So, you are loving horse week and think you might want to read more about horses and their foibles. Where to go next? Here, of course!

KnPĀ Training: a horse trainer with a relaxed style and great understanding of horses.

Encycopedia Equestria: an excellent mix of styles. Her Hunt post was fun and exciting.

Equine in Mind: a lively read from someone who grew up in the world of horses

Simply Marvelous Horse: sadly, this blog doesn’t seem to have any newer posts than December 2013. But it has an excellent backlog of posts based off beautiful pictures. Worth a look.

Red Pony Farm: a fellow Mainer’s journey through horse life and farming. Of course I had to add this one šŸ™‚

Equine Enthusiasm: this lady not only has horses, but calves, puppies and chicks to blog about.

2 Talk Horses: I liked this blog because of the variety. The last 3 posts include a wellness clinic, an equine based book review, and a post onĀ  Colonel Jim Eskew and his Wild West Show–now you have to go to find out about Col. Jim!

This is just a taste of what is out there. I have added several to my own Reader (not that I ever seem to find the time to read my Reader). I realized the other day that I follow many of my fellow WP bloggers plus a bunch of writing and running blogs, but I have no horse blogs to read. How did that happen?! Fortunately, that is no longer an issue. These blogs will inspire me.

And if you can’t get to your horse, you can always read about themĀ 




Mother Nature. She looks so peaceful and wise. So what has she got against me?

Yesterday was cool and supposed to rain. I put the equine turnout (waterproof) sheets on, and sent them on out. No rain. After 3 it became sunny and warm, so I pulled them in and took the sheets off so they wouldn’t get too hot. Poured an hour later.

This morning I watched the weather; wind and sun, they said. Uh-huh. Put the fly sheets (very not waterproof–think walking around in a wet, clingy sweatsuit) on and sent them out again. Began to rain almost immediately.