Weekly Rundown

A cold and wet week, didn’t feel like June at all. It could have been the weather, but I had no motivation at all this week. I did put a plan for the week in place, but each day I wandered in the morning wondering what I actually felt like doing. Most days, it was not what I had planned! But, on the other hand, I did exercise 🙂

I might also blame my lack of motivation on the crazy busyness of my  days, leaving me little energy for anything. Seems like I never catch up. And the Burpees are wearing me out. I think they might be a permanent addition to my exercise routines, as they are clearly working muscles that needed to be worked.

Monday: off-except for those Burpees! 11

Tuesday: 20 minute walk on the treadmill with the incline. Followed by 20 minutes of yoga, including both strength and stretch poses. I have been working on adding some Warrior poses to strengthen my knee,  since I discovered most of my DVD yoga sessions are too much for my knee, as they use Warrior continuously throughout the practice.  And 12 Burpees!

Wednesday: a brisk 20 minute/2 mile run on the treadmill. I did try to leave the incline from the day before,but it just wasn’t happening. I had a hard time even getting myself going, so the little “extra” was not anything my legs were up to. Afterwards I did 13 Burpees and some stretching.

Thursday: I had no motivation, and kinda wandered around wondering what I should do. So I did some drills! The biggest problem being that it has been so long since I have been able to do my running drills, I couldn’t remember them all. I ran a mile down the road and back before starting the drills. I did 3 of the 7 drills: skipping, running backwards, and grapevines. I also remembered the high knees, but I wasn’t sure my leg was up to doing those, so I did another set of skipping with slightly higher knee movements. I finished up with Burpees ( 14) and 10 minutes of stretching.

Friday: Still lacking motivation, I did an easy 1.26 miles walking on the treadmill in 25 minutes. I followed by 10 minutes of stretching and, of course, those Burpees. 15. And, oh, my aching shoulders! I have been avoiding push ups for the last 30 years (ever since gym class) and now I know why.

Saturday: Daisy and I walked a brisk 16 minute mile out, then ran back. My legs were ready to take right off, and I actually had to slow down for Daisy. She wasn’t quite ready to go that fast. She likes to look around while running 🙂 And my shoulders hurt just from the arm swing. But I still managed 16 Burpees and 15 minutes of stretch-y yoga when we got back.

Sunday: off. We went up to see our family 2.5 hours away, and left at 5:30 am, so no time to exercise first. And we got home at 7 pm, so too tired to exercise after! I did make myself do those foolish Burpees-17.

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