Weekly Rundown

Another week! And now the holidays are over 🙂 Time to get back to regular life. Thank goodness.

Monday: I got my 15 minute break at work and did eight flights of stairs while walking about the hospital.  When I got home I hopped on the treadmill and did the second Intensity workout. That lasts 30 minutes and does about 2.75 miles at varying paces. It’s actually quite nice not having to think about when I can be done, or if I am going fast enough.  Afterwards I did my plank, holding for 2 minutes and 50 seconds, with 15 push-ups.

Tuesday: off. I was waiting for my new sneakers, since running the previous day was not as fun as it could be. I was also extremely tired, although my husband talked me into  taking the snowmobiles out back for a brief ride up and down the field. That was pretty fun 🙂

Wednesday: What I didn’t take into account was that on Wednesday we had my husband’s work Christmas party, which meant that we had to leave immediately when I got home from work. So another day off! But it was a good party.

Thursday: New sneakers arrived! I did a short run, not wanting to go too far til I had them broken in…or at least was sure they wouldn’t hurt my feet. So I just did 20 minutes of the 30 minute Intensity workout. Followed by, of course, the plank: 3 minutes, 16 push-ups.

Friday: another day off. I had final errands with the husband for Christmas (in the first snowstorm of the weekend). I did mange 8 more flights of stairs during my break at work. I figure if I only took three days off the week before Christmas, that really isn’t too bad.

Saturday: Workout by Mother Nature! I had to roof rake our two canvas buildings, one is the “hay barn,” and the other functions as my husband’s garage. It takes about twenty minutes for each one, so that’s not too bad right? They had probably a foot or more of accumulated snow as we hadn’t done them yet this season, and the previous day’s storm dumped about eight inches on them. It was a wonderful arm workout! And my legs were a bit unhappy after  trudging through the deep snow. I rested up while cleaning the house (my family was coming for Christmas the next day), and then I got on the treadmill. I did the 30 minute Intensity workout again–my goal is to get comfortable with it and then do it on the incline. We’ll see. And, of course, I did my Challenge: a 3:10 plank with 16 push-ups.

Sunday: I snuck in some yoga before my family arrived. I really wanted to get on the treadmill and use those sneakers again (they are quite nice!), but we lost power during the night. That was due to the second storm of the weekend, which sadly,  was basically ice. The  electric power website said we should be up and running by 8am, and we were. Which made it easier to stagger the dishes for the meal!

And I finished (finally) my Challenge, doing my last plank for 3:20 with 17 push-ups. Skipping the days I didn’t do an actual workout  during the Challenge was easier, but also meant I didn’t go as far as I could have, had I done it everyday for a month. On the hand, I did end up with a 3+ minute plank, which is really not bad.

I think my next Challenge will be easier! Although I suppose that would not be very helpful.


Weekly Rundown

Some weeks I feel like I am exercising just fine, but then I look back at my week and realize that while I did exercise, the days were short and scattered.  I suppose that is normal during the holiday season. At this time of year, any exercise is good exercise!

And I meant to finish and post this yesterday, as it is the previous week’s, but then Mother Nature stepped in and rained ice on Maine Saturday. We lost power, and while that came back on Sunday morning, the internet didn’t come back til this morning.

Monday: took the day off.  I had to get the car picked up from the body shop before they closed, and it was close-we got there with 15 minutes to spare. When we had that lovely So’Easter in October, my car got whacked by a falling branch and it punched my sunroof down about 2 inches. I was pretty concerned that we were going to get a heavy, wet snow and I was going to find the sunroof in my car some morning. Took them six days, but my car came home looking better than new (they detailed it, and it was shiny and pretty!).

Tuesday: I wanted to do a fast mile on the treadmill before weight training. I really wanted to see how fast I could do a mile, and planned on increasing the speed to see just how fast I could get.  I reckoned without my engagement ring, that caught the stop key and pulled it off, stopping my run suddenly. I started up immediately again, but am a bit unsure about the exact time for the mile. I’m going with 9 minutes–I was hoping for better. I did get up to 7.2 MPH, which is the fastest I’ve gone yet, so that’s a win. I followed up with my standing weights routine (3 x 15), which took 16 minutes. And, of course, I managed to get my plank  and push-ups in.

Wednesday: a nice relaxing day, I did 30 minutes of Candle Light yoga. Followed by a 2:20 minute plank with 12 push-ups.

Thursday: I decided to do the second Intensity pre-set workout on my treadmill.  The first one was simply walking for 20 minutes, and this one was 10 minutes longer. Imagine my surprise when it kicked up to 5.9 MPH and I was running! Then, 7 minutes into the routine my dang ring caught the emergency stop key again. After a minute of thought I just restarted the same workout, and ran through it start to finish. So I ran for 37 minutes and just over 3 miles. Felt pretty good too! And I didn’t forget my  challenge (although I wish I could),  but I did try it without the push-ups. I can do the core of the plank just fine, but–as with my Burpee challenge–my arms are not loving it. Even without my push-ups, my arms rather hurt half way through the 2:30 plank.

Friday: off

Saturday:  A furious final Christmas shopping trip with Ellen. I didn’t really need much, but it was wonderful to be with my friend, and I did find a few last-minute stocking stuffers. Plus, we got a LOT of steps in. When I got home I did manage to walk  Daisy 1 mile, although not as quickly as she would have liked. And I did do a 2:40 plank with 14 push-ups after.

Sunday: off. I had a plan: Cleaning, then exercise on the treadmill. But by the time I was done with all the chores,  it was 9. I decided to can the exercise because I really needed breakfast by then. I knew I wouldn’t get to exercise later as we were having family over for a visit (thus all the cleaning). And while I was eating, they called and said they were only 20 minutes away! Very quick shower later, I was ready to spend the day with family 🙂


Weekly Rundown

Ever start a challenge and really hate it half way through? I guess that makes it a good challenge. But geez, can 12/24 get here, puleese? My arms are so very not happy with me. And I’m not good at it: I think I know how long my plank should be and how many push-ups I should do, but then I go to write it down and realize I did that same thing the day before. Oops!

The rest of the week went well, although I think I need new sneakers. The gentleman who sold them to me said they were good, but when they go, I would know it. And I do. They last around 500 miles, so I guess that means I had a good year! Thank goodness I have no interest in marathons or ultras, I don’t think I could afford the replacement shoes.

We were busy enough at work that I missed a few breaks during the week, so not too many stairs. I figure if I am running on the treadmill, the stairs take the place of all the hills for the winter. Hill work is important!

Monday: I wasn’t planning on running, so I did a bunch (7 flights) of stairs during my walk break at work. I jogged up every other set, and was a bit flushed when I went back to my little office to register more patients. When I got home I did 35 minutes of Candle Light yoga. I want to try to do the practice at least once a week to help stretch out my muscles. Maybe my next challenge will be a yoga challenge? I could rock that.  Speaking of which, I did a 1:40 plank, with 8 push ups.

Tuesday: 40 minutes walking on the treadmill at 3 MPH. Followed, of course, by a 1:50 plank with  9 push ups.

Wednesday: 2 miles running on the treadmill at a very easy 5.2 MPH. I felt very good doing it, and followed up with 10 minutes of yoga. I finished up with 1:50 plank with 9 push ups–there’s the first oops.

Thursday: A brisk treadmill walk of 1.8 miles at 3.6 MPH.  I probably could’ve gone a little faster, but I was relaxing a bit. No Daisy to push me along like she does out on the road! She is not impressed by my treadmill, she runs in and out at will, wondering what I might be doing on that thing.  And, not to be forgotten, my plank of 2 minutes and 10 push ups.

Friday: off

Saturday: whoo-hooo, I got out on the road. It was just a quick 2 mile run, but it was a nice morning out. My shoulders hurt as my arms swung in time with my stride, so I decided to do my plank later. Only then I got busy cleaning and helping my husband and I rather forgot to do the challenge later.

Sunday: I did the 20 minute intensity walk on my treadmill. There are six pre-set workouts on my treadmill and I haven’t got around to trying any of them in the past year. So I thought since I am stuck on the treadmill for the winter (for the most part), I might as well try them. It was fairly easy, doing one mile at various paces over the course of 20 minutes. I finished with a 2:10 plank with 11 push-ups. That would be my second  (or third, if you count the day I forgot) oops. Hope I do better next week! On the bright side, my abdomen is looking better anyway 🙂

Weekly Rundown

Ok, it is the crazy time of year. I guess holidays are always a bit on the chaotic side. So I should be used to it, right? And yet, somehow, every year I am surprised.

It’s a good chaos, with family and friends. And work going nuts. And wreath making/decorating as fast as possible. And fun events to go to.  And, meanwhile, normal life keeps rolling, requiring feeding of the dogs, washing of the dishes, and, really, must I vacuum again?

I am happy to say that since I feel better, I am making an effort to keep exercising. It helps keep me sane, too. I love taking my break at work and going for a walk, even now that I have to do it inside. On days when it is too busy to skip out on my desk, I just don’t feel the same.

Monday: I did my 15 minute break at work, and made sure I did as many stairs as possible (7 flights). I figure the stairs work my legs as well as a hill. I managed another walk with Daisy before it got too dark after I got home. Don’t imagine we will get too many more afternoon walks til spring. We did a brisk 1.32 mile in 22 minutes, followed by my plank, at 1 minute with 4 push-ups.

Tuesday: off. I did do a walk with 7 flights of stairs during my break at work.

Wednesday: I didn’t do any stairs during my break because I was planning on running and I finally figured out all the stairs was making my running kinda painful. I guess I need to get those muscles in shape to do both in one day….slowly. I ran into a bigger snag when I got home, however. The light blew in my library–it’s one of those stupid domes that need the screws removed to change. And the lamp in the library would work either (still haven’t figured that out). I was on the verge of running in the dark–cuz, dammit, I planned on running!–when I realized my treadmill dashboard is not backlit and I wouldn’t be able to see time or distance.  So I did 30 minutes of weights instead plus a 1:10 plank with 5 push-ups. And my husband fixed the light later 🙂

Thursday:  I did do stairs during my break at work, I figured, what the heck! Only 6 flights, but I jogged up the last 2.  Then, finally, a run on the dang treadmill! I did a nice (as it gets on the treadmill) 2 miles, followed by a 1:20 minute plank with 6 push-ups.

Friday: off. I had to run errands in the afternoon, with Chinese grabbed on the way home for dinner. Not a bad day, in all.

Saturday: A run on the road! Funny how 3.4 miles on the road is soooo much easier than 2 miles on the treadmill. Frosty morning, but lovely for a run. I did a 1:30 plank with 7 push-ups when I got back.

                 now, I know I have small hands, but I don’t think that is a deer track…got moose?

Sunday: another walk with Daisy. We did 1.42 mile in 23 minutes, then she got to watch through the window while I did some hill work. Instead of sprints, I did four regularly paced passes up the hill. The first was roughly 75 yards long, and I added about 75 yards to each run up. Gotta admit, the last one pretty much sucked! And then I still had to plank for 1:40 with 8 push-ups.