Blogging 101

Today our task was to add a new page, and perhaps play with our menus. I did add a new page, Mapping our Course, so that all you readers know what to expect when here on my blog. Whenever I ¬†update a page, I will do a little post so you know there is actually something new to look at ūüôā

Blogging 101 Exercise

Today we are supposed to check out a given writing prompt and see how we can apply it to the subject matter of our blog. Personally, I think it is one that just about everyone can twist to fit any subject: Clone Wars If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?

So here is the first responsibility I need to give out: I really should be working on my online class right now, but here I am on my blog. Once my clone is done with that, housecleaning! And my clone can keep me supplied with coffee. What shall I be doing, you ask? I foresee running, yoga and blogging. How lovely.

Now I do have questions.

How many times can I clone myself? How will they feel about doing all the grunt work? Because I know how I would feel and if they are me……We may have to take turns. Will we share the same memories? If one clone does all the classwork, can I then take the tests, or will I have no idea of what they studied? Plus, if they have my same procrastination traits, will we all simply end up running, practicing our yoga and blogging? Will you be able to tell which posts I (the original) write as opposed to the ones they (the clones) write? Will they grow differently from me as we encounter personality altering stimuli? Perhaps they won’t want to study what I am studying. Perhaps, horror of all horrors, they won’t like coffee. How could this be?!

Will certain other traits come out more in them than I? What if they don’t even like exercise or writing? My laziness may be more pronounced in them.¬†My grandmother used to say lazy was spelled M-A-N-T-H-A. I might end up doing everything and supplying them with coffee!

And I am deliberately not even thinking about my (their) relationship with my husband. Or the confusion the dogs will feel. Will we smell exactly the same? And really, who wants to look at oneself all the time? Physcially or metaphorically. Will I see how truly annoying I can be?

So, it is decided: I am NOT cloning myself and I need to go do some studying right now!

Blogging 101 Exercise

Blogging is all about ‘neighborhood’ connections.

I have had the best time getting to know my fellow bloggers throughout Blogging 101. ¬†Yesterday our exercise was to suss out some new blogs and leave intelligent comments. Or at least a comment beyond “cool”. Today our job is to pick one of those blogs and write a post on why we picked that blog to leave a comment on. Here comes my disclaimer: most of the time I am a happy go lucky person. However, I am fiercely proud of our soldiers (note I said soldiers, not the military complex) and this post is a bit more serious than I usually do.

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Blogging 101 Exercise

Today our goal is to write a letter to our “Dream Reader”. I had to give my dream reader/follower some thought. I really didn’t ¬†have an ideal audience in mind when I started my blog. I was simply hopeful that someone might be interested in what I had to say. ¬†This is what I came up with:

               Dear Dreamreader:

I don’t know who you are. I think you may love outdoors and the beauty of mother nature. I believe you appreciate my need to photograph my runs incessantly. I hope that you enjoy my forays into occasional pundom. I imagine that my thoughts tickle you.
            And I cherish the idea that you will come to visit me again and again.

A nice winter’s day

 I have finished my Blogging 101 task for the day: find 5 new blogs to follow using tags.

I found a few more than five and after spending an hour and a half browsing and reading all the great offerings out there, I cut myself off. If you don’t believe me, check out the mega list of blogs I now follow at the bottom of the page!

So the blog exercise is done. The fish tank cleaned and the fish swimming around giddily. The laundry is swirling around in the washer. The weather outside is sunny and a balmy (relatively) 12 degrees. Can anyone think of a reason why I shouldn’t go for a run? No? Really? Dang.

Then I am off!

Blogging 101 Day Two

Today we were supposed to tweak our title and tagline. I have only been on WordPress for three or four weeks, and I tweaked quite a bit when setting my page up. I had a blog on a different hosting site, and I like WordPress much better for many reasons, not the least of which is I get a tagline! And Blogging 101. And peers to help each other. But, back to the main point, I like my title/tagline as is.

I am, as my title suggests, a runner who blogs.

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