Monthly Stats….

….for January. February was rather a lost month for posting due to our  “excitement” on the health front. Hopefully things are slowly getting back to normal.

Last month stats

So my Endomondo tracker doesn’t  track my treadmill miles. Considering that is all I have been doing since the weather makes it inconvenient to go outside, to have an accurate count, I have to add  all  my workouts together.

So I did! My January total was 38.8 miles.

This is where my record keeping addiction comes in handy. I have a Fitbit too, but a) it totals every step I take into  my daily miles and b) it doesn’t think I have gone very far on the treadmill. It tracks my steps, say 3000 for a walk on the ‘mill, but thinks I have only gone about a quarter-mile. Haven’t quite figured that out yet.

But I have my handwritten journal too, where I write down what I did and how I felt–Fitbit and Endomondo don’t know if it was hard, or if I was proud I accomplished it, or if I changed my workout based on time or feelings. That’s where I got my actual  mileage.

Thank goodness for my Dad’s genes 🙂

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