Weekly Rundown

As I got ready to write this week’s Rundown, I realized I hadn’t written last week’s Rundown! My goodness, I am slacking big time! First I was going to just let it go, but then I realized just how much fun I had my vacation week.

As I posted, I made my first goal for the year: running the 6.5 miles on the Rail Trail between Gardiner and Augusta. That was awesome, especially since it wasn’t as difficult as one might think. Now I wonder how far I can run??

Daisy and I got a lot of walking in. We didn’t go far each day, but we got out to enjoy the changing leaves and fresh air. Well, I enjoyed the changing leaves, she mostly enjoyed the sniffs and racing ahead of me. She did like chasing any floating leaves, pre-emptively attacking them before they could hit the ground.

I also got to play with the horses almost every day–I had wonderful weather on my vacation. It was almost too warm.  I rode early in the morning most days, after the grain but before I threw out the hay to ensure it wasn’t too hot to make them exercise, much to the horses’ chagrin. But they did seem to appreciate the love, and I got to work my legs. Been a while since I had the time and place to make sure my legs were hanging the way they were supposed to be, heels down and on the horse instead of just reacting to what the horse was doing–or what I wanted the horse to be doing.

But I think the highlight of the week was the Great Inflatables Race.

I did it with 3 of my high school friends (and a daughter that got roped in), and we had soooo  much fun. We had serious issues getting over some of the obstacles because we were laughing so hard!
I did the Insane Inflatable last year, and there were some differences in the obstacles: this year’s were made with a much softer plastic, which made waves across the whole obstacle as people walked on it in different places–and speeds. That just added a whole new difficulty level,  not to mention more giggles.
The cool thing was that the set up course was 1.8 miles, so after all the waves went, we were invited to run it again. Second time was just as fun!

      There has been talk of skater skirts next year, inspired by all the tutus we saw

 Staring down the throat of the race (literally!) as we waited to start





Sliding home on the last obstacle!


Weekly Rundown

I found a tshirt on Facebook whose slogan seems to epitomize my week: I run, slower than a herd of turtles, but I run.

Leaping from 4 mile weeks to a 10 mile week had a few repercussions. My leg was a bit angry with me, no serious pain, but aches and twinges. I told it to get over it. The other repercussion was that all my muscles were tired and my times were quite slow. But, on the other hand, I ran 🙂

Since the previous week I started with a long run and decreased my mileage each run, I thought I would start low and work my way up to a long run–reversing the pyramid. My total mileage made it over the 10 mile mark again, but it wasn’t all running,as  I had a long walk in there.

Monday: off

Tuesday: 1 mile in 11 minutes and 20 minutes of yoga. I did a mix of stretch and strength poses, although I did lean more heavily on the stretch. I meant to do push-ups after my run, but somehow, that slipped my mind. I did do a long plank, so that counts, right?

Wednesday: Picked up my weights again–although, I still didn’t add a rep. Pure laziness on my part. My session did take 37 minutes; I mixed in some stretch yoga between the exercises, which really makes my sessions better. Sets of arm/legs, then yoga instead of rest.

Thursday: 2 mile run in 22 minutes and I did Burpees again! Only 15, however. That seemed like more than enough at the time.

Friday: pure yoga for 30 minutes. I did it in front of Steven Colbert, so no DVD, but I did do my Crunch yoga from memory. I did as many Warrior poses as I could (the practice has 9 for each leg) before my leg felt too stressed.  I managed 6, then added moves from another session to replace the last 3.

Saturday: a very long walk with Daisy–4.86 miles in 1:17. We were close to doing 15 minute miles, but there were sniffs everywhere that just slowed us down a bit. She led the entire way, searching out those new sniffs, and I think she made me walk faster.  I had to run to town for errands after, but when I got home I tacked up Charby and rode her out in the ring. It was  a tradeoff: we had the space to do some quality work, but the flies are horrible out there and we only lasted 20 minutes.

Sunday: 4 mile run, a slow 4 mile run, but 4 miles nonetheless! My muscles protested most of the way,  and my pace was consistently 5.0 MPH for each mile. But the sky was blue, and the early morning air felt great, so I call it a good run. Met a new friend out there too, although I did give him and his quills wide berth as I ran by. I spent a lot of time sitting later in the day, but I did go out and ride Christopher Robin. I’m going to call it a good training day, although I am not sure who got trained. Charby stayed in the barn (silly girl) and CR got half way to the ring when he realized he was on his own. I tried to convince him to keep going, but had to get off and lead him to the ring. I led him around the ring, doing circles and talking. I almost had him calmed down when she hollared ’cause she missed him, so a few more laps were necessary, then we went to get her. So the training was a) for my patience,  and b) so he knows he needs to do what I want him to do.



Weekly Rundown

I feel the need to increase my mileage. I did manage to get 7 miles in on the treadmill, and another 3+ miles out on the road this week.  I also tried to get incrementally faster each run, so that I could start building speed.

But spring is here and I need to do more, more, more. Balancing my knee drawbacks and what I what to accomplish is about driving me nuts.  I think maybe I need to take a deep breath……can you tell I didn’t get any yoga done last week?!

Monday: off. Back into the Monday off cycle. My weekends have been so hectic, having a rest day on Monday is just necessary 🙂

Tuesday: a good start to the week on my treadmill. I walked for 27 minutes at 3.0 MPH.

Wednesday: I hopped back on the treadmill for a morning run, and did a 5K! I would really like to be running outside, but the weather is not conducive to that. So I decided I needed to run further, even if it is on the treadmill. I ran the 3.1 miles in 33 minutes, which is not the best time ever–but also not worst ever! Especially since it is the first one I have run that distance in over a year 🙂 I was pretty excited for the day.

Thursday: a brisk 25 minute walk. I started at 3.0 MPH, and worked my way up to 3.8 MPH. Halfway through the walk I realized I could have put it on the incline (mine is manual, and needs to be done while not on the treadmill) for an even tougher walk. Ah well, next week! After the walk, I did 25 minutes of weight training. Up to 8 Burpees–I know, so sad. I need to make an effort to increase those. I am still using body resistance training, I haven’t picked up a dumbbell in a couple of weeks. I can feel the muscles complaining, however, so I feel that I am probably working them at the right level of difficulty.

Friday: I got a quick 2 mile run in before going out to sort the horses. I worked my way up to 5.7 MPH over the course of the 2 miles.  My husband had a plan to remove the mud in front of the barn, and I had to get them out of the way for the day.  It required just a bit of fencing and feeding them outside. They have been walking through knee-deep mud to get in and out of the barn, so he took it all out and put in gravel/dirt pad that is making their life much easier. Of course, now they just hang out in front of the barn all day.

Saturday: an almost sunny day! Daisy and I took a 3.77 mile walk at a leisurely pace. it is the longest she has done so far this year, and I didn’t want to push her too much. She had a blast, and a good nap when we got home.  I had planned on my weight training, but since the sky was dry, I cleaned out two of my gardens instead. Two more gardens to go, and I think the coming week  might finally just be a good week to finish them.

Sunday: a lazy day. The rain came back, pouring and gusting. I did a quick 2 miles on the treadmill again first thing so my husband and I could go out and run some errands. I am pushing myself to go faster, the first mile took 11:30 minutes as I used it to work my way from 0 up to 6 MPH. I kept it at 6 MPH  and did a 10:00 mile. Last time I pushed  my speed in early March, I overdid. I was happy that taking my time for the last month and working up to distance and speed worked, and my leg felt just fine.

Weekly Rundown

Well, I managed to sneak this one in before the week quite ended. In theory I will have another Rundown due tomorrow. Hmmm……and I have to get this one done before the AFC game begins!

Monday: Off. Definitely a trend. I think I am fine with it. I always seem to work harder Friday, Saturday and Sunday since I am easy at the beginning of the week. So I need the break on Monday–and start the cycle all over again!

Tuesday: Yoga day. I did both stretching and strength poses. I guess I needed the peace, I felt so relaxed afterwards.

Wednesday: Off. This was definitely unplanned. I had a doctor’s appointment early before work, but when I was done I really, really wasn’t feeling well. I not only skipped exercise, I called out of work. I spent the day on the couch, sleeping with the puppies. I was amazed at how much I slept, and that I was ready for bed that night at 8:30.

Thursday: More Yoga. I felt better, but not 100%. Stretchy yoga helped my body after the tenseness of the day before, as well as my mindset.

Friday: I got back on the horse (metaphorically, still to cold and slick to actually ride!) and brought my weights. I did the weights mixed with yoga strength poses as well as the leg PT moves. If felt really good to stretch and use my muscles.

Saturday: I decided I was definitely better, so I got on the treadmill. I walked 6 minutes before knocking off the emergency stop button. Ooops! When I started back up, I started at a run and did a mile, then walked 5 minutes, then ran another mile. In total (with the original 6 minutes), I went for 37 minutes. That was one of my longer treadmill episodes, and I was pretty happy with it.

Sunday: I took Daisy for a walk. I got her all ready, then needed to hook her up to the house line to help my husband for a moment. She wouldn’t come back to the house! She was ready for her walk, dang it, and wasn’t going back to the house until she had it. I do love that  dog.  We did eventually get to go, doing 2 miles in 37 minutes. While she hopped on the chair to see what my husband was doing out there, I did 28 minutes of yoga. I can’t say how much better a good yoga session can help my mood–and tight muscles.

Weekly Rundown

I seem to have skipped writing last week. Well, the previous week wasn’t very exciting anyway. I didn’t run, as I was letting my knee recuperate from the fall the Saturday before. I did exercise, but it didn’t seem all that worthwhile to tell anyone about it. Having said that, I am not sure this week is any more exciting!

Monday: off. I had the day off from work; the lab was observing New Year’s, since it had fallen on a Sunday. I was shockingly lax, didn’t even manage 5000 steps. The long holiday season caught up with me, and I was beat.

Tuesday: I hopped on that treadmill first thing in the morning. I did a slow 10 minute warmup, then a 10 minute run, and a 10 minute cool down walk. The run was slower too; which, in all honesty, was harder than going faster. I am used to going all out walking or trying to run faster and faster. Going slow makes me think and balance a whole different way.

Wednesday: I did a 10 minute run on the treadmill, then 20 minutes of my yoga/physical therapy moves. I am going back to some moves I found in Self a couple of years ago. The moves are a series, such as the squats with a twist and weight lifting. The idea is to move smoothly and continuously, and they use a whole new set of muscles. I do have to say, they are much easier than the first time I tried them. I am in much better shape!

Thursday: 10 minute slow walk on the treadmill and then 16 minutes of yoga. I did the moves from my fav DVD, but I don’t believe I held them long enough. It was much faster than doing the DVD.

Friday: mostly off. I did do 15 minutes walking on the treadmill. I had my appointment to see my ortho doctor and I didn’t want to make my knee swell.  The appointment went well, he wants to take the metal piece out of my leg next month. Since the tibial plateau was broken, he had to put something in to hold all the bones in my knee as they healed. I am somewhat amazed at all the parts to a knee that had to fit back together.

Saturday: Daisy and I went out for a walk. We walked past the scene of the crime (where I went into the ditch the previous week), and I was amused at just how very deep it was. No way I was going into this time, it was very clear where the ditch was since some of the snow had melted and the plow trucks had plowed up banks in other places. We finished 2 miles, and while I had thought about some yoga when I got home, really, I just did some other stuff around the house.

Sunday: a busy day. Cleaned the house in the morning, then ran over to check my uncle’s summer home early in the afternoon. And still I had no steps to speak of! I really thought I got more walking around the house doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom and making my kitchen sparkle. So I climbed on the treadmill for 25 minutes 🙂

PS I did mean to post this yesterday, but I went downstairs to help my husband replace the seat cover on his snowmobile, and there went the evening. Tis that time of year here in Maine, when snow falls, lakes ice over and the sound of ‘mobiles can be heard in the clear air. My husband, of course, wants to be on one them!


















Weekly Rundown

Another mild (for Maine) week went by, and we all made the most of our outdoor time. It was not the best week for my exercise, however. I started off slow, but was very busy over the weekend to make up for it.

Monday: off. I really do need to break this trend. Or perhaps I should just relax and enjoy it?

Tuesday: Kate and I walked around the inside of the hospital for our walk as she was fighting off a head cold. Didn’t accomplish much, only .55 mile in 40 minutes. Although I think the stairs are good for us.

Wednesday: off again. Guilt started to intrude, as I didn’t really feel like I had exercised at all this week.

Thursday: I did my blend of weights and yoga for 35 minutes. Stretching the muscles as you use them intensely  is a really good mix. I also have been using my 15 minute break at work to walk. I usually walk all three floors and finish up with grabbing a coffee on the way back to the lab. This time I focused on the stairs, going from the first floor to the roof (four flights) and then from the bottom to the roof (five flights). By the time I got my coffee, my legs were shaking 🙂

Friday: Morning on the treadmill. I hadn’t run yet this week, so I felt pretty good after a mile on the treadmill and some walking to cool down. It wasn’t a long run, just about 20 minutes. My goal next week is to run 2 miles on the treadmill.

Saturday: after an early morning trip for shopping (groceries, horse food and Christmas), Daisy and I did 4.3 miles. That little dog is so cute, the line never slackened between us, coming or going. She just loves to go. And sniff. Sniffing is important.
After some work around the house, I did go out and see my horses.  I didn’t make them work too hard, just a little ground work so they know I am still in charge. And since I still have some homegrown carrots for them, they were happy to see me.

Sunday: another walk with Daisy. First I went out and expanded the horses’ barnyard. We had gotten up Friday to find Christopher Robin in the driveway. Not sure how he got out, but I am thinking that dang moose pulled the fence down again. At least Christopher was hanging out looking for breakfast instead of up at the neighbors.
I figure at this time of year, the barnyard is a good place for them anyway, as the grass supply is pretty much gone.  But I wanted to make it a little bigger. Took me two hours, which was longer than I expected! So Daisy and I did just a hair over 2 miles.  My husband and I then made our annual pilgrimage Christmas shopping together, with a stop in Freeport to see the Festival of Lights.  It was a wonderful afternoon and evening, even if we were too late to see the reindeer. I guess they go to bed early.

Weekly Rundown

I was thinking about how you should switch up the order of your exercises (ie, don’t always do bicep curls first, followed by triceps) because your body can get used to the order and the exercises aren’t as effective. Then I started thinking about how I had been doing yoga day, run day, and then wt lifting/pt day for several weeks now.  Hmmm….I better change things up this week.

Monday: off–I really do need to change that next week, it’s been an off day for three weeks now.

Tuesday: Treadmill day. I did a 5 minute warm up, followed by a 20 minute run. I can’t even explain how excited I was to hit 5.0 MPH on the treadmill during my run. It wasn’t for the whole run, but I started at 4.3 and increased it slowly until I did a few minutes at 5.0.

Wednesday: off. I had decided to do treadmill, then off, then treadmill all week to spice it up.

Thursday: Treadmill again. I was extremely tired–or lazy, not sure which, in the morning. However, having had Wednesday off, I wasn’t about to let myself take Thursday off too. So I came home from work, stuck a roast in the oven, fed the horses and climbed on the treadmill. I did 25 minutes, a fast 10 minute warm up and then 15 minutes running.

Friday: off

Saturday: a busy day, indeed. I walked Daisy first thing, it’s not her problem that I need to switch up my workouts. We did 2.45 miles, and climbed the “Mountain.” When I got home I did about 10 minutes of wood stacking, then cleaned up Daisy’s poop area. I had to weed whack and rake the area as I was having a hard time trying to see what I was supposed to be picking up.  Then I came in and got on the treadmill for a quick mile…well, quick for me these days, it was an 11:50.  I even managed to climb on Charby for a quick ride.  In case anyone is wondering, I slept very well that night.

Sunday: off again, although I did help my husband with some brush and covering the boat. I also had a lovely nap in the afternoon 🙂


Weekly Rundown

Another week has flown by–literally. The gales of Fall have blown most of the trees naked, and the days have shortened. I have done a lot of treadmill work this week.  It is chilly when I leave for work and near dark when I get back.  I do love fall!  Not sure the horses appreciate it, as they are ones with the least attention.

Monday: I managed to get up early enough in the morning to get on the treadmill. I walked for 15 minutes, then did 17 mins of yoga. I did both stretch-y and strength poses, and went off to work feeling happy and relaxed.

Tuesday: I once more made the name of my blog an accurate one, and got on the treadmill before work again. I did a 5 minute warm up, then 15 minute run with a 5 minute cool down.  I haven’t been running much, I did do it in September but then I kinda fell off. I just didn’t have any confidence in running.   But my outdoors 1 mile run a couple of weeks ago, I was inspired to try again 🙂

Wednesday: off. We all need a day off, right?

Thursday: I did my arm weights and leg PT. It took about 30  minutes, and I did 3 x 15 reps.  I could feel my core working pretty hard, which actually made me feel good. Again, the leg moves made my legs much better after the run the day before.

Friday: another run before work. This time after the warm up, I did a 20 minute run. I find my day at work goes so much nicer with the workout in morning.  I feel accomplished, and I don’t have to worry about squeezing it in after work.  I may become a morning workout person after all!

Saturday: it was supposed to rain, so when the sun was shining at 7am, I stuck Daisy in her coat and snuck out for a quick 1.47 mile walk. Generally, Daisy runs when I approach her with a sweater, but I found a coat that Velcros down her belly. She likes it because it doesn’t have to go over her head, and I like it because it covers her belly, so when her legs get wet, the bulk of her body stays dry. Plus, she is awful cute in it.

Sunday: Another Daisy walk, I felt bad that our other walk was so short. We did a brisk 2 miles in 34 minutes.  I did 18 minutes of yoga (mostly stretch-y) then  there was a slew of housework, followed by some horseplay. I didn’t lunge them, as the ground was wet from yesterday’s rain. But I did do a little ground work after making them purty and relaxed. They are so much fun to brush right now, their hair is thick and soft.

The Bruce Post

So I can hear you all thinking, what about Bruce? I post about riding with Charby and Christopher Robin, and I post about walking Daisy. But where is that big lovey Bruce?

Well, most of the time, he is hiding in his Lair.  I think it must be the coolest place in the house. He crawls in between the rack holding the fabric and sewing notions and the futon couch in the library.

Yes, I have a library….slash sewing room.  My books tend to overtake (and get used more) than the sewing supplies. Bruce loves it in there, I think he thinks it is his room. If he isn’t in the “lair”, he is lying in the middle of the carpet, or in the doorway looking out.

He is a content dog without a lot of activity.  In the winter he makes sure the couch doesn’t fly away. But when he is outside he is very happy, and keeps all the squirrels and chipmunks on their toes. And, of course, loves car rides.

I thought it would be nice to take him for a 2 mile walk last week. The hardest part was getting pictures of him, as he was so excited to be out there he didn’t want to look at me when I called him.

photo 1 (1) photo 4
 he was very handsome, prancing down the road with his head high and his white flagged tail   waving

photo 4 (1)                i love standing on the road in the shadow, looking out at the bright field

photo 3 (2)  photo 3
                                            the fruits of fall

photo 2 (1)  photo 2
    the beginning…..                              ….and end of our walk

photo 1                                            the wild bamboo in bloom all along our road







Postcards from the Trail

Daisy and I went for a walk this morning, I was just going to do about a mile, to the end of our road and back. Halfway to the end of our road, I decided we might as well as go down the big hill to check on the construction. They decided the bridge at the bottom of the hill needed to be replaced.  The bridge is really an overgrown culvert, so when they blocked off the hill so that our dirt road became the detour route, I didn’t think it would take too long. Three weeks of zipping cars and lumbering dump trucks later, I thought I would check in on the progress.

Daisy had a great time!! As soon as we hit the tar road we met some neighbors from up on the hill walking down to inspect the road work with their dog. After some initial excitement, we all continued down the hill. It doesn’t look good for getting our road back anytime soon. But on the way home we met our garbage lady–Daisy thought she smelled awesome. Then we met the new tenants in the house up the road. Of course Daisy loved everyone. And everyone loved Daisy.

Since we were walking I got to take pictures of everything I see when I am running and don’t want to stop. It worked out well for everyone: I got to take pictures and Daisy got to sniff while I did 🙂

photo 2 (1)  photo 1 (1)
 sun was just clearing the trees as we came back up the hill

photo 2 (2)  photo 2 (3)  photo 2
                                 i love the textures of fall, especially the grasses

photo 3 (1)  photo 4 (1)
 daisy was pretty sure the barrel was going to attack her.
after the wet grass and dirt road, she had mud-locks
on her legs, she went straight into the tub!

photo 5  photo 3 (3)  photo 4 (2)
stone cairns left by the road crew that widened our road last month;
like Stonehenge i am sure they mean something, i am just not
sure what

photo 1  photo 1 (3)  photo 1 (2)
my road looks so nice in the early morning, between the hush and the light

photo 4  photo 3  photo 3 (2)