Mapping our Course

I try to stick to a schedule so you guys know expect new things on my blog. While sometimes unavoidable occurences may prevent me; the central plan is a Weekly Rundown on Mondays and posts on Thursdays.

The Weekly Rundown will be a post on my past week’s activity. I will be brutally honest, so if I sit on my butt for a few days, you all can call me on it.  Hopefully it won’t come to that.

My Thursday post will vary, any  exercise-related subject that occurs to me to write about will be fair game. I always love to hear suggestions on subjects 🙂

I also have two other pages: my Saturday’s Tips & Tricks and Reviews. The Tips & Tricks I will try to do weekly and are ways to keep ourselves motivated. The Reviews are monthly, and will be on all different formats that we can read, watch or involve ourselves in exercise.


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