Weekly Rundown

So I have been on vacation this week, and while one might think that means I would have more time to blog; apparently, one would be wrong. Then of course, my computer died on Friday, producing a scramble to get a new one.

But here is my much belated rundown from the previous week. It was a nice week, with lots of outside time weather.

Monday:  I met my friend Kate for a walk on the Rail Trail in Augusta. We had a lovely, leisurely walk of 3.41 miles in an hour and nine minutes. With  LOTs of squirrels. I guess they were all out collecting for winter, they did not seem the least concerned with us as they scampered across the trail, rustled in the leaves and flew up the trees.

Tuesday: Weight day. I did my 3×15 sets, with 5 Burpees in between the arm/leg sets I start with. I also added an “airplane” move; a variation on a yoga move: I stood on one leg, stretched my leg and upper body out flat (in an airplane stance) then straightening up, bring my leg back in bent so that it didn’t touch before stretching out again. I did 10 on each leg in between my sets after my Burpees.  Definitely worked my core and my standing leg 🙂

Wednesday: I decided to do some speed drills as I have been unhappy with my recent mile times. They were getting  longer instead of shorter, and that was just the wrong direction! So I hopped on the treadmill and did 2 miles. I did the first mile in 10 minutes, working up from 5 to 6.5 MPH. Then the second mile I did 1 minute at 5 MPH, then 2 minutes at 6 MPH and 1 minute at 7 MPH, for 3 cycles. I finished with a 4 minute cool down and I felt fabulous when I was done. I mean, sweaty and tired, but fabulous.

Thursday: off. It was a planned day off, as I knew I was working from 6:30 am to 6 pm. I knew better than getting any sympathy from anyone else at the hospital, as 12 hour days are the norm for many nurses.  It was a long day, but went pretty well.

Friday: Another treadmill  work out.  I did the first mile starting at 5 MPH and working up to 6 MPH, then the second from 6 MPH to 6.5 MPH. I finished  up with a 5 minute cool down at 2.0 MPH. Geez, that was slow. It was work just not going faster 🙂

Saturday:  First day of vacation! Daisy and I went out for a long (3.5 mile) walk followed by 20 minutes of yoga to stretch out. I did try to ride Charby, but the flies were horrendous. Not for me, as they were all attacking her.  She tried to get a fly off her shoulder while we were trotting and she isn’t really that graceful. After about 15 minutes I gave up and took her back to the barnyard. Much to her surprise, I lunged her for five or so minutes before brushing her and turning her loose.

Sunday: I decided to do drills. I mixed my hill drills with flat drills, as I am fortunate in that I have a flat 200 foot driveway attached to the road on a hill. So I did roughly 90 yard dashes up the hill, then walked down to do a drill (high knees, butt kicks, grapevines and skipping) down the driveway and back before dashing up the hill again. I know my last two dashes were slower, but I focused on my form and just went as fast as I could. The rest of the day I spent helping my husband put log siding on the shed/camp out back.

                                                                            It is really cute now.
By the time we were done at 4pm, I decided it was really too hot to play with Christopher Robin. So I went in, showered, and watched the Patriots (narrowly) win.



Those of you who have been following along will know I just don’t like running on a treadmill.  Part of my joy of running is being outside. The wind, the sun, even the occasional rain drop. Just letting go of the rest of the world as my feet slap the pavement.  A treadmill just doesn’t compare.

But I missed a lot of running last winter, so I decided I better suck it up and run on the thing.  First I tried in front of the tv. That didn’t work. I barely made it ten minutes, and twenty was torture! What could I do if even having the tv to distract me was unbearable?

Then I had an epiphany.  I decided to just get on it and run in the library, which is where it had been stored. Instead of setting a time, I decided to run for four songs. And I hid the console under a towel (useful for that sweat) so I couldn’t watch the minutes creep by.

And it worked! I ran for the four songs, which equaled just about 21 minutes, and walked out for one more. I ran like I do on the road, letting my mind wander. I worked on my form, keeping my core strong and light.

Still not as good as running outside, but definitely doable. I think I will be in much better shape this spring 🙂

Weekly Rundown

It was a Gold Star Week! Not only did I have a plan, but I followed the plan.
And I worked out five days–for the first time in months.

                                                                          So, gold star for me

Monday: starting off the week slowly, I took Monday off 😛

Tuesday: my breakthrough on the treadmill!  Some of you may have heard me complain about how much I hate that thing, but I have finally figured out what works for me! (that will be the focus of my Thursday post) I did 23 minutes, a slow start but a start nonetheless. And I did it late in the day, as I worked and then went to see the Star Wars movie with my friend Kate…did I mention how freaking awesome Star Wars was?  Can’t even express how much I loved it.


Wednesday:  off once more.

Thursday: I was so impressed with myself, I didn’t hit snooze! I got up at 4am, and followed the plan. Which was to get on that treadmill again, only 18 minutes but still enough to wake me up and energize me for the day. Feels sooooo good to know I did it, instead of lazing around; my whole day goes better.

Friday:  29 minutes of free yoga. I worked on both strength and streeeeetchy poses. It was a great workout, felt both wrung out and relaxed when I was done.

Saturday:  more running on the treadmill–19 minutes this time. A bit later in the morning as I didn’t have to be to work until 7am.  But it was another ten-hour day, and the first three hours were unbelievably busy. I was glad I had started the day off right.

Sunday: a short but lovely 18 minutes of free yoga. I focused on the stretching,  knowing I had another long day ahead of me. Although, as a side note, I am finding my ten-hour days aren’t really any worse than an eight-hour day. And being busy makes them feel like they fly by. Guess it could just be that I like my job! I  worked on opening my hips and stretching the rear muscles, those are the first to tighten up when I run.

 My favorite  way to end just about any workout,                   the Lotus Pose.
Why? It stretches out my hips, and focuses my posture. It is also a good jumping off point for side bends, forward bends (that is what really opens the hips),  and twists.  And it is just plain relaxing–probably why it is a favorite for meditation.
So this is the pose I suggest this week. For beginners, if your hips are really tight, sit on a towel to get into the position easier. Straighten your back–remember to tuck your tummy to support the back– so you are sitting up nice and tall, and take some deep breaths, relaxing your shoulders-you don’t want them up around your ears.  Hopefully you will feel all your stress melting into the floor.