Weekly Rundown….


I haven’t been putting out my weekly posts, and not only because I have been busy with my husband’s health issues. I also changed my work schedule  and, of course, the first week of the new schedule was the week after my husband’s heart attack, so getting used to that during stress was, um, fun.

I am more used to it now, and have less stress. I was offered four ten-hour days with Fridays off, so of course I took it! The beauty is I get three days off in a row…..the downside is that I work 6:15 to 4:45, which means it is hard to get in a decent amount of time before or after work for exercise.

Also, I have been doing pretty much the same thing for the last few weeks, which makes it hard to think of new ways to write about it.  Basically treadmill running interspersed with yoga. I haven’t even been doing weights as I have been cleaning the horse barnyard every other night as each layer of ice lets go of muck. I  figure the heavy wet mess is a good substitute for weights, plus my shoulders and arms hurt enough. Good for my core too, as I have to stabilize before slinging the pitchfork load onto the manure pile.

I did start running the three days in a row, which was pretty exciting that I could do that weekly without my knee giving out. It has been six weeks so far, and I even added a short run before work once a week for the last two weeks. The first run on Friday always seems hard, but by Sunday I am loving it.

The weather has been slowly turning (after three snow laden Nor’Easters in three weeks), and it feels fresh and almost warm out there.  I am really excited to start running outside now. If only Mother Nature will cooperate! The good thing is that it is light until after 7pm now, so once I can get outside I can do a quick 2 mile run after work once or twice a week.

Weekly Rundown

One more week towards the end of the year. Mother Nature is feeling it too, cooler weather has moved in. Very happy to say that I trucked on out there even in the 30 degree mornings.

Monday: I had a three-hour window between my morning in the lab and my afternoon in Same Day Surgery, so my friend Kate came to visit me. We walked around the hospital, which is a mile. We might have done it again, but the wind that threatened to blow us away put a damper–and chill–on our enthusiasm. So we went in and had lunch and talked until I had to work again 🙂

Tuesday: my previous week and weekend finally caught up with me and I crashed on the couch with the puppies for three hours. A definitely needed day off.

Wednesday: unfortunately another day off, this one due to work–7:30 to 11:30 at the hospital and 12 to 5:30. I am happy to say that my nap on Tuesday stood me in good stead, and I made it through my 10 hour day just fine.

Thursday: I decided to do my weight training that I hadn’t done in, well, forever. I think maybe September? It actually went very well, and I felt quite chuffed and strong when I finished.

Friday: Mother Nature struck again. The weatherman promised me that it would stop raining around noon.  Having an hour and a half between hospital and retail job, I decided to run around the hospital. Took all my stuff to run and clean up . Sadly it did not stop raining–for the whole day–and I ended up with another day off.

Saturday: a run, a run, a real run!! Short, but outside early in the morning nonetheless. This is when I found out what my weight training had done. Halfway through the first mile, I realized that yes, lunges do affect my legs. In the second mile my shoulders started to hurt with every swing.  That would be the Burpees with weights, I believe.

Sunday: another run! Same short 2 miles, with much better results. Both faster and not as painful. Wonderful! Of course, we went to have Thanksgiving at my brother’s, so I think I probably did not run enough 😉

Mother Nature. She looks so peaceful and wise. So what has she got against me?

Yesterday was cool and supposed to rain. I put the equine turnout (waterproof) sheets on, and sent them on out. No rain. After 3 it became sunny and warm, so I pulled them in and took the sheets off so they wouldn’t get too hot. Poured an hour later.

This morning I watched the weather; wind and sun, they said. Uh-huh. Put the fly sheets (very not waterproof–think walking around in a wet, clingy sweatsuit) on and sent them out again. Began to rain almost immediately.