Weekly Rundown

I never made a plan for last week, and it turned out just great anyway. I ran and walked, made sure to get my yoga in, and used the yoga to do some resistance weight training. The weather was wonderful, and the only thing I didn’t get to do is walk Daisy. She did get quite a car ride–on the way to the vets. Not everyone had a good week!

Monday: off

Tuesday: A quick (10:30) mile on the treadmill before 17 minutes of stretch-it-out yoga. I did try to do some ground work  with Christopher Robin when I got home, but the flies chased us back in quickly.

Wednesday: Back on the treadmill for a walk. I got up to 3.5 MPH, doing 1.68 miles in 30 minutes. The question is, when did brisk walk  start to feel like a day off?

Thursday: I started on the treadmill, and ended on the hill outside my house.  I did a 15:47 minute run first–I planned on just 15 minutes even, but I had to finish the 1.5 mile mark. Silly OCD.  Then I went out to do some hillwork. Gotta say, running on solid ground after a moving belt is just weird. Long ago, before trackers were available on the phone–or our wrists–I used telephone poles to mark distances. I went back to that, running up 1 telephone pole to the next and walking back, then up 2 and back, then up 3 and back. Last run up the hill was running up 1.5 lengthes, walking the rest of the .5, then alternating that up the hill. Wonder how long that hill was? There was actually another pole at the bottom I could have started at, and one over the crest I could have ended at. And I still ran up 7 lengths between the poles (telephone poles are roughly 75 yards apart). I was feeling it when I got to the top!

Friday: back to easy–I walked 25 minutes on the treadmill at 3.5 MPH. I followed up with 20 minutes of yoga, focusing more on strength moves: plank, tree, etc. My knee hasn’t felt up to any Warrior poses recently, I need to start filtering those back in.

Saturday: a run on the road again. I did 2.3 miles to the end of the road and back. I still didn’t make up the first hill, but I made it further 🙂 Got to keep that hill work going.  My knee ached a bit while actually running; loose gravel and dirt being very different from running on a smooth belt. But it didn’t bother me too much for the rest of the day, so that was a good thing. I worked with Christopher Robin in the afternoon; I have a “driving” setup so that I can walk behind him with long lines. It is another way of working from the ground (and gets me a walk at the same time). He was pretty happy to get out of the paddock and exploring up the road.

Sunday: I pretended it was a work day and got on the treadmill at 6am. I did a quick 20 minutes at 3.9 MPH, then 20 minutes of stretch-y yoga. I figured I needed it after all the work I did this week to tighten up my muscles.  The reason I got up so early was that we had to go get a shed and bring it home, which meant that we had to take it apart first. That went relatively well, as the shed came home neatly in pieces and no one was hurt. We were even done early enough for me to play with Charby. I gave her a good brushing and then “drove” her for 10 or so minutes.


Exercise Plan?

I am having an unusual week, as I am flying by the seat of my pants this week. I normally sit down Sunday  and figure out my plan for the week. I admit to being a bit OCD/controlling when it comes to, well, just about everything. Except housecleaning.  I will cheerfully let dust gather.

I find that once I write down what I plan on doing each day, I DO it. Otherwise I tend to just float and I find I took more days than I should have on off at the end of the week.  Or that I didn’t work hard enough on the days I did exercise.

I am kinda enjoying this week, tho. I took Monday off, so I know I have to exercise for the rest of the week. In the back of my mind I know I want to run as much as possible, and I should do yoga to stretch out a couple of times. But I can mostly do whatever I want each day.  Freedom! 

So my question is, do you plan your exercise week?  Why or why not?

Weekly Rundown

I feel the need to increase my mileage. I did manage to get 7 miles in on the treadmill, and another 3+ miles out on the road this week.  I also tried to get incrementally faster each run, so that I could start building speed.

But spring is here and I need to do more, more, more. Balancing my knee drawbacks and what I what to accomplish is about driving me nuts.  I think maybe I need to take a deep breath……can you tell I didn’t get any yoga done last week?!

Monday: off. Back into the Monday off cycle. My weekends have been so hectic, having a rest day on Monday is just necessary 🙂

Tuesday: a good start to the week on my treadmill. I walked for 27 minutes at 3.0 MPH.

Wednesday: I hopped back on the treadmill for a morning run, and did a 5K! I would really like to be running outside, but the weather is not conducive to that. So I decided I needed to run further, even if it is on the treadmill. I ran the 3.1 miles in 33 minutes, which is not the best time ever–but also not worst ever! Especially since it is the first one I have run that distance in over a year 🙂 I was pretty excited for the day.

Thursday: a brisk 25 minute walk. I started at 3.0 MPH, and worked my way up to 3.8 MPH. Halfway through the walk I realized I could have put it on the incline (mine is manual, and needs to be done while not on the treadmill) for an even tougher walk. Ah well, next week! After the walk, I did 25 minutes of weight training. Up to 8 Burpees–I know, so sad. I need to make an effort to increase those. I am still using body resistance training, I haven’t picked up a dumbbell in a couple of weeks. I can feel the muscles complaining, however, so I feel that I am probably working them at the right level of difficulty.

Friday: I got a quick 2 mile run in before going out to sort the horses. I worked my way up to 5.7 MPH over the course of the 2 miles.  My husband had a plan to remove the mud in front of the barn, and I had to get them out of the way for the day.  It required just a bit of fencing and feeding them outside. They have been walking through knee-deep mud to get in and out of the barn, so he took it all out and put in gravel/dirt pad that is making their life much easier. Of course, now they just hang out in front of the barn all day.

Saturday: an almost sunny day! Daisy and I took a 3.77 mile walk at a leisurely pace. it is the longest she has done so far this year, and I didn’t want to push her too much. She had a blast, and a good nap when we got home.  I had planned on my weight training, but since the sky was dry, I cleaned out two of my gardens instead. Two more gardens to go, and I think the coming week  might finally just be a good week to finish them.

Sunday: a lazy day. The rain came back, pouring and gusting. I did a quick 2 miles on the treadmill again first thing so my husband and I could go out and run some errands. I am pushing myself to go faster, the first mile took 11:30 minutes as I used it to work my way from 0 up to 6 MPH. I kept it at 6 MPH  and did a 10:00 mile. Last time I pushed  my speed in early March, I overdid. I was happy that taking my time for the last month and working up to distance and speed worked, and my leg felt just fine.

Weekly Rundown

Another week of spring showers. Getting a bit tired of this now, I’ll take those spring flowers any day.  I had to put the raincoats back on the horses–the looks I got from Christopher Robin. He does not like to be dressed any more than a 2 year old. He has lost 3 halters and he actually managed to get his blanket off last spring, took me 3 months to find it.

Clearly, not getting a lot done outside right now, no riding and very little walking of Daisy. Plus, I need the rain to stop so I can rake the leaves out of my flower gardens. No fun raking wet leaves!

Monday: I looked at my plan for the week and I realized that I had not planned a day off. Ooops. I wanted to do some yoga when I got home from work, but that didn’t work out so a day off it was.

Tuesday: running on the treadmill. I wanted to run 2.5 miles, but ended up just doing the 2 miles in 22 minutes. Some days things just don’t work out 🙂

Wednesday: I got on the treadmill with my book, which is never a good idea. Well, it is a good idea, but my 20 minute warm up turned into a 27 minute read. I did tear myself away and hit the “highlights” of my weight training–7 burpees, core and leg plus a few planks in 13 minutes before getting ready for work.

Thursday: another interrupted run on the treadmill. I got to 2.2 miles before my husband needed me. It was my own fault, if I had done it before I got on the treadmill then I would have gotten to 2.5.

Friday: my plan was for a walk and weight training. But I was really in the mood to run, and I was wondering if I was up to running a couple days in a row. I have been trying to go slowly so my knee doesn’t complain, and the rain has definitely been keeping my running inside on the treadmill.  So I ran a quick (10.43) mile and then did my 7 Burpees and 15 minutes of stretchy yoga.

Saturday: my knee felt fine after running two days in a row, so I did it again. I did it in late afternoon, since in the morning I went out to check the other half of the horse fence. I have the pasture split in two to help with growing the grass, and they had been stuck on one side for three weeks. Since it wasn’t raining, I decided to go out at 8:30 and fix the fence–it definitely needed work. Of course, when I was about half done it started to pour.  I kept going and the horses were happy to go out and investigate their new area. So it ws about 3 o’clock when I hopped on the treadmill.  I ran a mile, walked a half mile and then ran another mile. It felt pretty good.

Sunday: a walk with Daisy! The sky turned blue (briefly) and we all had a good day. Daisy and I did 2 miles in a  relatively leisurely 36 minutes, then I did some actual  yard work around the house. In the afternoon I played with Charby. It was too muddy to really lunge her, but I gave her a good brushing–ah, the mud on her legs. Caked on up to her knees, so I got rid of that. Then we just did a bit of ground work before she got her treats. She knew I had them in my pocket (damn horse noses!) and that did distract her, but she did a pretty good job earning them.

Weekly Rundown

We had those promised spring showers last week, but the sun came out enough to lift everyone’s spirits. I guess we just have to wait for the spring flowers now. Trees are starting to bud out, and I have daffodils nodding happily in my yard.

I had a great week for exercise, except I never got around to yoga! Very unusual for me. And I shudder to think how tight all my muscles must be.

Monday: 15 minutes walking on the treadmill, and then I was off to weight resistance training. I didn’t even pick up my weights this time, it was all body weight resistance. I did 5 burpees (full, with pushup, and slow to make it harder), then on to one-legged deadlifts, side hip raises, side leg raises, bridges,planks……you get the picture. And so did my body–definitely felt it. Especially the side hip raises the following day 🙂

Tuesday: off.

Wednesday: The goal was a run on the treadmill followed by yoga. The reality was a 2 mile run, not followed by yoga. I stretched out, of course, but not enough time for a full yoga session. The run was awesome, however!

Thursday: a 19 minute walk on the treadmill. I don’t usually stop at odd moments, my OCD makes me either do a full 20, 30, etc or I go by the mileage and stop at 1 mile, or 1.5, etc. But I think this particular day I hit 19 and realized I needed to move on to my next task–weight training. I was reading Twitter again, and overshot! I did the same resistance training as on Monday, throwing in an extra Burpee. At some point I would like to do Burpees every day, adding an extra one each day. I’ll keep rolling that around in my mind……

Friday: I went just a hair further on the treadmill run, 2.5 miles. Then I decided to do an extra half mile to cooldown at a walk. So I bumped the treadmill down to 3.0 MPH. And after running, walking a half mile takes FOREVER! I kept upping the speed to get there faster (got up to 3.6 MPH before hitting the 3 mile mark, and I was seriously thinking of starting to run again).

Saturday: I took Daisy out to meet Kate at the Railtrail in Augusta.  We walked 3.5 miles in a relatively slow 80 minutes. We did run into a lot of traffic, and then there was the female eagle sitting the tree waiting for us to take her picture. Daisy had a great time, and considering that I haven’t walked her in public for a couple of years, she did really well. Afterwards we went out to the local greenhouse to get some annuals, then Daisy and I did a few more errands before heading home.

Sunday: finally, a real run outdoors! I felt like an actual runner again. I left Daisy home, so no tripping or sudden stops on my first adventure, and ran a mile to the end of my road and then the mile back. I admit I did not make it up the big hill, as there are no hills on my treadmill. There is no incline on a ‘mill that can prepare one for the 350 yard hill that goes straight up, then slopes, then grades off. I managed to alternate by telephone pole-walk, run, and walk again (thank goodness!). But I was able to run straight through the rest of the terrain and I was pretty happy……ok, I was ecstatic when I got home.
We planted 100 more Christmas trees too, which was why I ran early morning. I knew I would be pooped afterwards! It’s hilly and hard going out where we planted, not to mention the actual work of planting. My knee was not best pleased with me by the end of the day, so I gave in and iced it. But a great day overall.Image may contain: outdoor and nature

Weekly Rundown

A wonderful week gone by! I feel like I got a lot of things done last week, both exercise and just normal life items checked off, and, geez, am I tired now!

I did have a plan to work the horses and walk Daisy in the evening hours after work, but as usual, Mother Nature didn’t cooperate. We got a few spring rains, which cancelled most of my evening plans.

Monday:I got my Candlelite Yoga fully completed, which was a first in a while. I always forgot how long the series was, and never quite gave it the 40 minutes it needed. I did get Christopher Robin brushed that night, but I gave him the night off from actual work. He seemed happy enough with the loving.

Tuesday: I hopped on the treadmill first thing and ran 2 miles in 21 minutes. It was my first longer stretch and I felt pretty happy about it. I also went to work early so I could walk with Kate. We did 1.84 miles, lapping around the hospital in the brisk wind. Still warm, though 🙂

Wednesday: a day off

Thursday: another 2 mile run on the treadmill. My first mile seemed a bit slow-12 minutes–so I pushed it  to 5.5 MPH for the second mile and still managed to do the two in 22 minutes. I think I was focused on my Hulu program more than my speed! I followed up by stretching out with the first 15 minutes of my Giam yoga practice. My knee seems a bit tender, so I am avoiding Warrior poses, which the rest of the Giam practice is based on.

Friday: 20 minutes on the treadmill at 3.1 MPH, and then back to my weight training. I haven’t been making that a priority recently, and my core was showing the lack.  I do a lot of reps with low weights, as well as using my own body in resistance training.So 30 minutes of planks, leg lifts, biceps curls, etc.  And my body noticed the workout right away!

Saturday: another 2 miles on the treadmill. I did a “slow” version of HIIT with one mile at 5.2 MPH, then the second mile with 2 minutes at 4.0 MPH and 2 minutes at 5.0 MPH til I hit the mile mark.  I was uncertain about running, my knee was twinging a bit when I got up. I went to do errands in the morning before climbing on the treadmill, so I had a couple of hours of walking in to assess my knee before running. I was happy that my knee was fine for the run, and certainly didn’t hurt any worse when I was done.  Don’t know that it helped, but it wasn’t a bad idea.

Sunday: it was an unplanned day off. My husband and I had gotten a small greenhouse kit a while back and decided we finally had time to put it together. It seemed easy enough–but it wasn’t. Took us the whole day and we got nothing else done (and I would like to point out here that my husband is a building contractor, so he does know what he is doing. I didn’t have a clue, but he did). But now I have a greenhouse!

Monthly Stats

Last month stats

A bit late, but here are last month’s stats.

I was a bit depressed by the miles, until I realized that my tracker will track the time I am on the treadmill, but won’t calculate the miles while I am on there. So I went back and looked at my old-fashioned notebook.

Yes, I track everything. It’s my dad’s fault. As a farmer, he had notebooks upon 3-ring binders on what the weather was like, what he had in one field and what he moved to the next field and how well it all did, as well as how well it sold so he knew what to rotate, and what to grow again.

So it is not that surprising that I have my Misfit, which is on my arm to track my activity in general; my Endomondo app on my phone to specifically track when I ride, yoga, run, etc; and my notebook to track how far and how it felt when I exercise. Genetics!

Anyway, I found that I did 26.5 miles on the treadmill as well as the 9 miles outdoors. Not a bad month after all 🙂

Weekly Rundown

Another lovely spring week 🙂 I think it must be here to stay. And we have been well above normal temperatures, hitting 70 and even 80. I did a lot outside this week, enjoying the weather as much as possible. I even got the horses out in the back field now that the  snow is gone–finally.

I was more than a little afraid that someone would be bucking and snorting and not paying attention to holes buried in the snow. If they can see them, at least they have a chance.

Monday: once more I had the “day after” the busy weekend. I did do some yoga, about 25 minutes of primarily stretching. It felt pretty good to stretch out all my muscles after all the work they had been doing, but I will admit it kinda felt like a day off.

Tuesday: running on the treadmill–I bumped it up to 1.5 miles, and hit 5.4 MPH.  I ran early, so I could meet my friend Kate for our walk around the hospital–outside! The path around the hospital is .9 miles, and there are outbuildings that can extend the walk if you leave the circle around the hospital. We ended up doing 1.55 miles in about 39 minutes before heading in for our coffee.

Wednesday: my goal for the day–off. Well, that was easy!

Thursday: another 1.5 miles on the treadmill running. I had planned on doing weights as well, but my ears had a different idea. I woke up Sunday with my left ear completely clogged, which happens about once a decade. I tried the OTC ear cleaner for three days, but on Wednesday I admitted defeat. I looked up the Express Care hours and got there right as they opened, so I could just be slightly late to work. And, dang, the world was loud after they washed out my ears. Yes, ears, apparently the right ear was clogged too.

Friday: a walk on the treadmill, followed by weights. I admit to wanting to sleep in a bit, so I only got 17 minutes on the treadmill and 17 minutes of weight training.  I wasn’t trying to match times, sometimes things just sync up!

Saturday: a busy day! Holy cow. So I started early with Daisy, we did a mile walk out and then ran a mile back. I was pretty happy, as my time was 11:38, which is about the same as when I do it on the treadmill. This made me feel good, since the road is much more uneven and hilly than that treadmill. I then sat a bit (taxes needed to be finished), before heading out to walk the fence line to get the horses out back for the summer.  Then I came back in and did some spring cleaning in the house, as well as just a bit out in the garden. Yup, I slept very well.

Sunday: started the day with Daisy again, we did an easy 1.44 mile walk. I wanted to make sure she was stretched out from yesterday–that was her first mile run in forever. But she’s a bouncy little thing, never even knew I had asked something harder of her. Then I spent the bulk of the day helping my husband. He had brought home a wood chipper, and we put all the piles from our land clearing the weekend before through. It is amazing how fast that chipper eats a  pile. I took the time to do some groundwork with Charby in the afternoon, before falling into a puddle on the couch.

Outdoors, finally

I got my first outdoor run today!

Daisy and I walked out a mile, and ran back. We managed to run down a long, steep hill without incident (downhill is still harder than uphill), and Daisy managed to not stop suddenly in front of me with the result of me tripping over her. 

I did manage to pace myself better than she did, as she led me the first half  mile and I led her the last quarter-mile. All in all, an excellent start to our running season.

I expect this is a good point to announce that I am aiming for a 5k on Memorial day. I’d like to do a couple this summer, so that seems like a good starting point.  I know I did the obstacle course last fall, and it was fab (definitely going to try again this year); but I didn’t run it.  So I am pretty excited to get out and do a straight up road race.