Weekly Rundown

I decided on  a light week since my mile times have been getting longer.  I thought the legs might just need a break. And it seemed to have worked, since my single run of the week had a much better time. Felt weird though, not running. We will  see how this week goes….hopefully with more runs!

It worked out fairly well, however, as the horses required more of my attention this week. Maybe they felt they deserved it?

Monday: normally a day off, but since I took Sunday off, I decided I better do something. I had to do a short day at work, then came home and did some yoga.  I did not take it seriously enough, apparently, as the horses managed to blow my calm immediately–and totally! They were very contrary. I always take Charby out to  “babysit” when I ride Christopher Robin out back. No one wanted to go out back. I don’t think I have ever had Charby so flatly refuse to cooperate before–or, at least, not for years. I’d get one going and then the other would stop. ARGH. So, after much yelling (cuz you know, it was my only vent for my frustration), I lunged Christopher. Then I rode his butt up and down the driveway.  He might be a stubborn pony, but I was trained by my mom!

Tuesday: a full day at work, with weights at the end. I did my 3×15 with 4 sets of 6 Burpees in between. I also did strength poses for my core, like Plank and Scale. I am getting strong enough at Scale that I can start to straighten my legs. That makes a difference! After I finished, I went out and lunged Charby, then walked her out back (where she didn’t want to go yesterday) and led her around the ring, doing some ground work.

Wednesday: A rainy day. So I came home and got on the treadmill. I did a 30 minute walk at 3 MPH, and when did that start to feel like a day off?

Thursday: another easy day. I did 20 minutes of weights, mixed this time  with stretch-y yoga poses. Then I went out and took Christopher out to the ring-by himself! Horrors. It did take some fast talking, but we went out and walked around quite calmly  while Char sat in the barn waiting for dinner. I’ve decided to attack the problem of him not wanting to be separated from her, instead of convincing her she needs to be with us when we are out there.

Friday: I had planned to run at the hospital, and I took sneakers and a change of clothes with me. However, I had to work from 6:30am to 5pm, and I have to admit that while I still wanted to run, I simply couldn’t make myself do it.

Saturday: I was determined to run, as I had not yet this week. But I wanted to walk Daisy too, she pretty much only goes out on weekends. And I needed to ride. So I did. I ran  two miles first thing, and letting my legs take a break worked out well.  My first mile was 11:03 (fastest yet) and my second was 9:57. After breakfast and puttering, I took Daisy out for 2.70 miles-including the mountain-in 49 minutes.  I rested up some more, and then went out and rode Charby for half an hour. It was a very nice ride, although her canters were particularly round and energetic.  I don’t think I was sitting all that much! Perhaps my legs were too tired to give me a good grip at that point?

Sunday: a nice leisurely walk with Daisy. I decided to just relax after the busyness of the day before, so we did not quite 3 miles. I went out and helped my husband move some brush off the land he was clearing–that counts as weight lifting, right?And at the end of the day,  I took Christopher Robin out back riding. I walked out with him, and while he kept craning his head to see if Charby was following (she wasn’t), he stayed fairly calm at first. He even stood still while I got on. But as we went around the ring he got prancier and prancier. I decided that my point was made, and since he actually was quite good while out there, we went back in about 10 minutes. I figure we will make each venture last longer and longer.

Weekly Rundown

I have a confession–I am a running addict!

Now that I am out on the road, all I want to do is run. The heck with a balanced exercise program, I just wanna run.

Of course, I can’t  just run. My body, particularly my knee, wouldn’t allow that. And I suppose I would miss yoga and riding if all I did was run. I wouldn’t miss weights or Burpees though!

Monday: instead of taking it off as usual, my friend was available for a morning walk so I started with 20 minutes of stretchy yoga before heading off to meet her. We didn’t do much, just a mile and a half around the hospital.  I did my Burpees before leaving too, 25 for the day.

Tuesday: I planned on a 2 mile run out on the road. But Mother Nature had her own ideas and it started to rain just before I ran out the door. So I did 2 miles on the treadmill, watching Macgyver 🙂 I worked the speed up to 6.5 on the second mile. Too bad I wasn’t paying attention to my splits, but I did do the run in 19.46. I finished off with stretching and Burpees. I did 26, and alternated the width of my hands to work different shoulder muscles. Ok, it was really cuz my shoulder muscles killed and I needed to alternate to be able to do them all….but the other reason sounds better.

Wednesday: a day off! Except for those Burpees, of course. Up to 27. And I forgot to do them before my shower, so I had to do them after work. Won’t do that again!

Thursday: I did a 2 mile run on the road, and it felt great! My first mile was slow, 11:40; but I made up for it on the second mile, which was 10:30. I came back to do 20 minutes of yoga. I did a mix of strength and stretch poses, with my 28 Burpees mixed in as well.

Friday: I took the day off to have the vet out to see the horses, so I had a bit more time to play with. So Daisy and I headed off for a walk. We briskly walked 2.99 miles in 50 minutes. And my OCD is so unhappy with the 2.99 😛 If I had known, we would have walked up and down the driveway to hit 3.0! Afterwards I stretched and did 29 Burpees.

Saturday: another run! And I took a right instead of a left out of my driveway, so I had the uphill mile ahead of me for the first time this year. I made it up the first hill (last time I made it 3/4s of the way when I ran out just a half mile), and up all the hills that followed. It was slow (12 minutes), but I made it! It felt marvelous to get that hill behind me, I had been avoiding running that way. Of course, the mile ends at the peak of the hill, so to go on a longer run, I need to run down–and back up. Next milestone 🙂 And, lets not forget, I finished off with 30 Burpees. So now, should I ever get into an Elite Spartan run, I can now officially fail 1 obstacle.  In the afternoon I hopped on Christopher Robin. He has really come a long way since I got him, as he was loved but no one really used him at his last home. So it has taken a while for him to realize that he has to work here. He has a great personality, so working that awareness into him has been fun. We had a great ride, just a few minutes longer than we had been doing.

Sunday: Daisy and I walked out just over a mile and ran back.  I have to run a bit slower with Daisy–I have been running longer distances now, plus she likes to look around and make sure she sniffed everything on the way out.  But that’s ok, because it gives me time to work on my form. When we got home, Daisy climbed on the couch and watched me do my 31 Burpees. I worked around the gardens and helped my husband with that shed (it is going to have a grander second life than it had at Gramps’), then rode Charby in the afternoon. We did some actual work, trotting continuously and  doing circles, instead of the wandering I have been doing. Time to get us both in shape!

Weekly Rundown

Another week has flown by–literally. The gales of Fall have blown most of the trees naked, and the days have shortened. I have done a lot of treadmill work this week.  It is chilly when I leave for work and near dark when I get back.  I do love fall!  Not sure the horses appreciate it, as they are ones with the least attention.

Monday: I managed to get up early enough in the morning to get on the treadmill. I walked for 15 minutes, then did 17 mins of yoga. I did both stretch-y and strength poses, and went off to work feeling happy and relaxed.

Tuesday: I once more made the name of my blog an accurate one, and got on the treadmill before work again. I did a 5 minute warm up, then 15 minute run with a 5 minute cool down.  I haven’t been running much, I did do it in September but then I kinda fell off. I just didn’t have any confidence in running.   But my outdoors 1 mile run a couple of weeks ago, I was inspired to try again 🙂

Wednesday: off. We all need a day off, right?

Thursday: I did my arm weights and leg PT. It took about 30  minutes, and I did 3 x 15 reps.  I could feel my core working pretty hard, which actually made me feel good. Again, the leg moves made my legs much better after the run the day before.

Friday: another run before work. This time after the warm up, I did a 20 minute run. I find my day at work goes so much nicer with the workout in morning.  I feel accomplished, and I don’t have to worry about squeezing it in after work.  I may become a morning workout person after all!

Saturday: it was supposed to rain, so when the sun was shining at 7am, I stuck Daisy in her coat and snuck out for a quick 1.47 mile walk. Generally, Daisy runs when I approach her with a sweater, but I found a coat that Velcros down her belly. She likes it because it doesn’t have to go over her head, and I like it because it covers her belly, so when her legs get wet, the bulk of her body stays dry. Plus, she is awful cute in it.

Sunday: Another Daisy walk, I felt bad that our other walk was so short. We did a brisk 2 miles in 34 minutes.  I did 18 minutes of yoga (mostly stretch-y) then  there was a slew of housework, followed by some horseplay. I didn’t lunge them, as the ground was wet from yesterday’s rain. But I did do a little ground work after making them purty and relaxed. They are so much fun to brush right now, their hair is thick and soft.

Weekly Rundown


Another week has flown by.  Wow. And more improvement has been made. On Thursday I realized I don’t have to put my car seat back to get my right leg out. Whoo-hoo! And I walked up the stairs from the first floor to the third floor (properly) Thursday night at work.

Monday: Arm wts and Leg PT. I did 3 x 15 reps, and made my leg feel much better. Whenever my leg starts to feel iffy, I find doing these exercises makes it feel better. Odd, since they are so much work! I did squats, as well as the knee bends with a line, and felt really good when I finished.

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: I took to the treadmill, 25 minutes at 2.2MPH. It was a bit short, I ran out of time.  I didn’t have any time to add the yoga to stretch out either, but I felt good that I got the treadmill in.

Thursday: Daisy and I re-walked the mile that took us 46  minutes a month or so ago. This time it took us 25 minutes 🙂 With the walk and work, I hit 12,946 steps! Between getting my leg out without moving the car seat and walking up stairs, Thursday was a very good day.

Friday: my first water therapy. It was great. I truly do love being in water. I have to say, however, that water therapy is harder than my regular therapy. As much as I felt like I was floating, my leg hurt more after the pool. Just enough to make me feel like I really worked it. I look forward to more!

Saturday: off. I had a 2 hour work meeting, then a party in the afternoon. And I was beat in the morning, have to admit to a nap on the couch! Although I ate enough at the party that I would have felt better had I exercised, it was a nice day off.

Sunday: I planned on not doing much after my running around on Saturday. So I took Daisy for a walk, only the other way.  It was 1.42 miles in 35 minutes, which I thought was pretty good. Then I tried my drills–marching, grape-vine, butt kicks, skipping and walking backwards. I did short lengths, and managed to do them pretty well. Afterwards I cleaned out a small garden, and lunged my horses. Then a heck of a nap was taken with both dogs on the couch 🙂

Weekly Rundown

Another week down! A good week too, although it bogged down a bit in the middle. Weather and work. But I think I am getting back on track. I spent less actual time exercising last month than September, but I had more miles.  Definitely an improvement. Interesting side note: I have been eating quite a bit recently. More than I think I should. But since I started focusing more on my running and having more quality workouts, my urge to eat uncontrollably has abated. Hmmmm….

Monday: I started the week with grand plans, and on Monday I even managed to follow through. I wanted to run and ride each afternoon I had off this week (which would have been three). I came home and made myself run before sitting down–it’s the sitting down that gets me. I promise myself it is going to be brief, but I never seem to get up again. I did my flat drills, followed by a few (10) burpees and extensive stretching.  After doing that sitting down thing, I rode Charby. We weren’t out there too long, Christopher Robin was a nut. He ran around the field kicking and bucking and occasionally getting way too close to Charby and I. Eventually I decided the better part of valor was retreat 🙂

Tuesday: Once again I convinced myself that I better not sit down and immediately got changed when I got home.  I really didn’t want to go out to run, so I thought doing my hill drills was a better option. What was I thinking?!? My farrier came out and trimmed both the equines’ feet in the middle of the  afternoon. I played with them while waiting for him, and when he was done I never got around to riding. But they got love and attention, and I am sure they appreciated that much more than actually working. And a manicure, they loved the manicure.

Wednesday: a planned day off as I knew I had to work all day.

Thursday: a planned day off as I knew it would rain all day.

Friday: a non planned day off. This falls under the best laid plans……  My plan was to work, take a quick run around (literally, there is a trail) the hospital, then off to see my friend. I was called in early (6:30-ack!) and still took my running gear with me. I was so proud. Then they asked me to work late since the person I covered early needed to be covered all day. I eschewed the run in favor of my friend. She was moving and  I wasn’t sure when I would see her again.

Saturday: Oh, I didn’t want to run. I knew I had too, but I really didn’t want too.  I procrastinated, feeding the horses and then putting plenty of orange on them as deer hunting season started here on Saturday.  Never too much orange on a four-legged animal at this time of year! Then I did some house cleaning as another friend was coming to visit later in the day. Finally, warmed up from all the procrastination, I took to the road in my sneakers.  IT WAS MARVELOUS!! I felt so good (thanks drills!) and I just flew through my run.

Sunday: ooops day. Well, I had to take my husband to the airport for a business trip. So I continued down the highway to see my mom. I haven’t seen her since she stopped coming up to ride during the heat of July. I was pretty excited to hang out with her and my family. I stayed longer than I planned, however, and by the time I got home the plan of doing my yoga was pretty much just that: a plan and not going to be reality!



Weekly Rundown

This week was a bit different. When one does something for a consistent period–like exercising 6 days a week 52 weeks a year–eventually one gets burned out. Even with cross training and flexible scheduling.

This past week was it for me. I did a some yoga, probably 3 times for 15 to 20 minutes each. And, yeah, that was about it. The heavy work schedule I picked up last week probably didn’t help. But, in all honesty, this happens at least once a year.

I am ok with it. We need to give ourselves the ability to say, “I don’t just want to do that.” It is like being physically injured; you need to give yourself some time to heal. If we push through a period like that, then, just like being injured, it will cause problems further down the line.  But if we just take the dang week off, we will be rearing to go the following week.

There were two days that are actually worth writing about:

Saturday: 15,000+ steps. The hospital is quite concerned with the health of its employees, and one thing they do for us is give us all a pedometer. Its nice, has a clock and uploads to our computers. It’s also addictive. How many steps today? How can I get more?? Generally, working an 8-hr day and all my stuff at home, I get 6,000-7,000 steps in. So Saturday was a lot.  I got most of those in by unloading a trailer of wood and stacking it down by the end of the driveway so we can sell it. And then restacking after one of my ends gave way. Stupid cinderblocks! After that (and a nap, I can admit it), I took CR out to the roundpen and did some lunging and ground work.

Sunday: 19,000 steps. Yeah, I can be an overachiever. More wood, plus some cleaning around the exterior of the house. It is getting chilly here at night (30’s F), so we are in the process of getting the house ready for winter. My mare, Charby, has developed an abscess in her foot. I got the fun job of soaking her foot in hot soapy water while she was eating her morning hay. She spilled it twice, so I got some steps in going back to the house for more hot water.  I put some grain on her hay and she stayed in one place (I do learn from my mistakes! In the evening, I even brought extra hot water 🙂 ). She was so funny, she kept sniffing her foot in the bucket.  I don’t know if she was trying to figure out what I was doing, or if she thought there was food in the bucket and wondered why her foot was in the food.  I rode CR afterwards. It was the first time I had ridden him in a couple of weeks–thus the groundwork yesterday. He was awesome. He did give me some ponish tricks, but he nicely let me outsmart him. The weather outside is perfect right now–no flies, not too hot and the air feels so fresh. I do love Fall.

The Horse Post

I am very protective of my phone. I really, really don’t want to have to get another. I definitely don’t want to have to pay for another iPhone.  So I don’t have a lot of photos from atop the equines. One never knows when they might decide to go left suddenly if you aren’t paying attention.

I came home tonight and took a few pics so show them off. Had to lure them out of the barn with treats, so there are a few with extended noses.  I do need I could get some video of my boy, the pony floats like an Arab when he is running. 

Charlotte Marie (better known as Charby) and Christopher Robin (also known as CR or Chrissyfer):

  I could see you might not believe he runs like an Arab, looking at that goofy face!

  I’d like to say “awww, love” but really he is seeing if she has anything to share!

    Got more?!

  What a face!  I do love my girl

   I love how clear he came out but the rest of the photo is full of movement (that would be me trying to get far enough away to take the pic 😉 )

  Best buddies eating dinner together–although CR has only one foot in the barn in case a quick exit is needed!

Learning the curve part 2


A blog from my previous blog host site, thought it might be worth posting here, I doubt it was read that much on the other site! This is from last fall, and does follow my post Learning the Curve. Fortunately my road is in much better shape and I have again learned where to run going down the road 🙂

It was not a good day at work, and coming home to a run was a wonderful thing. Getting out there in the fresh air and focusing on making it up the next hill can really put problems in perspective. Or at least make you forget you have them. I seem to be doing a “progressive” week: started off at just over a mile, then just over two, and today I did just over three. Guess I know how far I will be running this weekend.

My “middle region” has been giving me fits this week, and I had trouble finding my stride again today. But as I ran down the dirt road and crossed onto the hardtop, it got easier. I decided I was finally relaxing and picked up my pace a bit. However, when I returned and hit the dirt again, once more I had problems. It then occurred to me that I can blame my town.

We moved onto this little dirt road in 1982. The town seemed to forget it existed except around tax time. In the 80s, there were only three houses on our road, so I am not sure I can blame them.

We were the last in town to get plowed, and that usually after my parents called the gentleman in charge of plowing to explain he had forgotten us again. We once had a spring storm that carved out a three-foot chasm in the road just above my parents’ driveway. It took several days to fix. Good thing we live on a loop so we could still get out!

Over the years, our road became more popular and now we have 10 whole houses on it.  They still drive by our road when plowing and come back when all the tarred roads are done to plow us out. But they grade the road a bit more often to get rid of the potholes these days.

Suddenly, however, our road has become a flurry of activity. They tarred the end of it. That was a surprise when I came over the hill in a run last week. Just an apron leading into our road. I’m not an engineer, so not sure how that helps. They widened the road a bit on that hill too.

But the big news was the granite they blasted out just above my parents old driveway. The road is at least twice as wide there now. Apparently, they are trying to prevent erosion and any other three-foot chasms (we only ever had the one). Then they graded the road. And got a bit slap happy with it. The rocks rolling around my road right now are huge. It’s like running on a gravel driveway and constant focus is needed to not twist an ankle. And they changed the crowning. I can’t find my stride because running where I am used to it is not where the road is flat now. Argh.

Now I have to figure out where to run all over again. And I can’t ride Charby on the road because of the rocks. Imagine having four bare feet on those rocks and carrying someone on your back.  Our back fields are slippery and wet due to the lovely wet snow we got two weekends in a row. Looks like she will be getting a vacation. Somehow I doubt she will complain.

Weekly Rundown

Weeks are going by so quickly. Feels like I was just complaining that last week was a wash! This week definitely went better, although Mother Nature kindly graced us with actual summer weather towards the end. Which is lovely if you have time to go to the beach, or cleaned up the boat (which we haven’t). But for outdoor work, there was a lot of sweat involved.

Monday: in an effort to beat the heat, I went to the local Rail Trail around 8 am and went for a 3.28 mile run. The trail had a lot of shade, and it was a nice run. Afterwards I spent the morning with my friend Kate. She is the one who locates graves for families, so we went to our local Veteran’s cemetery to locate two. It is a really lovely cemetery, and there was a service going on while we were there; we got to hear a 21 gun salute. In the afternoon I took Christopher Robin out to the round pen to do some work. He was a bit resistant, but I blame the heat and the flies. Couldn’t really blame him!

Tuesday: I worked my arms and core with a combination of yoga and weight lifting (I will at some point add this routine to the Drills page).  The first time I did this, I did 1 rep of 10. This time I did 2 reps of 10, and was surprised how well I was able to do it–I don’t want to say it was easy, just that I was able to do it well.  My arms and abs are starting to show a bit of definition, which makes me very happy. And hopefully my arms will be strong enough to pull me over the obstacles in my upcoming Raid! In the afternoon I decided to play with Charby. Instead of riding, since it is so hot, I put the long-line on her. This is basically a harness like for driving, but I walk behind her instead of having her pull a cart. It is just a different way of working with her, engaging different parts of her brain.

Wednesday: so humid. My phone app said 97%, not sure just how accurate that is but it certainly felt like we were walking through a fog. So I took the day off. I did take Christopher out later, when it was  a bit cooler, and tried long-lining him. I don’t know if horses just instinctively understand driving/pulling, or if he was trained earlier in life; but he took to it like a duck to water. He was so good, and had no confusion about why I was behind him instead of next to him or on him. He especially liked when I stopped to talk to a neighbor and he got to mow her lawn.

Thursday: this was a little bit of everything day. I realized that I hadn’t been taking Daisy out much, so I thought we should go for a run. I told my mom that I was taking her out for a mile, and she was concerned. Maybe we should just walk? Wouldn’t it be too much for her? Of course, I wasn’t going to pull her off her feet, if she needed to walk we would. Yeah, right. That little dog pulled me for the first third of the mile. Then the hill did slow her down just a bit. I had to convince her to turn around at the half mile point, and she trotted home just full of beans. She bounced around the living room while I did my yoga before finally settling on a chair. It didn’t seem quite as humid, so I threw a saddle on Charby and made her do 33 minutes of  work in the ring. She wasn’t as enthused as I was, but, as always, she did everything I asked her too.

Friday: I knew I had to get out early before the heat. But I didn’t wanna (insert whiny voice here) Somehow, I came to the conclusion that doing my flat drills would be better than doing an actual run. What was I thinking? Even at 7:30 am it was humid. My drills included walking in between rather than the running recovery I usually did. Otherwise, I would have been quite nauseous. The horses did get a day off, which I am sure they appreciated!

Saturday: finally, I got ahead of my mother! She was coming up to ride again, and once more I ran out to meet her. I have been trying to get to the end of the road, but she seems to have a lead foot and I never get as far out as I want. Of course, I didn’t start until 9:00 am, she leaves her place at 8:30 to get here around 10:00. So, hot already. I took a bottle of water with me this time. I am seriously considering a camelbak for my longer runs. It wasn’t a terribly long run, 4.4 miles. But it was long in heat! I was quite happy to see her car coming towards me. But: I made it past my goal–which turned out to be 3.97 miles. After she picked me up and we had coffee, we went out to play with the horses. We picked a strip of road (the flat strip I use for my drills) to ride on, since it was shaded and the ring would not be. The horses were excellent. Christopher Robin gave me probably our best ride yet, with no “discussions”, no head-shaking resistance when I asked him to trot, and he responded very well to the rein cues to pull him in a bit when we were trotting. Progress!!

Sunday: off. Ok, not really. More wood moving and garden work. Came close to 90 degrees, so that kept us drinking water.  In an effort to get more upper body strength, as well as be helpful, I had my husband give me a lesson on splitting wood. That was highly amusing for him. But I did manage to split some of the logs. And we moved  in more than a cord and a half of wood. That should help keep us warm this winter.  While he was sawing and loading the trailer, I worked in the veggie garden. Then I helped unload into the wood shed. And do some splitting. Oddly enough, by 3:00 pm we were both whupped. The horses got a day off. It was just too hot to make them do anything. By 8:30 it was still  in the 80s. We finally got the A/C put in the bedroom, which definitely made sleeping better.

Weekly Rundown

What a week! Been busy busy busy. Until Saturday, when I made the mistake of lying on the couch around 8:30 am and didn’t get back up until 12 pm. Oops. I was very busy Sunday (and today), I think it was guilt. I have nothing against a good nap, but wasting a whole morning was awful. The dogs were no help, they just slept along with me.  More coffee from now on, I think.

Monday: Short run, 2 miles. I took the easy route, which I have been doing more  and more recently. I need to kick it into gear, or I will never be ready for the Urban Raid. The back going out truly derailed me and my motivation. I rode Christopher Robin in the afternoon. He is such a speedy little guy, he just moves right along; he wants to see everything. What fun to ride.

Tuesday: Blah, rainy. I had gotten new running shoes on Monday, so I pulled out the treadmill. Only 23 minutes, and I decided the shoes needed to go back. I have rather square feet and although the shoes felt good and supportive when I put them on, after a couple of miles my feet were “tingling.” So I shut down the treadmill and did some yoga stretches.

Wednesday: The sun returned! Speaking of returning, I traded in my sneakers and got the ones I probably should have started with Tuesday night. Couldn’t wait to hit the road! I did my flat drills, for two reasons. One, I thought it would be a good idea to be close to home in case these shoes didn’t work out either; and, two, as I said above, I need to be doing these things. The shoes worked out very well. And the drills, well, they weren’t as fun. But they did go fairly well. In the afternoon I rode Charby. My hubby has been working on my riding ring. It was a choppy, uneven piece of field. But it was the best I had. He took the plow out to break it up, then started grading. I think he got dizzy out there, going around and around with the tractor. But it came along nicely, and I started riding around the edges. So nice to have flat ground my klutzy mare can’t trip over!

Thursday: I took the day off–mostly. I took Christopher out back and we chugged around for half an hour. I think he was getting a bit bored. I am getting some jumps set up, and I have plans for that pony next week!

Friday: my weekly riding date with Mom 🙂 I thought it would be nice to run down the road to meet her. I told her to call me when she hit a certain town, which should give me a 35 minute run. I think she forgot, and called later. Or she needs to slow down! Because after she called, I got in barely 21 minutes before I met her on the road. On the up side, I was running the 80% uphill route and I did it in my fastest time ever. Which is pretty cool since I didn’t know I was going that fast. After bringing me home and waiting for me to change, we called the beasties in and rode. We had a nice long ride, 45 minutes. The equines were very well-behaved and we went out to the back, back field. Mr Chris has never been back there before and he was on a tear to get to the other end. It it just over a third of a mile, and there is an old logging road surrounded by saplings starting to take over again. Now, Charby likes a trail ride, but she likes to amble along and check everything out. I was doing circles to bring  Christopher back to Charby and Mom. When we get to the end of the logging road, there is rock wall as it is the end of the original field. We had, at one point, fenced that field in so the horses could be out there. Mr. Christopher didn’t believe me when I said that we couldn’t go any further, and he really didn’t want to go back. Silly boy.

Saturday: the day of my infamous nap. I tried to make up for it in the afternoon with class work and yoga. Still felt the guilt, however.

Sunday: the day of making up for my laziness. I went for my first 5+ mile run of the season. It was great, I was worried whether I could go that far (especially without pain), but I did well. Mile 3 was the hardest, but I perked up for the last 2. It wasn’t the greatest time, but we can work on that. After I made breakfast (I am not telling you what I had, there was icing involved) for me and hubby, I went out to plant more in the garden. Pumpkins, asparagus, potatoes, tomatillos: we are going to have a good garden this year. Then I climbed back on Charby, although we didn’t do much besides walk around the newly finished ring (Husband of the Year Award is going to my husband). I just wanted to ride, so I didn’t care what we did. Topped off the day with a movie (the Avengers) and some Orange Leaf with my girls from high school– I think we are going on 30 years of friendship 🙂 By the time I got home some coworkers of my husband’s had dropped by and we had a good time watching the fire, chatting and maybe drinking one or two hard ciders. In all, a wonderful day and a fabulous way to end a terrific week!