Weekly Rundown

I had absolutely no ambition last week.

I think the busyness of the last month had finally caught up to me. So my work out life wasn’t terribly exciting–I even took two days off and didn’t care! Halfway through the week my husband decided that perhaps we should just have an  “at home” weekend. I gratefully agreed.

Monday: the first day off

Tuesday: a fairly easy day, weights mixed with yoga. I did my 2×15 reps with planking in between the sets. I do three arm moves alternated with two leg strengtheners, and then my  “3 way” plank–regular plank held for five, then one arm plank held for five on each side to “rest” the muscles before starting the next rep . When I first started, I kept both sets of toes on the floor for balance, but now I can stack my feet properly and not fall over. And a friend just told me about the “star” plank, where one lifts the top leg as well as the arm. New goal!

Wednesday: my alarm went off at the proper time, but instead of hitting snooze, I apparently turned it off. Thankfully, my husband asked if it was ever going to go off again. Unfortunately, that was about 45 minutes later! So we rushed around, getting ready for work, and the exercise plan went out the window. When I got home I hopped on the treadmill for quick 8:35 mile, followed by 3 minutes of a cool down walk and a bit of stretching.

Thursday: I decided I was just too wiped and took it off as my second day.

Friday: I had decided I should start do more hill work, so I did Blinn Hill bottom to top. Twice. Turns out running to Blinn, then down it and back up twice and then home is a nice little 5 mile run. I did the second time just over a minute faster, and my mile home was the fastest mile of the run. Which proved what I always have maintained: I am a long distance runner. The longer I run, the stronger I get. Or maybe I was just happy it was almost over!
I rested a bit, then had to get the hay barn organized. It’s haying season and my husband had brought home twenty-five bales and just emptied the truck at the front of the barn. I had to get them all stacked at the back of the barn for the fifty we were going to get that night. A very sweaty forty minutes later, I decided I would just lunge Christopher Robin and do some ground work instead of a full ride.

Saturday:  I did some weeding my garden and got it organized–tomato trellis’, herbs out of the greenhouse into the garden, slug hunt. While weeding I found some volunteer tomato plants from last year. I didn’t think tomatoes could make it through the winter here in Maine. Just goes to show, life will find a way! I trellised them and am waiting to see which ones they are, as I did Roma, cherry and some full-size reds last year. I took Charby out for a quick ride up and down the road with the bareback pad. Using the pad is comfy and makes my legs work harder. After I did my weights ( 2×15) mixed with yoga.

Sunday: I had planned  a long run for the day. But I was not feeling it at all. So I decided a run on the treadmill would work well. I did one of the presets, a 30 minute run with varying speeds. It was a good decision as the run felt fabulous.
Later in the afternoon I took Daisy down to introduce her to the boat. She had been in our last one once, and I have never taken her swimming, so she got a new life jacket before we went out. I put it on her and took her to the gangplank down to the dock.  She needed encouragement  to step on the ramp, and then she froze. I had to carry her down to the dock, where she revived enough to trot down to the boat. After sniffing every inch of the boat and going down the dock to the other ramp, she raced right back to the first ramp and down it like a pro. What a funny dog!



I tend to be fairly goal oriented – I blame my parents.  While I love running just for running, I am always looking for the next challenge. It is good to know what you are working towards so that you can keep getting better.

Some of my first goals were to run the Rail Trail (a 6.3 mile run) from Gardiner to Augusta, do a 10 minute mile out on the road (ya know, where there are hills and bumps and holes vs the treadmills where one can sleep and still manage not to trip), to do the Blinn Loop (5.6 miles) back to my house, and to run to the Bog road (5.3 miles).

One of my fav runs now is to the Bog road and back, I ran the Rail Trail last summer, I have managed the Loop (although I don’t like it), and I have done a sub-10 minute mile a couple of times.

So now I need some new goals. I have a couple fairly easy ones–I just want to run the 6.3 mile Rail Trail faster, I love shaving time off the Loop or the Bog rd, and I am aiming for a sub-9 minute mile out on the road.

But I need bigger goals,  right?

I have done two 5Ks this year, so now my goal is a 10K.  That is the race my dad ran most often, so it kinda has always been  a goal in the back of my mind once I started running road races.I dropped off my car at my mechanic’s down on Blinn hill and ran from there down to  the Dresden side and back to my house, which was a 6.1 mile run. I would love to run it from my house and back, which would be an 8 or so mile run. That goal may have to be next year. We will see.

I do want to say that I am not aiming for a half marathon–ever. If I put that out at any point, please feel free to smack me!

I have reached the point where even my “strong” knee is wearing a brace while running, so while I love running  5 or 6 miles (which is further than I ever thought I would run as normal run), I don’t think longer distances are a wise idea for me. I would rather run 3 to 6 miles for another ten years than go on longer runs and then not be able to run  at all.

I expect eventually the knees will give out on me, but I am going to baby them as much as possible to go as long as possible. After that, well, I guess I will be walking!


A Hilly Run

I have certainly mentioned the mountain in my area before. I mean, it’s not really a mountain, but try walking up it.  Definitely feels like a mountain.

On the Pittston side it is a fairly straight up  .96 mile to the top, where the other side coming up through Dresden is a leisurely 3 miles of flats, steep inclines and grades to the summit.

Running either side is excellent training. I haven’t been using the steeper, shorter side this year so far. I ran it once last week for the first time. Wasn’t quite as horrible as I remembered.

The first half mile is three slopes in the first 4/10s of the mile, then levels off for a tenth until you start going up for the second half. The first slope is the kicker, it’s the longest and dang, it is steeeeeep. Gets easier after that (it helps if you keep telling yourself that).

My road comes out at the halfway point, so I run up the second half all the time to run over and down the other side towards Dresden. That  part of the run was simple.

Because I am goal oriented, now that I had run up the mountain once, I needed to do it twice — in a row. And that’s what I did this morning  🙂

It was a lovely 5 mile run in total, with the half mile to the hill, down the hill and up (and up) and home. Oddly, my last mile was the fastest (probably just glad I was almost done!). And my second time up the hill was a bit faster than the first. Go figure.

So three times next time?

Weekly Rundown


Due to a small technical issue — and the fact that it’s summertime and I didn’t have the time or energy to fix said issue in a timely fashion — this is really last week’s previous week’s rundown.

Last week was a good week, but a bit chaotic. There is an event in Boothbay Harbor each that my husband and I used to go to regularly, but we have slipped in the last few years between injuries and jobs.

With our new boat, we planned an overnight trip down to Boothbay  on Wednesday.  As usual, however, Mother Nature did not cooperate and we were forced to come back on Wednesday instead of hanging out til Thursday.  Since we were determined to do an overnight in the boat, we went back Friday afternoon and stayed until Saturday.

And, of course this messed a bit with my scheduled exercise. The weather also messed with it, as it was just a bit warm. I gave the horses the weekend off. When it gets hot and humid, it just too much to ask for them to put on tack over their fur coats and then carry me around at varying paces. I tried to beat the heat by doing my routines in the morning, which also cramped the length of them. But at least something got done.

Monday: since I knew we’d be out on Thursday, I didn’t take the day off like I usually do.  I did do it when I got home from work, but since it was just yoga the heat didn’t bother me. And stretching after a busy day at work felt great.

Tuesday: I hopped on the treadmill for a 10 minute mile, then picked up my weights for 2 reps of 15.  I mixed the weights with some stretchy yoga and I was ready for my day!

Wednesday: I got on the treadmill early as we planned on leaving on the boat first thing in the morning. I did a quick 2 miles before we headed down to the marina. We were about the only ones on the water–although I did spy a deer looking at us from the river’s edge.  Besides a few seals, the river was smooth and empty.  After a lovely trip we arrived in Boothbay harbor.  We cruised around a little to the outer bays, then settled in at our mooring to watch the ships come in.

Thursday: I got on the treadmill first thing in the morning since we were home. I had planned on doing one of the preset workouts I hadn’t done in a while, but as soon as the treadmill leapt from a walking pace (3.4 MPH) to the first running pace (6.2 MPH), my knee rebelled. I tried it twice before throwing in the towel and just running at 5.0 MPH. It took a few minutes, but my knee sorted itself out and I ran 2 miles before walking for 9 minutes as a cooldown, followed by 11 minutes of stretchy yoga.

Friday: I had planned to do some hill running, but got sidetracked into planting the last of the Christmas trees and our pumpkin patch. It was pretty warm and two hours  later I was dripping sweat and my legs were shaky.  I figured that was enough exercise for one day!

Saturday: we had come back down to Boothbay and slept in the boat. After waking up and enjoying the calm ocean while drinking the coffee my husband had percolated, he took me to  land and I went for a run around the harbor.  I could feel how warm the day was going to get, but the air was pretty nice as I ran; and the views were spectacular (I had to keep stopping to take pictures!)

The start of my run, a footbridge across the harbor


Sunday: finally, a day off! I did try kayaking for the first time and paddled around for 40 minutes or so. My first pass I believe I looked a bit drunk, as my kayak could not find a straight line. But, I didn’t dump myself and I did kinda figure it out. It was a blast too! Definitely hooked.