Snowy Friday

Seemed like last year during winter, I hit every snowstorm during a commute, whether morning or night. So I am pretty happy the first substantial (early) storm happened on a Friday–which I get off. Maybe this will set a trend for this year?

                                      I think we ended up with about 5 or 6 inches

I am feeling pretty relaxed today, happy that not only do I not have to go anywhere, no one can expect me to go somewhere in the mess out there. What a wonderful day!

I have spent the day alternating between short bursts of cleaning and hanging out with Daisy in front of the tv. I finally decided before lunch that I ought to get on the treadmill.

I had no real plan when I got on, I was vaguely thinking it would be similar to last Friday’s run. So 3 mile-ish.

Since I was in no hurry, I did a warm-up of 1 minute at 3 MPH and 4 minutes at 4 MPH, before running my first mile at 6 MPH. Last week I did my second at 6.5 and my third at 7.0. Today I went straight to 7 for the second mile, with the idea that I would do a slow third mile. But I was running easily, so I stayed at 7 for the third mile too, then did a 7 minute cool down at 4 MPH and 3 MPH, dropping down to 2 for the last minute.

And the point of all this? It felt soooooo good!

I mean, I pretty much took September off due to the knees and only scattered short runs throughout October, and here I just ran 3 miles at a fairly decent pace with no problems at all.

First, I feel ecstatic that my knees seemed to have bounced back. Second, I am rather happy that not all my conditioning had faded.

The worst part of not running was knowing how hard it was going to be to start back up. Ok, that wasn’t the worst, but I did know what was coming (the actual not running and clearing my mind was the worst). I am happy it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Next day update: Yup, I was a little sore this morning when I got up.  But then we started doing stuff (going out in the back fields to get evergreen tips, carrying wood), and they felt incredibly fine. And my run didn’t hurt at all 🙂

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