I love tree pose. It’s peaceful to look out my window at actual trees and emulate them, stretching tall and straight towards the sky.

It also gives me balance and strength. I was carrying the vacuum, with hose in one hand and canister in the other, and I needed to close the bathroom door so I could vacuum behind it. After brief thought, I simply raised a leg (high enough to clear the tub wall since the door was against it) and moved the door forward with my foot.

Really, what more do you need from a yoga pose?

See the source image   See the source image

I used to be able to tuck my foot above my knee and open my hips fairly well so that my bent leg was straight (mostly) out to the side. After my accident, by the time I tried Tree again, my left leg was not as straight out (plus it didn’t go quite as high up my right leg as it had previously) and my right foot had to lean against my left ankle.

My right leg is now up to left knee height, but I don’t feel my hips are flexible enough and my bent legs are more towards the front than the side. That will be the next thing to work on 🙂

Yoga, 11

Downward Dog.
                         Lord, did I loathe Down Dog.
                          And while I probably still look like a lopsided tent, I now                               enjoy the stretch in my hips and calves.
                       And on a good day, my heels hit the floor!