Weekly Rundown

Some weeks I feel like I am exercising just fine, but then I look back at my week and realize that while I did exercise, the days were short and scattered.  I suppose that is normal during the holiday season. At this time of year, any exercise is good exercise!

And I meant to finish and post this yesterday, as it is the previous week’s, but then Mother Nature stepped in and rained ice on Maine Saturday. We lost power, and while that came back on Sunday morning, the internet didn’t come back til this morning.

Monday: took the day off.  I had to get the car picked up from the body shop before they closed, and it was close-we got there with 15 minutes to spare. When we had that lovely So’Easter in October, my car got whacked by a falling branch and it punched my sunroof down about 2 inches. I was pretty concerned that we were going to get a heavy, wet snow and I was going to find the sunroof in my car some morning. Took them six days, but my car came home looking better than new (they detailed it, and it was shiny and pretty!).

Tuesday: I wanted to do a fast mile on the treadmill before weight training. I really wanted to see how fast I could do a mile, and planned on increasing the speed to see just how fast I could get.  I reckoned without my engagement ring, that caught the stop key and pulled it off, stopping my run suddenly. I started up immediately again, but am a bit unsure about the exact time for the mile. I’m going with 9 minutes–I was hoping for better. I did get up to 7.2 MPH, which is the fastest I’ve gone yet, so that’s a win. I followed up with my standing weights routine (3 x 15), which took 16 minutes. And, of course, I managed to get my plank  and push-ups in.

Wednesday: a nice relaxing day, I did 30 minutes of Candle Light yoga. Followed by a 2:20 minute plank with 12 push-ups.

Thursday: I decided to do the second Intensity pre-set workout on my treadmill.  The first one was simply walking for 20 minutes, and this one was 10 minutes longer. Imagine my surprise when it kicked up to 5.9 MPH and I was running! Then, 7 minutes into the routine my dang ring caught the emergency stop key again. After a minute of thought I just restarted the same workout, and ran through it start to finish. So I ran for 37 minutes and just over 3 miles. Felt pretty good too! And I didn’t forget my  challenge (although I wish I could),  but I did try it without the push-ups. I can do the core of the plank just fine, but–as with my Burpee challenge–my arms are not loving it. Even without my push-ups, my arms rather hurt half way through the 2:30 plank.

Friday: off

Saturday:  A furious final Christmas shopping trip with Ellen. I didn’t really need much, but it was wonderful to be with my friend, and I did find a few last-minute stocking stuffers. Plus, we got a LOT of steps in. When I got home I did manage to walk  Daisy 1 mile, although not as quickly as she would have liked. And I did do a 2:40 plank with 14 push-ups after.

Sunday: off. I had a plan: Cleaning, then exercise on the treadmill. But by the time I was done with all the chores,  it was 9. I decided to can the exercise because I really needed breakfast by then. I knew I wouldn’t get to exercise later as we were having family over for a visit (thus all the cleaning). And while I was eating, they called and said they were only 20 minutes away! Very quick shower later, I was ready to spend the day with family 🙂


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