things just don’t work out 🙂

Wednesday: I got on the treadmill with my book, which is never a good idea. Well, it is a good idea, but my 20 minute warm up turned into a 27 minute read. I did tear myself away and hit the “highlights” of my weight training–7 burpees, core and leg plus a few planks in 13 minutes before getting ready for work.

Thursday: another interrupted run on the treadmill. I got to 2.2 miles before my husband needed me. It was my own fault, if I had done it before I got on the treadmill then I would have gotten to 2.5.

Friday: my plan was for a walk and weight training. But I was really in the mood to run, and I was wondering if I was up to running a couple days in a row. I have been trying to go slowly so my knee doesn’t complain, and the rain has definitely been keeping my running inside on the treadmill.  So I ran a quick (10.43) mile and then did my 7 Burpees and 15 minutes of stretchy yoga.

Saturday: my knee felt fine after running two days in a row, so I did it again. I did it in late afternoon, since in the morning I went out to check the other half of the horse fence. I have the pasture split in two to help with growing the grass, and they had been stuck on one side for three weeks. Since it wasn’t raining, I decided to go out at 8:30 and fix the fence–it definitely needed work. Of course, when I was about half done it started to pour.  I kept going and the horses were happy to go out and investigate their new area. So it ws about 3 o’clock when I hopped on the treadmill.  I ran a mile, walked a half mile and then ran another mile. It felt pretty good.

Sunday: a walk with Daisy! The sky turned blue (briefly) and we all had a good day. Daisy and I did 2 miles in a  relatively leisurely 36 minutes, then I did some actual  yard work around the house. In the afternoon I played with Charby. It was too muddy to really lunge her, but I gave her a good brushing–ah, the mud on her legs. Caked on up to her knees, so I got rid of that. Then we just did a bit of ground work before she got her treats. She knew I had them in my pocket (damn horse noses!) and that did distract her, but she did a pretty good job earning them.

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