Weekly Rundown

Another flown by. At this rate Christmas will be yesterday! It was a good week, and I didn’t even eat too  badly at Thanksgiving.  The weather has been cooling off, and I noticed it seems to be affecting my knee a bit, since the knee is bothering me more. Not enough to slow me down….much!

I started a new 30 Day Challenge on Friday. I thought the time from the day after Thankgsiving to the day before Christmas would be an appropriate period to do a Challenge and keep exercise (and not food) in my mind.

Plank Challenges are floating around, so I kinda came up my own. I can plank fairly well, although I am not sure how long I can do it as I haven’t timed it recently.  We will find out soon enough 🙂 I started with 30 seconds, and added a push up. With each day I add 10 seconds, with a push-up at the 10 second mark. Currently I am up to 60 seconds with 4 push-ups.

I really enjoyed the results of my Burpee Challenge, particularly my core. I didn’t actually want to do Burpees again, so I thought planking with push-ups should work my core as effectively.  I am doing it a bit different this time, as I am going to take the day off from the Challenge when I take a day off from exercise.

Monday: off

Tuesday: treadmill walking, 31:30 minutes at 3 MPH. Just didn’t feel up to running. I have been walking at work on my fifteen minute break, and now that I can’t walk outside, I am back to walking the floors and stairs. I find that since I haven’t done it since last winter, stairs are hard. And running after trotting up the stairs is harder!

Wednesday: a day off due to my beautiful new refrigerator! The seal on the door of our fridge has been going, to the point where we occasionally leaned a heavy chair against it so it wouldn’t pop open when we weren’t home. We finally decided to get a new one, and my husband went to pick it up. We had a friend come over to help move it in, so when I got home from work I had to empty the old one, then clean behind it after they moved it out. And help  settle the new one, and then quickly put everything back in the fridge. By then it was time to feed the horses, feed the husband and sit back to enjoy how nice my new fridge looked in my kitchen 🙂

Thursday: Thanksgiving! Except, it wasn’t really for us as my family was doing it on Saturday. But we cooked a small turkey and fixings and had it for dinner after a busy day of making wreaths. I made myself get on the treadmill before lunch and did 2 miles in 22:06. Not terribly fast, but we have a love/hate relationship: I love to hate being on it.

Friday: my first day of  actual yoga after a long, long time. I have been mixing in my yoga stretches, but haven’t done an actual yoga practice in, well, months. At least, it feels that way. And I have to say, it was pretty dang awesome to do a full 40 minutes! I started the Plank Challenge too, doing 30 seconds and 1 push-up.

Saturday: a quick mile on the treadmill to start. It was 9:41, and I started low, but kept pushing up the speed until I ran the last quarter-mile at 6.9 MPH; which was the fastest I have gone so far on the treadmill. I followed up with 15 minutes of weight lifting and day two of Planking.

Sunday: a nice day so I took advantage for a short run on the road. It was a slow 2 miles, but it felt good and I wasn’t truly concerned with the time. I was just out there having fun. And, of course, when I got back I stretched and did day three of Planking: 50 seconds with 3 push-ups.

Weekly Rundown

The week after my illness wasn’t terribly productive or exciting, so I thought I would do a two-for this week.

The first week I did about 20 or so minutes walking on the treadmill for most of the week. Oh yeah, I did 11 minutes of yoga after one of those walks. On the bright side, at least I was moving again!

I worked a bit harder last week, although not what I should have done–I think. But I ran and lifted weights and on Friday I was wiped! Guess I didn’t bounce back quite as well as I had thought.

Monday: Quick 9:59 mile (my legs didn’t understand why it should be that quite that quick), followed by 21 minutes of weight lifting. I didn’t do much legs, but I did my arm sets of 3×15–no extras this week! I did a few more minutes of stretching, especially the legs, after the lifting exercises.

Tuesday: more walking on the treadmill. I did 25 minutes, starting at 3.0 MPH and working up to 3.8 MPH by the end.

Wednesday: another quick run, 2 miles in 21:15 minutes. But this one was outside on the road in the brief time I had before dark when I got home from work. Probably by my last afternoon run, as I skipped right home, changed and headed out immediately and the sun was still sinking  when I got back in my driveway. The run itself felt fabulous!! I thought the hill was going to kill me  after all my time off, but I was too busy thinking and was at the top before I knew it. After that, I just ran as fast as I could and managed two very decent mile (for me) times. And it felt good doing it 🙂

Thursday: off

Friday: Thursday was a planned day off, but Friday was off just because I was too tired to do anything.

Saturday: a busy day trying to get everything done for winter around the house. First thing I did was carry and stack some wood (I call that walking and weight lifting) for 20 minutes in the basement. Then I helped my husband stack some more wood in the wood shed as he split it, but that involved a lot of waiting so I didn’t call it exercise. I took Daisy for a quick walk, and she was ready to go after sitting around for the last couple weeks. We did the first mile in 16 minutes, and the second in just over 14 minutes. When we got back I needed to walk (and fix) the fence line before letting the horses out back. They had been locked in the barnyard–again–after the pony got out–again–for the week and I wanted them to go run the friskies out. They are in the barnyard for the winter, I think, as when we came in that afternoon from gathering evergreen tips to build wreaths, there was a pony in the driveway. I am thinking of renaming him Houdini.

Sunday: a rainy day, so not quite as busy. House cleaning, followed by wreath decorating (my husband ties them), and more running on the treadmill. I did a mile, realized I was whupped, did a half mile walking then another mile running. More wreath decorating followed before, finally, sitting down and watching the Patriots game.

Weekly Rundown

So two rather momentous events occurred last week. The first one affected just about everyone in the area, but the second only affected me.

First, Maine got hit by a So’Easter. This little storm came in late Sunday night and knocked out power to over 500,000 households, businesses, and schools. The winds gusted at 60+ miles per hour, knocking over trees and tearing down limbs. Some trees snapped, while others were dragged out by the roots.
I tried to go to work at 5:30am and found both possible roads to town blocked by fallen trees stretched out across the road. I tried again after the sun came up at 7:00am, and found even more trees down. At which point I called out from work and sat in a powerless house with the puppies.
My husband came home in early afternoon and started the generator so we at least had tv and dinner. Later that night we lost internet too–apparently the power line and the internet line come in from opposite directions, so the internet lasted a bit longer.
We were fortunate that we had a good generator, and could shower and live mostly normal lives. It did get a bit tiresome having to get up early to start it, buy gas to put in it and turn it off so we could go to bed. And I found out the limitations when I tried to water the horses while the oven was on.
But it was more than many people in the area had. The local power companies did a good job, getting 30,000 to 50,000 people power each day. But we were off the grid for seven rather long days. Thankfully, internet actually came back at the same time as the power.

The other thing that happened last week is that I developed anaplasmosis.  This a nifty little issue caused by ticks. I found a tick on me on last Thursday and pulled it off, and thought little of it. We have so very many ticks, I pull dozens off the horses, and I have developed a rather carefree attitude towards them. That may change.
Sunday night (72 hours later, the incubation period) I developed some violent chills. Like, “I couldn’t hold a glass of water without spilling it” shudders, followed by intense heat flashes. Now, I was going to go to work anyway, but the storm prevented me. So I spent most of the Monday sleeping.
I did head off to work Tuesday, and had a bit of trouble getting there without falling asleep.  My biggest symptoms were fatigue, hot/cold flashes, dehydration, queasiness, and muscle aches. And I couldn’t drink coffee!! The horror! I wanted to eat (and drink coffee), but my stomach didn’t agree.
I finally went to the doctor’s on Wednesday. She confirmed that I did in fact have a tick borne disease, and wasn’t impressed at all that I been going to work. Like a good girl, I took Thursday off. That was a good compromise right? I went back on Friday before resting up all weekend. The doctor put me on doxycyline, which seems to work fairly quickly as my symptoms have mostly faded.

The upshot of all this is, of course, that I did not exercise at all over the past week. Guess I have to work harder this week!