A Weekly Rundown…..

…or two…..or four! I went on vacation at the end of June and that seems to have included my blog 🙂

a glimpse of the early morning fog lying over the Sheepscot River

Instead of doing my usual rundown, I think I will just hit the hi-lights of the last couple weeks. And pictures. I have lots of pictures!

Week One: This was the week of my actual vacation. If you ignore the fact that I worked a full day on Monday and a half day on Friday, that is. But we got our annual trip in to see the Windjammer ships come in Boothbay Harbor midweek, and unlike last year, the weather was obliging enough that we could stay the night and watch the fireworks. And I got to go for a nice 3 mile run around the harbor the next morning.

love running across the wooden footbridge 🙂

I didn’t do anything too exciting for exercise, except I decided that I wasn’t going out on the road enough and getting hill work, so I put my treadmill on the incline for the entire week. And my legs were so tired running around Boothbay!

Week Two: My running streak ended on July 4th. I wanted to keep streaking, but I know myself. If I accidentally broke the streak a month down the road, I would be crushed. I decided to end on the scheduled date and do another streak later on. I did get my first kayak of the season in, finally, and it was a doozy. The way out was easy and beautiful. On the return, the wind picked up and there were whitecaps on the river, which, with the wind, did a darn good job of keeping away me from my intended goal–our dock. Got a great arm workout!

a vistor to the marina

Week Three: I did some speed workouts on the treadmill (without an incline!). It happened a bit accidentally, on Monday I ran a 7:35 mile. Then on Wednesday I did 2 miles in 15:10. So of course on Friday I had to see if I could do 3 at a similar pace. It was 22:40 because I was lollygagging on the first mile and had to speed up the last. I actually took three days off from exercise that week. I don’t know if the speed workouts were tiring me out, or if all the boat time we have been spending on the weekends is wearing my out. I am guessing the latter. On Sunday we took the boat out with the dogs. They only got a short trip with us last year, so the all day ride was a new experience for them–and us. They were so good! Daisy didn’t like chop at first, but by the end of the ride she was an old hand. Bruce just claimed the cabin and hung out for the day.

I believe he thought it was his boat!
while Daisy decided she liked to drive

Week Four: Monday began the week off with a bang. I did a “recovery” mile in the morning, which amused me since my “easy” treadmill miles are now done at 7MPH and in 8:35. Someday, maybe I can do that on a road! We had a record 159 patients come through registration at the lab that day, and I was pretty tired to start the week. I did manage to exercise the next two days until Thursday, when I realized I had not planned a day off. Back to work on Friday: went for a 4 mile run on the Rail Trail (not with 8 minute miles) during my errand trip and rode a pony when I got home. Had two great rides that week, Christopher and I went out back a new way by ourselves, and that went fairly well; then a short ride on Charby Saturday. We kept it short since Saturday was supposed to be the hottest day of the summer, and it definitely lived up to the hype. My husband and I took the dogs in the boat and headed for the coast. We learned that Bruce adores swimming and Daisy gets to her belly and then says no thank you. We swam a little bit too! Maine’s chilly ocean seemed pretty nice. Sunday seemed just as hot, and after trying some house work we decided to go for a refreshing kayak.

We went out in the boat every weekend, sometimes both days even if we hadn’t planned on it. I got in the habit of riding a horse each morning on the weekends, early before we head out for the day, and running my errands and cleaning house on Fridays. Daisy has gotten walks, I’ve done at least one day of weights each week, sprinkle in some yoga and it has been a wonderful summer so far.

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