Weekly Rundown

I have been on mini-vacation since Friday, and I kinda lost track of days….plus, I have been so crazy busy with gardens, plants, walks, horses, and more that I am beyond tired!

I have a program that tracks my steps over the course of seven days and last night for the first time I cracked 90,000 steps.  I have been running around 80,000; with a few dips down into 70,000.  No wonder I am tired! One would think perhaps my steps would go down while I am on vacation.

It also explains why my knee has been bothering me for the last four days. I only have  a mini-vaca since I have to go back to work tomorrow. So I am resting up today 🙂

Monday: off once more. Such a nice day to have off!

Tuesday: I ran a mile on the road, and I made it up that hill! Third time must be the charm. Not saying I was running  fast, but I did run all the way up. I also figured out how to run down a hill better for my leg–I kinda jogged down like I was jogging down stairs. That helped the impact on my knee on the steep part.   I finished up with 20 minutes of yoga to stretch out.

Wednesday: I ran 1.5 miles on the treadmill. I meant to run 2 miles, but didn’t start quite early enough. I had to head out early so I could walk with my friend before work. It was a nice sunny day, although still in the 50s, and we walked 1.75 miles in 35 minutes. Just enough time for coffee before I had to hit my desk.

Thursday: a mile walk on the treadmill in 20 minutes. I put the treadmill on the incline and carried my weights for a bit more work. I have been trying to find the right thing to watch on Netflix while on the treadmill. I was watching Beastmaster, a Sylvester Stallone obstacle course that is like American Ninja Warrior on steroids. They invite participants from all over the world, and have announcers from each country too. Nothing better for motivation than watching athletes attempting incredibly difficult feats to make one feel that they can certainly run just a little further.  I have gone through the first season, so now I need something else. I tried a few things before settling on 80s Macgyver. I wasn’t a huge fan, so most of them are new to me. And it is so much fun watching the 80s action, seeing who we thought were the “bad guys” back then, and what Mac made out of absolutely nothing (don’t care if Mythbusters debunked most of what he did, still fun). Once I got off the treadmill, I did my weight training. I went back to actually using dumbbells instead of resistance training, just to keep my muscles off guard.  So I did 25 minutes of bicep curls, squats, shoulder raises, leg raises, etc.

Friday: First day on vacation!! I did 15 minutes at 3.0, still on the incline.  I put my Crunch yoga dvd in, but only got 23 minutes in until the Warrior poses pushed my knee just a little too far. Guess I was right to be avoiding them. I had the vet come out for the horses’ annual visit, then spent the afternoon running around town with the hubby. It was supposed to be pouring all day, but we had intermittent moments of just grayness without precipitation, so it wasn’t too bad doing errands.

Saturday: I ran on the treadmill for 24 minutes. I ran slowly, at only 5.0 MPH so I only ran 2 miles. I did take it off the incline first! I got to play Charby for a few minutes, and even got on to ride for 15 minutes. Then I wandered through four different stores’ flower sections with a friend for the afternoon. A good day!

Sunday: another 2 mile run on the treadmill, this time at 6.0 MPH, although it took 21 minutes since I had to work up to the 6.0 MPH. It felt really good. The odd thing is that my knee doesn’t really hurt while running, just bothers me later on. I think the amount of movement and walking I had been doing bothers it almost more than the running. Moving  straight on doesn’t seem to bother it, but any sort of twist or torque kills it. We put in 100 baby Christmas saplings, and that really made my leg unhappy. And my back. Ahhh, I could barely move when we finished. Good thing I had gone out and  played with Christopher Robin first. I didn’t ride, but I brushed him, did a few groundwork exercises,  and lunged him. He seemed pretty happy with the attention. I also cleaned out several gardens in the morning–only two more to get the leaves out of! I think I may have too many perennial gardens. But they are soooo pretty. I also tested a battery-powered weed whacker for my husband (he runs a hardware rental section), and I suppose it is no surprise that I ended up with ice on my knee that night.

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