Weekly Rundown

Ok, it is the crazy time of year. I guess holidays are always a bit on the chaotic side. So I should be used to it, right? And yet, somehow, every year I am surprised.

It’s a good chaos, with family and friends. And work going nuts. And wreath making/decorating as fast as possible. And fun events to go to.  And, meanwhile, normal life keeps rolling, requiring feeding of the dogs, washing of the dishes, and, really, must I vacuum again?

I am happy to say that since I feel better, I am making an effort to keep exercising. It helps keep me sane, too. I love taking my break at work and going for a walk, even now that I have to do it inside. On days when it is too busy to skip out on my desk, I just don’t feel the same.

Monday: I did my 15 minute break at work, and made sure I did as many stairs as possible (7 flights). I figure the stairs work my legs as well as a hill. I managed another walk with Daisy before it got too dark after I got home. Don’t imagine we will get too many more afternoon walks til spring. We did a brisk 1.32 mile in 22 minutes, followed by my plank, at 1 minute with 4 push-ups.

Tuesday: off. I did do a walk with 7 flights of stairs during my break at work.

Wednesday: I didn’t do any stairs during my break because I was planning on running and I finally figured out all the stairs was making my running kinda painful. I guess I need to get those muscles in shape to do both in one day….slowly. I ran into a bigger snag when I got home, however. The light blew in my library–it’s one of those stupid domes that need the screws removed to change. And the lamp in the library would work either (still haven’t figured that out). I was on the verge of running in the dark–cuz, dammit, I planned on running!–when I realized my treadmill dashboard is not backlit and I wouldn’t be able to see time or distance.  So I did 30 minutes of weights instead plus a 1:10 plank with 5 push-ups. And my husband fixed the light later 🙂

Thursday:  I did do stairs during my break at work, I figured, what the heck! Only 6 flights, but I jogged up the last 2.  Then, finally, a run on the dang treadmill! I did a nice (as it gets on the treadmill) 2 miles, followed by a 1:20 minute plank with 6 push-ups.

Friday: off. I had to run errands in the afternoon, with Chinese grabbed on the way home for dinner. Not a bad day, in all.

Saturday: A run on the road! Funny how 3.4 miles on the road is soooo much easier than 2 miles on the treadmill. Frosty morning, but lovely for a run. I did a 1:30 plank with 7 push-ups when I got back.

                 now, I know I have small hands, but I don’t think that is a deer track…got moose?

Sunday: another walk with Daisy. We did 1.42 mile in 23 minutes, then she got to watch through the window while I did some hill work. Instead of sprints, I did four regularly paced passes up the hill. The first was roughly 75 yards long, and I added about 75 yards to each run up. Gotta admit, the last one pretty much sucked! And then I still had to plank for 1:40 with 8 push-ups.

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