Still Streaking….

Here I am, day 25. Still running.

And not doing much else, so weekly rundowns would have been fairly tedious for all involved. With the holiday season closing in on us, I make enough time to run everyday, but no weights and very little yoga (until my body reminds it DOES need to be stretched).

And the weather is not conducive to riding or even walking Daisy–I am trying to train her on the treadmill. It’s not as much fun, as there are no sniffs, but she is making progress.I started at a very slow pace (.5 MPH), then learned if the treadmill is going faster she understands better that she has to walk. We are up to 3 minutes at 1.2 MPH. It will be a fun winter project!

I have to say, this streak is harder than my spring streak. I suspect that is because I have been slacking so much over the fall, and I just wasn’t in shape. The holiday busyness may also have something to do with it. I do feel like I am in much better shape now.

I wanted to run 2 miles everyday for the streak, and I learned that is not always practical. For one thing, my knees objected. Particularly if I ran after work one night and then before work the next morning. And even though 2 miles is really less than 18 minutes, on tight days it was easier to sneak down and run one mile in 8 or so minutes. I do add an incline for difficulty if I am sneaking in just one mile.

However, I have run 2 miles for the majority of the streak, because I am just that stubborn and if I say I am going to do something, then dang it, I should try to do that! Most of my miles have been on the treadmill–weather, again–but I did get out for one 2 mile run.

Learned two things from that run. A) wow, does the road make a difference! Took 4 minutes longer, and that first hill…. B) I didn’t want to get my treadmill sneakers dirty and bring them back in, so I used an older pair that I had previously decided didn’t have enough cushion to run anymore. My knees were really unhappy about that.

We make wreaths, and most of Thanksgiving til last week was involved in that around our work hours. We had decided to just take orders (instead of a stand) this year. And ended up making far more than we have in previous years!

As busy as it has been, we still have gotten out for some fun!

I did get to meet some reindeer!
(I didn’t wait in line for Santa)
In addition to Santa and the reindeer, LL Bean put on a gorgeous display of lights
The walkway from the road was a magical tunnel

And we went to the Gardens Aglow in Boothbay, so I definitely got my steps in that evening! It was so beautiful. And cold. I think my toes lost feeling about a third of the way in, but I made it all they way through 🙂

the moose and deer where new this year

Weekly Rundown 6/10-6/16

Two weeks into my running streak and I am still loving it. I do, however, feel that the “I need to run a mile” mentality means I am only running a mile frequently. I definitely need to up my milage a bit. I am also hitting the treadmill wall, which means once I hit a mile on the treadmill I am soooo ready to turn it off. If Mother Nature was a little kinder, I would be able to run outdoors more. Not that I am looking forward to hills.

Monday: the quick morning mile–although I did slow it down and use 9:30 to do it with a little walk cool down after. I planned an evening walk with Daisy, but between weather and life she just got a snuggle instead.

Tuesday: A little faster mile, in 8:14.

Wednesday: a bit more of a workout in the morning, I did the quick (8:23) mile and then did 2 x 10 reps with my weights. I had increased my weight, so I decreased the reps to start. In the evening I took Daisy and Bruce for a brief 10 minute walk. We didn’t go quite as far as I had planned, and I was glad since Bruce was favoring his leg as we neared home.

Thursday: I didn’t get to run before work, but I was determined not to break my streak, so I got on the treadmill after work and did a mile and a half at an easy pace before starting dinner.

Friday: a fairly nice day! Finally. I went to town to get groceries and ran 5 miles on the rail trail. I was happy that I did them in 48 minutes and they felt pretty good. Somehow Daisy’s walk got lost in the shuffle of the day, but I did get to ride Charby–out back in the ring, no less–for 20 minutes. The bugs were not too pesty, and she seemed happy to get moving. If only Christopher Robin hadn’t wandered through the ring in our path at random….

Saturday: I took it easy, and did a medium (8:43) mile on the treadmill, and then 2 x 12 reps with the weights. I am planning on increasing the number in the rep by a couple each time until I am doing the same I was with the lighter weights. In between my sets (I do three arm and two leg moves in a set so I always working while the other muscles rest), I do my “three-way plank”. I start in plank, with my hands resting on the weights. Then I do a one-hand plank with the other hand stretched up to the ceiling with the weight. Definitely working my core more with those heavier weights. I was doing a slow five count, but I decided I need to up that too, so I am doing a slow ten count.

Sunday: a morning ride on Christopher Robin. He didn’t spook like he did the previous week, but he was a bit obstinate, particularly about trotting. Unfortunately for him, I am more obstinate! We had a good ride, because he really is a good pony. I had to do some errands first, so I didn’t get to run until later. I have to say, the break that lets your muscles relax and get sore from the first exercise makes the second set of exercise oh so much more difficult! My 2 mile run was hard. I took Daisy for a 2 mile walk for recovery and had to keep her