Weekly Rundown…kinda

I have been falling behind on my Rundowns. Part of that is because we are so dang busy. Between work, and boat, and housework, and animals, I am lucky I am still sane (I think I’m still sane).

It has been a terrifically fun summer, and it is going so fast! How did we get a full week into August?

The other part is that I just don’t feel like I am doing anything exciting in my exercise.  I am definitely still doing all my workouts. But they seem too routine to talk about weekly.  Run, weights mixed with yoga, walk, run…..repeat. Throw in a horse ride if I can.

Am I falling into a rut? Probably.  That is likely because of the busyness–I am squeezing in my exercise between everything else. So I’m not putting a lot of thought into new and exciting things to do, just squeaking by.

One fun new thing I have started is kayaking. I bought a kayak on sale last fall and never even got to put it in until June. We were going to go kayaking together (we both bought one), but I realized that my husband was so enthralled with the new boat that he wasn’t going anytime soon.

But the lovely thing is that we can put the kayak on the sun deck of the boat and I can hop in and paddle around when we get wherever we are going. I have also started just taking the kayak to the marina so I can paddle around while he is working on the boat (there is always something to tweak on the boat).

These pics are from  both my lake and river tours.

Three wee turtles graciously allowed a picture


I love this pic, but oh my, it was hard to get. This is from the river, and as I was going up river, the current started to turn me each time I stopped and aimed. And using a phone camera through a dry bag is not as much fun as it sounds. I had to paddle in circles a few times to get this lovely.


   Really, could the river be any prettier?


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