a new toy

I have a Fitbit. Of course. Doesn’t everyone??

I started with a low end tracker supplied by the hospital when I joined their fitness tracker program. I quickly became addicted to beating my steps from the previous day and decided to invest in my own, better, tracker.

My first one was a Misfit. It only tracked steps, and had a low profile, with a decorative, copper face that lit up around the edge as you made your way towards your daily goal. It wasn’t an obvious tracker, and I really liked it.

But it needed batteries, as opposed to being charged, and I started going through several batteries a week after about six months. And they weren’t all that easy to replace.

About two years ago, I started researching. There’s Garmin. Fibit. Apple. Motiv. And a whole bunch more! Apple was an easy out, I don’t have anything Mac. One friend said she had a hard time syncing her Garmin. So I took a leap on Fitbit, which a majority of reviews favored.

I got a Blaze smartwatch, which was the newest version that summer. And I love it. Two years in, there are no scratches on the face, much less a crack. May I remind you I run, lift, ride horses, boat, and do all sorts of barnwork? It works well, tracks a bunch of stuff, doesn’t require daily charging, and I can change the watch face on a whim. Not to mention the band. There are so many bands! One to go with every outfit, just like shoes (I may be a bit of a shopaholic).

There is only one drawback. It isn’t waterproof. My arm unexpectedly and repeatedly got stuck in the river about a month ago, and I have noticed–while it still actually works!–that it needs to be charged more often, and doesn’t hold the charge well. Before it conks out on me, I have decided to get another. The only other issue I had with it was that it never got my milage correct. When I run the Rail Trail, there are markers every quarter mile. My exercise app on the phone is always very close in mileage–like maybe 200 feet before or after the marker. If I ran 4 miles as recorded by the phone and markers, my Fitbit would say I might have run 3. Still not a deal breaker, as I have other methods of tracking distance.

Of course, I am going with Fitbit. The app is easy to set up and use, and after a piece of tech works for two years with no issues, I am going with the same brand. Due to the reason I need a new one, I am getting a Versa, which is waterproof. Now I can wear it kayaking–the Blaze was left on dry ground when paddling.

But which one? There are three versions . Special Edition, Versa, and Lite Edition. For rather varying prices. Special will do everything the others do, plus has a chip for paying for items without your wallet. The Lite does the basics, but you can’t download music on it (300 songs fit on the other versions), and you can’t play on-screen workouts.

After some thought, I went with the Lite Edition. No matter what, I will still be using my phone as I exercise (although I have hope that the Versa might be better at tracking distance), so I have music on that. And I don’t tend to do pre-recorded workouts. So paying the extra $60 for the regular Versa didn’t seem worthy. And I am not a fan of wallet-less paying (things are just too easy to hack), so I certainly didn’t want to shell the bucks for the Special.

Now I just have to wait til next Wednesday for it!

Fitbit Versa Smart watch Fitness smartwatch

2 thoughts on “a new toy

  1. Your old tracker was highly inaccurate and not water proof? Two deal breakers right there. You shouldn’t need a second device to back up your primary device.
    Hopefully your new one will work better.


    • Originally I got it for steps (and sleep, heart rate ave) primarily, I have an app I really like on the phone so I am pretty much go with that. That’s why the inaccuracy of distance on the fitbit wasn’t a big deal.We will see how the new one does šŸ™‚


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