A week of yoga. I was in heaven. I sorted out my DVDs and pulled out a few I haven’t done in awhile. Sadly, I did not even make it through my collection. I foresee another week coming 🙂

Monday I started the week with my Yoga for Weight Loss, put out by Gaim. I’ve had this one for almost a decade. I did it so much that I can do it without the DVD.

In fact, nights when I couldn’t sleep, I ran through the sequences, making sure I was breathing with the poses. I never made it past the first four poses, so much better than counting sheep.

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My First (and perhaps only) Blogging Award!

My friend Susie has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. She is so sweet. Her blog is SusieShy45, and it always a joy to read: so please check it out. This is my second blogging host site, and I love WordPress: I have made so many friends and found so many blogs to read some days I can’t keep up.

I started a blog because I want to write. Good reason, right? What I have found a vivid community of bloggers that I never expected. They are supportive, funny and very necessary to me. I thank everyone who reads my blog, and hope that I will continue to interest, entertain or inspire you (whatever it takes to keep you reading 😉 )


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