Weekly Rundown

Just a mite late, as I had a crazy weekend and a rather busy Monday too! It was a good week, the weather up here has been great. Daisy and I, as well as Kate and I, went out for some wonderful walks. I didn’t get to ride much, just because of the crazy busyness of the weekend. But I did play with the horses. Definitely a good week.

Monday: I took the day off, even though it was Labor Day.  I did ride Christopher Robin for 22 minutes, much of which was taken up with discussions of where I wanted to go versus where he wanted to go.  I will say, those discussions are very good for my legs, as I need to push him where I want him to go.

Tuesday: Arm Weights and Leg PT. I am still doing 3×15 reps–just can’t make myself go for that extra rep. But I am  alternating exercises instead of resting, and I did another 10 of my plank roll-ups, followed by a 2 minute plank. I think it was a good workout  🙂

Wednesday: I took Daisy out for a walk/run. Unlike last week, where I was just checking how it felt to run, this one was planned. I walked about 150 yds, then ran 75, and then walked 150 through-out the 2 mile route.  It felt really great–and Daisy loved it. She still led me the whole way, running or walking. When we got back, she had a drink and rested, while I did 10 minutes of stretching.

Thursday: a walk with Kate. We did 2.93 miles, with quite a bit of hill work. We walked around a local cemetery, and then down the trail that led from it.  The trail, which is a rough dirt road, was REALLY steep at one point. After we got to our turnaround point, I saw a mowed grass road leading back up and suggested we go back that way. Unfortunately, it curved into the woods–and back down. So I made poor Kate walk up the really steep part, then back down and then up the original road and its steep part. Of course, going down was much harder for me than going back up was. But good for our legs, right?

Friday: a busy day planned, so I had to take it off.

Saturday: I had a party in the afternoon, so my morning was packed. I went to town very early to grocery shop, then Daisy and I conquered Blinn hill. We walked down the hill (half a mile) and then back up and home. The last 300 yds was the hairiest, as it was very, very steep and I had a dog pulling on the leash, she was so excited to keep moving.  Going down hill is still the hardest, so when we reached the bottom I breathed a sigh of relief that I hadn’t rolled down the hill.  After we made it home, I did 15 minutes of stretch-y yoga, then ran around getting ready to go to the party–which was great!

Sunday: the pony got out, not once but twice in the morning. So we had to go out and officially reinforce all the weak spots–so nice of him to show me where they are! After that, I had housecleaning to do as my cousin from Fl was coming to visit.  I did get my Arm Weights and Leg PT done, and even managed to lunge the horses. Since I seem to be good at plank right now, after my plank roll-ups, I did some push ups. Those are a weak spot of mine, so I think I will trying to do more in the future.