My First (and perhaps only) Blogging Award!

My friend Susie has nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. She is so sweet. Her blog is SusieShy45, and it always a joy to read: so please check it out. This is my second blogging host site, and I love WordPress: I have made so many friends and found so many blogs to read some days I can’t keep up.

I started a blog because I want to write. Good reason, right? What I have found a vivid community of bloggers that I never expected. They are supportive, funny and very necessary to me. I thank everyone who reads my blog, and hope that I will continue to interest, entertain or inspire you (whatever it takes to keep you reading 😉 )


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Same life……….

………Another day

I had my annual physical yesterday morning. (I am pretty dang healthy except my BP is a little low) On the way to the appointment I was thinking about the other running blogs I read. I have surrounded myself with runners that are much further along their journey than I am. Most days that inspires me. But sometimes….

 I am, by turns, jealous that some of them are in locations where they can run year round, hit with bouts of insufficiency by the times in which they run their miles, and astonished by the miles they cover.

After my appointment I hit the grocery store–snow was on the way–and headed homeward. On the way home I argued with myself about whether I would run or not. It was the first day over 20 degrees in several weeks. The sun was shining. And was going to snow the next day. I knew I would regret it if I didn’t run, but I had planned on taking the day off. As I put away the groceries and let the dogs out, I continued to debate. I even continued the argument as I changed clothes, laced up my sneakers and trotted down the driveway.

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