Rundown 3/25-3/31

We had a bit of rain in our area, so I didn’t get to walk Daisy in the evenings as planned. On the bright side, it wasn’t snow! It was a good week, just cool and damp.

I keep threatening the horses with actual work, but the weather has not cooperated. The ice has given way to mud, so I still don’t have a good spot to exercise them. I have let them out in the  back field and enjoyed the thundering hooves up the hillside. Christopher Robin is a nimble little guy, I think there were points in his twisting bucks that all four feet were off the ground. Char was happy just to race up the hill and immediately start nosing the brown grass hopefully while ignoring his antics.

Monday: off 🙂

Tuesday: A morning run on the treadmill, 2 miles in 17 flat. Which is odd, I never hit flat even numbers! My OCD quite appreciated it. Doubtful that I will ever do it again. It was a good start to a very busy day at work.

Wednesday: A brisk walk in the morning before work. 1 mile in 13.03 minutes, followed by Burpees. I am quite proud they are still part of my regimen, given how much I dislike them! I did 15, some of them with push-ups for extra credit.

Thursday: A bit of a time crunch before work, but I did manage to get in a quick 1 mile run with a little stretching afterwards. Some days it is just hard to get up, feed the horses, exercise and still get ready for work. I have started making my lunch the night before, which is helpful both time-wise and not tripping over my husband–and he over me–as he makes his lunch in the morning.

Friday: an exercise in why we should be flexible in our workouts. I started my #5 preset workout on the treadmill. It has about 3 minutes of warm up walking with 2.5 miles of interval running and 3 minutes of cool down after. I made the running about a minute and then decided I really just didn’t want to do it. My stomach was not enjoying the bouncing (although it had felt fine up til that point) and my knees were cranky and I decided to simply walk instead. I did 30 minutes, the first 15 minutes with 1 lb weights, the second mile in 12:30, and a final few moments slowing down as the cool down. So much better than running, and still a good workout!

Saturday: Took Daisy out for a walk, and she was ready to go! We did 2.12  miles in 35:44, and that is because she had the lead straight out between us the entire way.  17 minute miles are pretty good when one considers the hills we went up. When we got home, she found the couch and I went downstairs to the treadmill. I tried the same preset workout from the day before, and it felt MARVELOUS. What a difference a day makes.

Sunday: I started with Burpees (again!), 10 with push ups, then a quick 1 mile run at 7.0 MPH. I did do a 3 minute warm up and cool down on either side of the mile, then finished off with a set of 15 reps of weights. And, of course, stretching. I do love my stretching after!

Weekly Rundown

What a fabulous week! And the weather was so nice. Just in time, Mother Nature is reminding us who is in charge: this week Maine goes back to winter, snow included. But spring will probably be the following week 🙂

Monday: arm weights and PT leg exercises. I left the reps the same, doing two of 15 each. But I took two of the leg exercises and morphed them into one to make it a bit harder. I was doing front leg lifts and side leg moves while on the floor, so I changed into a front leg lift then out to the side without touching the floor (hello, tummy muscles).

Tuesday: more of the same, two reps of 15 of the arm weights and PT leg exercises. Then a bit of stretching. I noticed that morphing the two exercises into one actually made my time shorter, so I guess I need something to make my 25 minutes back to 30 minutes.

Wednesday: success! I added a bridge to my workout, doing it with one leg, while my right leg stays even with the left leg. I also did some yoga poses, adding in my plank. I tried a down dog as well, and it was mostly successful, although I imagine I looked like a lopsided tent! But my workout was 35 minutes, and that made me happy.

Thursday: a pure yoga day. Last time I could only do 10 minutes of yoga poses, this time I could do enough poses for 20 minutes. I could hold the plank–yay! I also did down dog again, and  purvattanasana–which I have always called a reverse plank.

So much easier to say. The session felt fabulous, I don’t think I have felt that peace and stretched feeling since my accident. Happy day.

Friday: ah, best day of the week, although it didn’t have much to do with my exercise routine. We had a big day, first we had to go down to see my doctor and find out how my leg was doing, then we had to meet with our lawyer. I also had applied for a 40 hour/week position in my department, as I was only working 20 hours since I got hired last fall. So I did exercise, first thing before we left the house. I knew I would not want to do it when we got home. My first good news was a call from my boss saying I had gotten the position, and that she would work around restrictions the doctor put on me. Then the doctor cleared my leg!! I can drive….oh, the freedom. I missed driving! I can go back to work–no more daytime tv!! I can put full weight it, and begin to treat it like a normal leg. I can get rid of the walker (whoo hoo) and did in fact pick up a cane on the way home.  It was a marvelous day!

Saturday: I did about 15 minutes of yoga stretching, but since I had exercised every day so far this week, it was not intense. I just wanted to feel the stretch 🙂

Sunday: arm weights and PT leg exercises. Since I can put full weight on the leg, I did try a wide legged bend, which went fairly well.  The muscles along my calf complained more about the stretch than anything else. But I held it, and the weight was not a problem for my leg. I did manage to stand on the leg while lifting my left leg, but it will be a while before I can walk without the cane I think.