Walking Miss Daisy

Daisy and I have been taking some early morning walks, and we can’t help noticing that fall is definitely arriving.  We have had crisp mornings with warm afternoons and the landscape is changing. 

Early morning fog coated this stream as the sun tried to break through.


Leaves are dropping and grasses are nodding their full seed heads.

                                                   Daisy is impatient with  my photo taking.


Now is the Autumn of my Distraction

Forget texting or calling, for me distracted driving is the marvelous tapestry Mother Nature weaves at this time of year.

I drive down the road looking for the perfect mix of autumn colors:

the lemon birch leaves against the white bark,

the splash of crimson against the green oak,

the perfect scarlet leaves,

the sun lit amber….

I could post a thousand photos and ramble on for hours. Definitely a bad time of year for me to be driving. I think I need a chauffeur.