Weekly Rundown

I decided on  a light week since my mile times have been getting longer.  I thought the legs might just need a break. And it seemed to have worked, since my single run of the week had a much better time. Felt weird though, not running. We will  see how this week goes….hopefully with more runs!

It worked out fairly well, however, as the horses required more of my attention this week. Maybe they felt they deserved it?

Monday: normally a day off, but since I took Sunday off, I decided I better do something. I had to do a short day at work, then came home and did some yoga.  I did not take it seriously enough, apparently, as the horses managed to blow my calm immediately–and totally! They were very contrary. I always take Charby out to  “babysit” when I ride Christopher Robin out back. No one wanted to go out back. I don’t think I have ever had Charby so flatly refuse to cooperate before–or, at least, not for years. I’d get one going and then the other would stop. ARGH. So, after much yelling (cuz you know, it was my only vent for my frustration), I lunged Christopher. Then I rode his butt up and down the driveway.  He might be a stubborn pony, but I was trained by my mom!

Tuesday: a full day at work, with weights at the end. I did my 3×15 with 4 sets of 6 Burpees in between. I also did strength poses for my core, like Plank and Scale. I am getting strong enough at Scale that I can start to straighten my legs. That makes a difference! After I finished, I went out and lunged Charby, then walked her out back (where she didn’t want to go yesterday) and led her around the ring, doing some ground work.

Wednesday: A rainy day. So I came home and got on the treadmill. I did a 30 minute walk at 3 MPH, and when did that start to feel like a day off?

Thursday: another easy day. I did 20 minutes of weights, mixed this time  with stretch-y yoga poses. Then I went out and took Christopher out to the ring-by himself! Horrors. It did take some fast talking, but we went out and walked around quite calmly  while Char sat in the barn waiting for dinner. I’ve decided to attack the problem of him not wanting to be separated from her, instead of convincing her she needs to be with us when we are out there.

Friday: I had planned to run at the hospital, and I took sneakers and a change of clothes with me. However, I had to work from 6:30am to 5pm, and I have to admit that while I still wanted to run, I simply couldn’t make myself do it.

Saturday: I was determined to run, as I had not yet this week. But I wanted to walk Daisy too, she pretty much only goes out on weekends. And I needed to ride. So I did. I ran  two miles first thing, and letting my legs take a break worked out well.  My first mile was 11:03 (fastest yet) and my second was 9:57. After breakfast and puttering, I took Daisy out for 2.70 miles-including the mountain-in 49 minutes.  I rested up some more, and then went out and rode Charby for half an hour. It was a very nice ride, although her canters were particularly round and energetic.  I don’t think I was sitting all that much! Perhaps my legs were too tired to give me a good grip at that point?

Sunday: a nice leisurely walk with Daisy. I decided to just relax after the busyness of the day before, so we did not quite 3 miles. I went out and helped my husband move some brush off the land he was clearing–that counts as weight lifting, right?And at the end of the day,  I took Christopher Robin out back riding. I walked out with him, and while he kept craning his head to see if Charby was following (she wasn’t), he stayed fairly calm at first. He even stood still while I got on. But as we went around the ring he got prancier and prancier. I decided that my point was made, and since he actually was quite good while out there, we went back in about 10 minutes. I figure we will make each venture last longer and longer.


Weekly Rundown

We had those promised spring showers last week, but the sun came out enough to lift everyone’s spirits. I guess we just have to wait for the spring flowers now. Trees are starting to bud out, and I have daffodils nodding happily in my yard.

I had a great week for exercise, except I never got around to yoga! Very unusual for me. And I shudder to think how tight all my muscles must be.

Monday: 15 minutes walking on the treadmill, and then I was off to weight resistance training. I didn’t even pick up my weights this time, it was all body weight resistance. I did 5 burpees (full, with pushup, and slow to make it harder), then on to one-legged deadlifts, side hip raises, side leg raises, bridges,planks……you get the picture. And so did my body–definitely felt it. Especially the side hip raises the following day 🙂

Tuesday: off.

Wednesday: The goal was a run on the treadmill followed by yoga. The reality was a 2 mile run, not followed by yoga. I stretched out, of course, but not enough time for a full yoga session. The run was awesome, however!

Thursday: a 19 minute walk on the treadmill. I don’t usually stop at odd moments, my OCD makes me either do a full 20, 30, etc or I go by the mileage and stop at 1 mile, or 1.5, etc. But I think this particular day I hit 19 and realized I needed to move on to my next task–weight training. I was reading Twitter again, and overshot! I did the same resistance training as on Monday, throwing in an extra Burpee. At some point I would like to do Burpees every day, adding an extra one each day. I’ll keep rolling that around in my mind……

Friday: I went just a hair further on the treadmill run, 2.5 miles. Then I decided to do an extra half mile to cooldown at a walk. So I bumped the treadmill down to 3.0 MPH. And after running, walking a half mile takes FOREVER! I kept upping the speed to get there faster (got up to 3.6 MPH before hitting the 3 mile mark, and I was seriously thinking of starting to run again).

Saturday: I took Daisy out to meet Kate at the Railtrail in Augusta.  We walked 3.5 miles in a relatively slow 80 minutes. We did run into a lot of traffic, and then there was the female eagle sitting the tree waiting for us to take her picture. Daisy had a great time, and considering that I haven’t walked her in public for a couple of years, she did really well. Afterwards we went out to the local greenhouse to get some annuals, then Daisy and I did a few more errands before heading home.

Sunday: finally, a real run outdoors! I felt like an actual runner again. I left Daisy home, so no tripping or sudden stops on my first adventure, and ran a mile to the end of my road and then the mile back. I admit I did not make it up the big hill, as there are no hills on my treadmill. There is no incline on a ‘mill that can prepare one for the 350 yard hill that goes straight up, then slopes, then grades off. I managed to alternate by telephone pole-walk, run, and walk again (thank goodness!). But I was able to run straight through the rest of the terrain and I was pretty happy……ok, I was ecstatic when I got home.
We planted 100 more Christmas trees too, which was why I ran early morning. I knew I would be pooped afterwards! It’s hilly and hard going out where we planted, not to mention the actual work of planting. My knee was not best pleased with me by the end of the day, so I gave in and iced it. But a great day overall.Image may contain: outdoor and nature

Weekly Rundown

Somehow I seemed to have missed last week’s rundown. My days are just running together, I truly can’t believe we are at the end of February. The weather has been extraordinary warm for Maine- I saw 54 degrees last Sunday.
Now, I like winter, I like snow and I like winter activities. But when it gets warm like that, I am ready for spring. I start thinking about my garden, and riding, and running outside. I am sure Mother Nature will have something to say about that in March. We did get slammed with a week and a half of huge winter storms, then it got warm and all the snow started to melt.
So this February 13 to 19, the week I missed. I will bring it up to date with last week’s exercise later this week.

Monday: treadmill day. I did an easy 2 miles @ 3MPH. A little bit of stretching and I was good to go. Then I felt guilty because it was so easy, and I got back on later in the day for another 15 minutes. We had a blizzard that particular day, I didn’t have to go to work. So I spent most of the day in the easy chair, with occasional forays for housework, and getting on the treadmill.

Tuesday: I felt the need for more stretching, so I did 20 minutes of yoga. It was almost all stretch/relaxation moves with no real strength poses. I enjoyed it greatly, and was happy (read: madly excited) to see that my knee bends enough to do butterfly pose. Not a perfect pose, but the soles of my feet meet and I just need to practice stretching out to drop my knees.

Wednesday: Treadmill and yoga. First I did an easy 20 minutes @ 3 MPH-which seems to be my default speed. Then I followed up with  30 minutes of yoga. I did a DVD session from memory, and so got quite a few strength poses mixed in.

Thursday: a day off.

Friday: regular weight session, with one multi twist move. I try to add these moves I found from Self magazine to each session (sometimes that is all the session is, but not often. They are hard). Today I did one that mixes arm weights with squats and some twisting for my core. Afterwards, I did a few yoga stretches before heading out to work.

Saturday: treadmill again. I did 2 miles–5 warm up @ 3MPH, 15 minutes running @ 5MPH, 10 minute cool down @ 3MPH. As a further cool down, I took Daisy out for a mile walk. Although it was warm, I didn’t want to take her too far due to all the mud and puddles. Once her fur gets wet, no matter whether it is 40 or 50, she is going to get cold. She did not want to turn around and come back home. Mud season will be very long for her.  I may have pushed my knee a bit far, it was quite happy to come back home!

Sunday: a lazy day on the treadmill. I have a new one, and it holds my magazines so I can read while walking. Cool! So I walked for 40 minutes, varying the speed (still topping out at my default of 3MPH).


Weekly Rundown

I can’t say last week was the best, as time was not cooperating with me. Holidays 🙂 I had to work some long days to cover coworkers (of course, I took Friday off, so they had to cover me). And then on Saturday….ah, well, Saturday.

Monday: I ran on the treadmill, happily hitting 2 miles in 25 minutes. I really do need to find another treadmill, as this one only goes to 6MPH. At this point that is not an issue, but I hope to get beyond the 10 minute mile over the course of the winter.

Tuesday: I did 18 minutes of yoga first thing in the morning, stretching my muscles and cracking my joints as I went. Definitely more of an afternoon yoga person.  I went walking with my friend before work as well. We were supposed to walk outside, but as it was 3F outside; we decided inside the hospital  would work as well.  We did about 2 miles, lapping each floor twice with a couple repeats before heading to the cafe for our reward: coffee!

Wednesday: Off because I worked 6:30am to 5pm. Somehow I just didn’t have the gumption to exercise afterwards, especially with the housework, horses and feeding the husband.

Thursday: same, all over again.

Friday: Off, as I had Christmas at my house. I thought I would have enough time to exercise in between the cooking and preparing, but I was wrong. We had a wonderful day, however!

Saturday: after three days of not exercising, I was rearing to go. I put a coat on Daisy and headed out for a walk. We decided to do 2 miles and I was thinking on getting on the treadmill to run as it was going so well. On the way back I heard a car so I pulled Daisy in and stepped off the road to get out of the way. And that is when it went to hell.
Although the snow looked even with the road, it was actually a ditch. My left foot went down (deeper than my knee) and my right knee bent.
My leg has been feeling strong, and the bending I do feels easier, but it is still about a 90 degree bend. Not sure how far it bent, it happened so fast; but I am pretty sure from the pain and scream I let out it was a lot more than 90 degrees.  The car very  nicely stopped and offered help. The gentleman (a neighbor I got to meet) picked me up (I was on my back on the snow) and offered a ride home.But I knew it would stiffen up, and by the time we exchanged names and stories, I felt up to walking on it again. So Daisy and I limped the half mile home, where I took Tylenol, put some muscle rub on and sat in my armchair.

Sunday: well, I couldn’t take it off, not after three days this week. I worked the leg a bit, walking around the house and feeding the horses. Then I climbed (at a very slow pace) on the treadmill–over my husband’s objections. But I didn’t hurt myself: stubborn, not stupid, you know. I started at 2.oMPH, but it felt pretty good so I got up to 3.0 by the time I finished my half an hour. Leg was a little sore, but it was fine by the time I went to bed.


Weekly Rundown

Another week flown by! Time goes so fast as we get closer to the holidays. One day seems like the next..and the last. I barely know what day it IS!

I am happy to say all my presents are bought and wrapped-save one. It arrived on Sunday (poor mailman), and I have yet to wrap it, but at least they are all in the house. Now I just need to figure out the Christmas dinner, as my family comes here.

Which I love. Christmas is just the most wonderful time of year:the movies, the spirit, the music, the hope, the love. The idea of Christmas is a special feeling towards the rest of humanity, whether or not presents are involved.

Happy Holidays to everyone, no matter what you celebrate. I hope they are marvelous for all of you.

I did slack a bit last week, which I will happily blame on the holiday and the busyness of getting everything ready.

Monday: weights and physical therapy. I did straight weights, not adding yoga in between as I have been  recently. I did do 3 sets of 15, and it took about 36 minutes. I felt fantastic afterwards; and I know I must have worked extra hard, because my core hurt a bit the next day!

Tuesday: off

Wednesday:  I did 12 minutes of yoga first thing in the morning, before getting ready and heading out to walk with my friend. We did two loops around the exterior of the hospital, totalling 2.10m in 46 minutes. We had just enough time for coffee in the cafeteria before I headed up for work.

Thursday: Weights and PT again, again with just straight moves and no yoga. No twinges the next day, but it was still a good work out. I did 3 sets of 15 again, but I must have done it quicker as it only took 31 minutes. Or I forgot an exercise. That happens occasionally!

Friday: off

Saturday: off. I was slacking big time. We had a snowstorm aimed at us, so I decided to go  to Walmart (groceries & the tail end of Christmas presents), Tractor Supply (horse food), Hannaford (more groceries) and then gas. I left at 7am-with snow dusting my car white-and got home around 10:30-when the snow was several inches deep. After putting everything away, and eating breakfast, I settled in with the laptop. And by noon my eyes were drooping, so I gave up and went to nap with Bruce on the couch.

Sunday: weights and PT again, this time with yoga stretches thrown in. I can’t even say how marvelous, and how strong I felt. I did only do 3 sets of 10, but they were different exercises than I had done earlier in the week. Plus there was the running around cleaning the house. Sunday was “kitchen” day–reorganization of shelves, cleaning of the refrigerator, and cleaning up all the odds and ends that get ignored on a normal cleaning cycle. Now we just need the new stove to arrive and it will all be perfect!





































Weekly Rundown

Another week over again. And one week closer to Christmas. Hope everyone is ready. Once more the week started off slowly, but then I dug in and made myself do some serious exercising.

Monday: off

Tuesday: off. I didn’t plan it to be off, but I was feeling lazy in the morning and decided to get on the treadmill when I got home. Eight hours later, after an extremely busy  day where everyone in the world decided they needed lab work done right then, I was too pooped to get on the treadmill. Or do anything else.

Wednesday: After two days off, I was determined to get on the exercise stick. I hit the treadmill early before work, and did 5 minutes of a warm up walk, then 15 minutes of running. Afterwards, I did 16 minutes of my weights and yoga. I went back to my original arm weights, as I had been doing the other moves for a couple of weeks.

Thursday: Another day on the treadmill–thank goodness for treadmills! I did a 5 minute warm up, and then 20 minutes running. And I hit my goal–2 miles run 🙂 Felt more than a little awesome.

Friday: the plan was for a walk around the exterior of the hospital with my friend. However, after seeing the 16 degree windchill, I wussed out. So once more I got on the treadmill and ran for 16 minutes (1.5 miles!). Then I did 13 minutes of yoga, mostly stretchy to relax after the run.

Saturday: a walk with Daisy. Windchill threatened to be cold as Friday’s but I bundled up the puppy (and myself) and we headed out. She was more than happy to be out there, and wasn’t cold at all. I wasn’t either, and we did 2 miles. Might have done more but I had Christmas shopping to do with a friend. We did a 3 hour tour of the shops, which I wish I’d had my tracker on for. I would love to know how many miles we did!

Sunday: off. Well, from organized exercise. I helped out in the back field, and I cleaned the house and I put up the Christmas tree. Many steps were done up and down the stairs as I brought stuff up and then took the empties back down. And the laundry! At least I was carrying weights up and down those stairs.Sleep was easy to find that night.

Weekly Rundown

Whew, another week flown by ! Especially with a holiday in the middle, feels like I barely got past Tuesday. And yet, here is Monday again.

It was a good week. Even with the Thanksgiving food, I didn’t feel like I stuffed myself. Which is amazing, as my brother and his wife have the meal down pat, and it was wonderful. It is always fun to watch them both in the kitchen as they go down the list (yes, they are that organized) and see who needs to do what.

Monday: with the idea of shaking things up, I combined my yoga and weight/PT exercises. I mixed in stretch yoga in between my weights and then some strength in with the PT leg exercises. I may be starting a new trend, because I really enjoyed it. I suppose someone else in the world might have thought of it, but I’m still claiming credit for right now!

Tuesday: I got on the treadmill for 15 minutes; 5 at a walk and 15 at a run. I have been working on going faster, and I was pretty excited to hit 5.0. I still hold on to the handles while I run, I don’t think going down is going to be good for my leg. I try very hard not to lean on the handles, using my core to keep myself upright as much as possible.

Wednesday: I basically took the day off–just a walk around the hospital with my friend. Ever since I started walking days, my weekends are filled with errands and my friend and I have been having a hard time getting our walks in. So we met an hour before I had to work and walked. It was chilly outside (we tried) so some of it was walking around the inside of the hospital. That was rather nice, though, my hospital has some lovely art on the walls, and plenty of stairs to get our legs working 🙂

Thursday: Before the big feast, I took Daisy for a walk. We did a quick 2 mile–32 minutes. Not outrageously fast, but a good time nonetheless. I had planned on doing my weight/PT after, but we were closing on the time we needed to leave for our family get together. So I hopped on the treadmill and ran a mile, before showering and heading out.

Friday: a real day off.

Saturday: Daisy and I went out for another 2 mile walk–two in one week, she was very excited. We got back just before the rain began to come down, which was very good timing on our part. While Daisy rested, I did another set of my yoga mixed with the weight lifting and PT exercises. I really do like it; and I think they complent each other very well, especially working my core.

Sunday: oooh, I didn’t want to work out. I went out in the morning to gather tips for wreaths with my husband–who had decided to make the wreaths this year.It was lovely but drippy out in the back field (I did take my cane in case of tripping). Then  I fixed the horse fence, as apparently there was some snapping the other night. Daisy needed a trim–she is a hairy little puppy. I then decided I might as well get it over with, it was only going to seem worse the longer I put it off. I used the treadmill again (so glad my mom gave me that one), and did some interval training–I really do mean to shake up my body’s routine. I did 5 minutes at 2.5MPH, 5 at 4.0 (running), 5 at 2.5, 5 at 3.2, and then 5 at 4.0 (running). Not saying I enjoyed it at all–even the slow parts–but some stretching and I felt great afterwards.

Weekly Rundown

I missed posting a Rundown last week, life was still chaotic. I suppose life is always chaotic, last week it was just hard to find those pools of calm that let us do what we want to do, instead of what we need to do. We shall see how this week proceeds 🙂

Monday: Daisy and I took a very brisk, short walk. I have been trying to crack the 17 minute mile, no matter how fast we walked, each mile was 17 minutes or longer. Daisy and I started out with a very firm goal this time, and we did a 15:59 mile. Might have been faster if someone didn’t need a poop stop 😛

Tuesday: off, decided my heart just wasn’t in it.

Wednesday: I got up and got on the treadmill. Yes, I am quite proud of myself! I did 25 minutes of varying (increasing) speeds before getting ready for work. I always have a good day when I push myself to exercise in the early morning, although that is not my preferred time.  Now I just have to keep reminding myself of that. My hours were changed from 11:30 – 8:00 to 8:30 – 5:00, which was a wonderful thing. Now I am home at night, so I can feed the horses and the husband. But it threw my exercise for a loop, as I either need to get up quite early  or do it after a long busy day. I think I am starting to get a handle on it.

Thursday: off, I figured it was a good day for it.

Friday: off, although I had planned to walk the puppy and do some yoga after work. The chaos rose up, and I did not get the chance.

Saturday: Daisy and I made up for all those days off with a vengeance. We started off on a long walk, moseying along as today I wanted distance, not time. We hit several points that I had considered as turn-around points, but since I felt ok (my leg was aware, but not screaming) and Daisy was trotting along, we just kept going. In the end we did 5.48 miles in 1:52. That was the longest walk Daisy had done, and on the way back she did slow down and look up at me a couple of times. I picked her up, snuggled her and carried her about 10 steps before putting her back down. Then she was fine all the way home.  She slept all day, but I got a lot done–even lunging both the horses. Which was good, because every time I sat too long, the leg stiffened up. So moving about was good for many reasons.

Sunday: I made Charby do some real work, and rode her for 15 minutes. She was feeling pretty lazy, but we had a good time together. I did 29 minutes of yoga after, stretching out all the muscles used over the weekend. I did do strength poses as well, and I felt calm and relaxed afterwards.  In all, not a bad week 🙂