Weekly Rundown….


I haven’t been putting out my weekly posts, and not only because I have been busy with my husband’s health issues. I also changed my work schedule  and, of course, the first week of the new schedule was the week after my husband’s heart attack, so getting used to that during stress was, um, fun.

I am more used to it now, and have less stress. I was offered four ten-hour days with Fridays off, so of course I took it! The beauty is I get three days off in a row…..the downside is that I work 6:15 to 4:45, which means it is hard to get in a decent amount of time before or after work for exercise.

Also, I have been doing pretty much the same thing for the last few weeks, which makes it hard to think of new ways to write about it.  Basically treadmill running interspersed with yoga. I haven’t even been doing weights as I have been cleaning the horse barnyard every other night as each layer of ice lets go of muck. I  figure the heavy wet mess is a good substitute for weights, plus my shoulders and arms hurt enough. Good for my core too, as I have to stabilize before slinging the pitchfork load onto the manure pile.

I did start running the three days in a row, which was pretty exciting that I could do that weekly without my knee giving out. It has been six weeks so far, and I even added a short run before work once a week for the last two weeks. The first run on Friday always seems hard, but by Sunday I am loving it.

The weather has been slowly turning (after three snow laden Nor’Easters in three weeks), and it feels fresh and almost warm out there.  I am really excited to start running outside now. If only Mother Nature will cooperate! The good thing is that it is light until after 7pm now, so once I can get outside I can do a quick 2 mile run after work once or twice a week.

Weekly Rundown

The week after my illness wasn’t terribly productive or exciting, so I thought I would do a two-for this week.

The first week I did about 20 or so minutes walking on the treadmill for most of the week. Oh yeah, I did 11 minutes of yoga after one of those walks. On the bright side, at least I was moving again!

I worked a bit harder last week, although not what I should have done–I think. But I ran and lifted weights and on Friday I was wiped! Guess I didn’t bounce back quite as well as I had thought.

Monday: Quick 9:59 mile (my legs didn’t understand why it should be that quite that quick), followed by 21 minutes of weight lifting. I didn’t do much legs, but I did my arm sets of 3×15–no extras this week! I did a few more minutes of stretching, especially the legs, after the lifting exercises.

Tuesday: more walking on the treadmill. I did 25 minutes, starting at 3.0 MPH and working up to 3.8 MPH by the end.

Wednesday: another quick run, 2 miles in 21:15 minutes. But this one was outside on the road in the brief time I had before dark when I got home from work. Probably by my last afternoon run, as I skipped right home, changed and headed out immediately and the sun was still sinking  when I got back in my driveway. The run itself felt fabulous!! I thought the hill was going to kill me  after all my time off, but I was too busy thinking and was at the top before I knew it. After that, I just ran as fast as I could and managed two very decent mile (for me) times. And it felt good doing it 🙂

Thursday: off

Friday: Thursday was a planned day off, but Friday was off just because I was too tired to do anything.

Saturday: a busy day trying to get everything done for winter around the house. First thing I did was carry and stack some wood (I call that walking and weight lifting) for 20 minutes in the basement. Then I helped my husband stack some more wood in the wood shed as he split it, but that involved a lot of waiting so I didn’t call it exercise. I took Daisy for a quick walk, and she was ready to go after sitting around for the last couple weeks. We did the first mile in 16 minutes, and the second in just over 14 minutes. When we got back I needed to walk (and fix) the fence line before letting the horses out back. They had been locked in the barnyard–again–after the pony got out–again–for the week and I wanted them to go run the friskies out. They are in the barnyard for the winter, I think, as when we came in that afternoon from gathering evergreen tips to build wreaths, there was a pony in the driveway. I am thinking of renaming him Houdini.

Sunday: a rainy day, so not quite as busy. House cleaning, followed by wreath decorating (my husband ties them), and more running on the treadmill. I did a mile, realized I was whupped, did a half mile walking then another mile running. More wreath decorating followed before, finally, sitting down and watching the Patriots game.

Weekly Rundown

Another beautiful week. Each day was warm and bright except for Friday, which was ok, cuz then I didn’t have water the garden by hand. I have been doing that each night, and my cucumbers have been going crazy!

I had tried wearing my brace less the previous week,  using it only for exercise but not while I went through the rest of my day. I hadn’t tried this since March, but unfortunately I had the same result. Which was pain in my knee for most of this week. Nothing that Tylenol couldn’t cure, but it was much more steady than it has been for a long time.

So I am listening to my leg and will be wearing a brace from now on. At least til I try it again several months from now!

Monday: off. I had a long day at work, 6:30 to 5, so it was definitely planned not to work out.

Tuesday: a quick 2 miles on the road.  It felt good, and the hill was no problem. My first mile was 11:39, which is one of my better ones with that hill in the first mile. The second mile was 10:19, which just goes to show that the faster pace on the treadmill  last week helped!

Wednesday: an easy day, I did my Crunch yoga again from memory. It took a bit longer this week, so I believe I held the poses  just a bit longer. Which, of course, is the goal. Well, that and breathing. I did that too.

Thursday: another run down the road…or, I should say, up the road. I ran up to enjoy the early morning view from the top of Blinn Hill. It is the highest spot in Kennebec county and we can see to Mt Washington in New Hampshire on a clear day. Which is quite a feat considering just how far we are from New Hampshire. It took a little longer than the other route, 24 minutes vs Tuesday’s 22, as I was traveling up hill most of the way. Downhill is still no cakewalk, so I didn’t make up any time going back down either.

Friday: My weekly weights. I really should do them more than once a week, but it is so hard to fit in all the work outs I want to do. And, running is definitely the priority!

Saturday: I had to work (  😦  ) at 7am, so at 5 I was on the treadmill.  Morning is dawning later, and it was gray and foggy. I wasn’t going out there! So I did 2 miles on the treadmill, followed by an 8 minute cool down at a walk. Then I was off to work. I was so focused: run, bathe, dress, feed the horses and get to work that I totally forgot to stretch. Fortunately, the walk relaxed my muscles enough that no damage was done.

Sunday: a lovely early walk with Daisy. We walked out just over a mile, down the big mountain called Blinn hill. We went up another small hill, then turned and tackled the way back up the hill. Eventually I intend to run it (oh, my is it steep!); so we ran every other telephone on the way up. I ran better, but she recovered better! We came after 2.7 miles, and she headed right for the couch.



Weekly Rundown

Another week flown by! The weather was mostly lovely, and I got a very nice week of exercise in. 

Monday: Decided to take the munchkin, aka Daisy, for her walk. Didn’t go as far as planned (only 1 mile), the weather was a bit brisker than I had realized and I didn’t have enough on. I did, however,  get a much longer ride in than usual. Mr. Chris and I went on the road. Someone must have told him my plans, because I was barely on before he was out the driveway and down the road. He even went the way I had planned. All was going well until the local school bus came along. I think I was more worried than he was. The driver was nice enough to creep by and Christopher was alert, but not stressed.

Tuesday: off, yup, completely off!

Wednesday:  Went to check on my uncle’s house, so decided to take my run over there for a change of scenery. The wind was definitely a-blowing so I was glad I had a more protected route. Late in the afternoon I took Charby out and long-lined her for 30 minutes. And, yea! First time I took her out without Christopher and I didn’t have to walk him after because he had run himself into a lather.

Thursday: Had to go into town for a job fair, so I took a run on the rail trail. I never like running from the Augusta side as much, I don’t know why. I think the return trip is harder. But I manged 3.84 miles, then went and shopped with my friend Kate. A hair cut with some pampering and I was on my way home. My hair stylist is also a personal trainer, so you can imagine we never run out of things to talk about!  I  managed to do some ground work with Christopher after I got home. A very good day, and I slept quite well that night  🙂

Friday: My mom came up for our first riding date! She rode Charby–who was very good to her. I got on Christopher and we rode for about 30 minutes. The horses were very well behaved and I can’t wait until she comes up next week for our next date. We had lunch and after she went home (early enough to beat the rush hour traffic) I did some yoga. Definitely needed the stretching this week.

Saturday: My mom brought me up a treadmill on Friday. I have never really wanted to run on a treadmill, but I missed a lot of running during the winter and on rainy days, so when she offered it to me, I took it. So I took it for a spin Saturday morning. While I can’t say that is better than running outside, there is something to be said for running while watching the Walking Dead. That seemed a bit ironic actually, like I was practicing.

Sunday: well, I took the day off. Except it didn’t feel like a day off. I pushed 4 wheelbarrows full of horsey fertilizer to the garden from the barn. Did I ever mention how long my driveway is? And why did we put the garden and the barn at opposite ends of that driveway? Since I was there anyway, I cleaned up the rest of my barnyard. My wonderful husband spent a large portion of his one day off working on my riding ring. So I puttered around the field, setting up a lunging ring and some jumps. Of course, by the time we did all that, I had no energy left to ride. But I did have a lovely nap on the couch before dinner.

I call that a good week!