The Burpee Challenge….

… done!!! Yippee ai-aaaaaa!

I finished my month of 748 Burpees on Tuesday. Our final day was 60 Burpees.  I am happy to report I did them in one set,  and they were surprisingly not difficult. I guess that means the long buildup  works! (Something to keep in mind with other goals.)

When I was doing my research into Burpees, I found that they were used in the 40s as an entrance test into our military.  If you could only do 27 in one minute, you were considered in poor shape. Excellent shape was being able to do up to 48 in the given minute.

You know I had to try that after my month, right? Apparently, I am in poor shape! I could only squeak out 26 in the minute. Of course, I suppose I shouldn’t have tried it after running 3.6 miles. But I felt fine–just slow, apparently. I guess I will just have to keep trying!

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