Fun Fact

Everyone is always wondering if herbal medicine¬† works. We see all these vitamin boosts, miracle herbs, and energy mixes and wonder, hmmm, can that actually help me? GNC has definitely made a business of it. And I don’t know if they all work. I don’t feel the need for most of them.

But I do take turmeric for my knee. Shortly after my accident I read an article touting ginger and turmeric for inflammation. I decided to get turmeric* pills, and I added ginger root to my tea for a while. I don’t know that the ginger helped, frankly I think it is better for digestion. But everyone’s body reacts differently, so it might help with inflammation for some. The turmeric works for me. How can I be sure, you ask?

Well, I ran out. My knees were achy anyway (I don’t think they like the cold), and I realized the bottle was almost empty. I took one instead of two for three days, then forgot to order more. My knees reminded me when I was going down the stairs at work a couple of days later.

This happened right after I realized that I can’t run on an incline. I was on the full dose of turmeric when I tried to run the incline, I ran out directly after I ran the second mile on the incline. Bad timing!

I immediately ordered the pill from my trusty Amazon and they arrived yesterday. I am curious to see how long it takes for them to kick. It’s going to be warmer next week, so that should help. Meanwhile, I am doing a lot of walking and yoga!

*there is a wide variety of turmeric pills available. Unfortunately, not all come with curcumin, also known as black pepper. Curcumin is necessary for the turmeric to be absorbed into your body and affect the inflammation. Or do anything else. Something to keep in mind if your choose to try some.