Reflections on Procrastination

So I have been slacking. Not so much with the exercise, but with the writing about said exercise and other related subjects. Do I have a good excuse?

Nope. My personal life, like everyone else in the world, is busy and complicated. But no more so than when I started my blog. I just let more stuff get in the way.

I always make time to exercise. Now I need to make that time for writing too.  I have a half-dozen partially written posts from the last few months. So my goal is to finish them. And write the rest of them that I have planned.

How do I accomplish that goal? I need to write everyday, just like I exercise. It won’t always be for this blog, I still have my other blog on writing as well. But hopefully, there will be much more new fresh stuff  to read here @ RunnerWithABlog.

Searching for inspiration

I have been wondering what to write about most of the day…and I am still wondering! Not inspiration to run, I am loving that. I had such a runner’s high yesterday after my run, I was bouncing around.

I have a multitude of possible posts in my head, but I haven’t had the time to flesh them out and do the research. Ah well, as many a famous procrastinator has said, there is always tomorrow. And the day after. 

So, until I get that inspiration (aka time), keep this in mind: 

A nice winter’s day

 I have finished my Blogging 101 task for the day: find 5 new blogs to follow using tags.

I found a few more than five and after spending an hour and a half browsing and reading all the great offerings out there, I cut myself off. If you don’t believe me, check out the mega list of blogs I now follow at the bottom of the page!

So the blog exercise is done. The fish tank cleaned and the fish swimming around giddily. The laundry is swirling around in the washer. The weather outside is sunny and a balmy (relatively) 12 degrees. Can anyone think of a reason why I shouldn’t go for a run? No? Really? Dang.

Then I am off!