Lessons I learned from trees, take two

Spring is about to burst upon us!

As we stress over being stuck inside and away from each other (not to mention the cause of said isolation), I thought this post might be worth a rerun 🙂

I am always happy out in nature. I can see the sunrise turning an opalescent pink, spread across the horizon and kissing clouds on the way to work and inhale that beauty, bringing calm to start my day. But I have a particular affection for trees.

I love being in a forest, and lag behind everyone else snowmobiling as I take in the trees. I love texture, and trees have tons of that. Craggy bark, smooth bark, light bark, dark bark, curling bark. And leaves! Smooth, fringey, delicately shaped or large and bold, with varying shades of green. In the fall I truly am a distracted driver when all the gorgeous burgundys, oranges and golds appear.

The variety of trees living and growing side by side is a lesson in itself for us.

don’t be afraid to be the first one to change
-or maybe-
don’t be afraid to stand out

as Jeff Goldblum likes to say, life will find a way.
Even after falling or being cut down, these trees continue to put out fresh growth each year.

trees are full of hope as they renew each spring — this beauty is from today’s walk
You can’t always get what you want
I love birch trees. The color, delicate leaves, curling bark. My town is littered with birch, I took this picture less than half a mile from my house.
However, I don’t have any birch trees on my property

you can thrive anywhere, regardless of your surroundings
unique beauty comes from adversity

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“Hey, is that a tushie???”
Humor can be found anywhere