Fall, finally

It’s September! And my favorite season has started: Autumn.

Ok, so chronologically summer isn’t over, but I am ready for cool nights and warm days, vivid color in the trees and cinnamon-pumpkin everything.

Summer has been a race this year.  We dashed from weekend to weekend, trying to squeeze in as much time on the boat while trying to get things done at home, and then sprinted through the week at work to do it again.

Since this is the time to start slowing down, I figure it’s the perfect time to do a yoga month. I have been thinking about it for quite a while, but with the rush of summer I haven’t been doing much of anything but getting through my workouts.

I realized that I really haven’t done any real yoga for several months, just adding some stretching poses in my other workouts. I always feel that yoga is beneficial to everyone, regardless of their primary sport.

So this month, I will focus on yoga and practice some everyday. And I bet I will feel so much more relaxed and composed at the end of it.

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