Weekly Rundown

Whoo-hooo, what a week. I mean, I am pretty tired right now, but really, what a week! With the holiday in the week, I had an extra day to get things done.  Weather was lovely and I was able to do everything I wanted when I wanted. That never happens!

For all that I kept saying I need to get more miles in, looking back over my last three weeks, I only averaged 3-5 miles. But this week I blew that out of the water with 10+ miles. I think I still have the buzz.

Monday: I started the week with some stretching yoga mixed in with my strength poses. Warrior poses really aren’t bothering my knee at all anymore. I find the less I want to do a pose, the more I need to do a pose.  Took me some time to make Down Dog my friend too. I’ve always enjoyed Warrior poses, but my knee hasn’t been up to it for the last year. Working back into it was akin to working to enjoy Down Dog.

Tuesday: I went out for a 3 mile run….and came home 4 miles later. It felt marvelous, and I even ran a bit up the hill past my driveway to get to the 4 mile mark (that OCD is terrible). I stretched out and kept the “good run” buzz for the whole day.  I took Christopher Robin out for a ride later in the morning. Even though I really don’t like riding on the road (drivers be nuts), I thought it would be fun to take him up the road for exploration. Who knew he didn’t want to go?! We got almost to the top of the hill when he decided it was far enough and we started doing spins and backing up. Silly boy. I did make him go just a bit further (like a child, you can’t let them win), before bringing him back and riding per usual at the house. He has come a long way, as our disagreement was far shorter than the ones we had when I first started riding him.  Sometimes I think it is just for form before he gives in.  Good for my legs and rear, though, having to push him.

Wednesday: I went back to my weight training. I hadn’t done it at all during June, figuring the Burpees were keeping the muscles strong and active enough. I decided to do 3 reps of 15.  I had been on the verge of adding a rep before I stopped in  June, and figured I better start where I had left off. I also added push-ups to keep the strength from June going. Just 5 to start, as doing them in a row was a bit different from them being scattered through the Burpee.

Thursday: another run! It didn’t feel quite as good, but I did manage the 5k path from my house. My pace was slower than Tuesday’s run, but I made it through. Still got the run buzz, just from completing the run.

Friday: I planned on taking it off, but ended up doing 1.5 miles at a leisurely pace with my friend before work. So, mostly off!

Saturday: know those days when you just want to do it all? I wanted to run, but I wanted to get Daisy out too, and I needed to do weights again. So Daisy and I walked out almost a mile and a half, then ran back the last mile to complete almost 3 miles. She started off slow, but by the time we’d gone a quarter-mile she was leading the run 🙂 When we got home I picked up the weights and did 35 minutes of weights, mixing in a few stretch yoga positions between the reps. In an effort to keep my core strong, I also did some more push-ups, 2 sets of 5 this time.  I rode Charby later in the day. We were also working harder, since last time it took 24 minutes for us to cover a mile and this time it took 18 minutes. More trotting covers more ground faster!

Sunday: I wanted to make sure I hit the 10 mile mark this week, so I ran a (very slow) 2+ miles. I did pick the 80% uphill route, just to give my legs an extra workout. Running down hills is getting easier, as long as I make sure to land on the ball of my foot instead of the toes.  I have a tendency to reach out with my foot without bending my knee and landing on the toes, which is a wonderful recipe for falling on my face. Rode Christopher Robin for about 10 minutes. I wanted to check out the new ring my husband built me just that day, so I put a bridle on him and we went out. Ohhhh, the flat smoothness! Not sure the horses will enjoy the work, but I am going to love having a good area to work them.


Weekly Rundown

Another has flown by! And a nice warm week it was. Although, not as warm as this week promises to be. Yay, spring is finally here!

Monday: a day off with a bit of stretching. I find Monday is a good day off as I tend to overdo on the weekends and need a break before starting my week afresh. I know a lot of people hate to take Mondays off, they want to start their week fresh and strong.

Tuesday: a quick mile run on the treadmill, and then I was off to walk the hospital halls with my friend Kate. It was a rather slow mile, I am trying to work my leg back up to running, patiently. So I did 5.2 MPH for 11.43 minutes instead of the 6.0 MPH I’d prefer. Kate and I walked for 30 minutes up and down the halls til we had just enough time for a cup of coffee before I clocked in.

Wednesday: I hopped on the treadmill for a fast walk at 3.8 MPH for 30 minutes. After a short cooldown at 3.0, I decided to do some weight training. I did however, learn from my disastrous attempt at lunges last week. I pulled out my Fitness magazine and did 2 of the moves  which I thought my leg could handle, followed by my more normal moves of triceps, biceps, leg lifts and core. Took about 25 minutes, and then I was ready to start my day.

Thursday: another mile run (seeing a pattern? I am running every other day!). I did a slightly slower run, peaking at 5.1 MPH. I have to say, it felt incredibly awesome. I did roughly 21 minutes of stretch yoga afterwards, which felt great on my quads 🙂

Friday: weight training again. I did some straight lifting, leaving my Fitness magazine on the table. I only did 26 minutes, but felt pretty good afterwards.

Saturday: Started off the day with my run. One mile in 12:27 minutes. Then I did some errands in town, before coming home to get the horse’s feet done. I did some work around the barn and the fencing while I was waiting for my farrier. Then I took Daisy for a walk (2.10 miles in 39.17 minutes), and realized I might be having surprise company. So onto cleaning the house–deep cleaning, since I was doing it anyway.  And I had to get ready for the logging on Sunday, so I  moved some debris that was going to be in our way.  14,924 steps that day and I slept very well that night!

Sunday: Not quite as busy as Saturday, only 9,784 steps. But I did quite of bit of brush lugging first thing in the morning, and my version of caber tossing: 8+ foot trees, a couple of inches in diameter, tossed on the pile as well. Very good for my core! The bigger ones I left to my husband. In the afternoon I rearranged my tack room–the hi-fi I feed the horses has coated my bridles and saddles with a fine green dust, even after I cleaned them a week or so ago. So I moved the food away from the tack, into the other corner. Then I replaced the lunge pen fence; they had taken it down over the winter. I think they had an ulterior motive 😉 Especially as I made them do a bit of work in it after I was done!

Weekly Rundown

Another week flashes by. I think I got to enjoy this week a little bit, however. It was a mix of hot sunny days and much needed rainy days. I had my last PT checkup, and she released me back into the wild. I just need to keep exercising and pushing the bend in my leg.

Monday: off. But I went down the stairs at work properly; that is, one foot stepping down to each stair instead of stepping down with my left and just bringing the right to the same step. It wasn’t graceful, but it was done!

Tuesday: a yoga day 🙂 I did both stretch and strengthening poses. I even got into Warrior I and held it for two breaths.

 I doubt it looked this good, but I am just happy that my leg is strong enough to hold.
I went down three flights of stairs at work again, and my leg felt it by the bottom.  But it held up, and that’s what matters.

Wednesday: Arm Weights and Leg PT exercises.  Took about 40 minutes since I was trying to do each lift slower to make it work harder.  I also did 1 x 10 step raises with my right leg; where I put my right foot on the higher step and lifted myself with that leg. At the end of the session, I increased my plank to 1m 23s.

Thursday: yoga again. I went out on the deck to enjoy the weather. It was humid and about 80, so I was glad I was in the shade.  Since I had been doing poses with a bent knee, I tried doing one of the video (from memory) routines I used to do.  I did it fairly well, which made me feel pretty good about my progress.

Friday: off. I had my final check up with my PT therapist, but I wouldn’t call it exercise! I did do a lot of stairs at work this week, going both up and down whenever possible. Which it was a LOT!

Saturday: Leg PT.  I did a full 3 x 15  session, but I skipped the arm weights since I spent an hour sanding the deck with an orbital sander. I thought that might be enough for my arms for  one day. I also moved brush later in the evening to clean up around our new outdoor kitchen my husband built.

Sunday: off again. Although, after moving and raking sand in front of the barn so it won’t (hopefully) be so  muddy for the horses; and cleaning our library from top to bottom (including climbing on chairs and bureaus), I am not so sure it was really off.

Weekly Rundown

As I sit here, mowing through a bag of Lays (Bacon Cheddar Mac N Cheese, which is, oh my goodness, awesome!) I thought maybe I should do my rundown. Kinda remind myself of why I don’t need any more chips.  I don’t even like potato chips! Then I found these….

Monday: 20 minutes on the treadmill, and then some yoga. I am up to 2.5 MPH on the treadmill. My yoga was mainly stretching with some strength poses thrown in, and I did 27 minutes. Not a bad exercise day. I am trying to kick the “just 30 minute” routine.

Tuesday: I took the day off, I had PT in the morning and a bunch of errands to run first. I left the house at 7:30am and got home from work at 8:45pm.

Wednesday: off. I was whipped. And when I say whipped, I mean my legs were shaking by the time I left work at 5:15. That was probably because we were so busy the last couple hours I didn’t get my afternoon snack in. After I ate my peanuts on the way home and dinner with the husband, I felt much better. I did do the PT bending that seems to be making a difference, so I felt pretty good about that. Using Daisy’s leash, I lay on my stomach and bend my knee by pulling on the leash with my hands (the loop end is around my foot).  Then I push against the leash, which strengthens my quad. The biggest problem with this exercise is every time I pick up the leash, Daisy gets excited!

Thursday: 30 minutes on the treadmill, although at 2.2 MPH. I was more concerned with making the 30 minutes than the speed. Then a little of bit (12 minutes) of yoga to finish me off.

Friday: I had PT again, and early–8:30. I managed to sneak in 24 minutes of my weight training by doing just 2 x 15 reps. I was 5 minutes late to PT. Ooops. I planned on walking a bit after PT, but  Mother Nature had other plans–pouring rain.  So I went to the hospital and killed time by reading in the cafeteria with coffee until work started 🙂

Saturday: Yoga day. I did all my strength poses (Yoga II) with only a couple of stretching thrown in at the end. My triangle is much stronger, and I am bendier than I ever have been, I think. Guess that would be a silver lining. I felt twisted (in a great stretchy way) and marvelous afterwards.

Sunday: off from “traditional” exercise. I once more ventured out into the horse paddock to check on the fence. Since I split the pasture, I needed to make sure the right side’s fence was solid before I moved them over. The right side is not as much fun as the left, I was clambering through trees and over divots, climbing rocks and trying not to slide down hills. In all, I think the hour and a half I spent out there could definitely be considered exercise. Later in the day I weedwacked around the house and, while I have a lovely light battery-powered weedwacker, I still think that was exercise too.

There, all done. And I don’t want any more potato chips either!

Weekly Rundown

Another week of progress–slow progress, but progress none the less. Still waiting to go to the doctor, so I am still using my walker. Definitely getting tired of that. But it helps me get around, so I guess I will suck it up!

Monday: arm weights and leg PT exercises, two sets of 15.  Afterwards I did  a few moments of yoga stretching.

Tuesday: my physical therapy person came to put me through my paces. She is a lovely person and doesn’t push me into pain, but pushes me to do what I can. I am back to a 50 degree bend in my leg, so all the flexing definitely helped. More to do, but at least I know its working! I did a little yoga stretching after she left, then iced my knee a bit.

Wednesday: more arm weights and PT leg exercises. I have increased my right leg raises to 10, we started with 4 or 5. It is nice just to move my leg around, when I came home from the hospital I had to use my hands to move it around. My right thigh is definitely getting stronger. I also increased my quad sets: I had been doing them fast and my PT person said to hold each one for a count of 5.

Thursday: I took it off. Except that I took a walk to the barn and helped my neighbor (or she helped me) to feed the horses. It was a lovely day for a walk down the driveway and a sit on the porch while we talked.

Friday: oh, what a day. My husband and I did errands as usual. We started with breakfast at the local store, then I had to go into Tractor Supply to help him pick out the horse food, and after a couple more stops I went into the local grocery store to help him get food for us. Then exercises at home! I have figured out how to get on the floor (and back off the floor), which makes my exercises much easier. It also is using my core as I have to sit up straight with my leg outstretched while doing the arm weights. I can sit with my left foot tucked under my right knee, and that is almost like sitting in a cross-legged position for my yoga stretches. I can’t even express how much I miss sitting in a lotus position 😦 but this does seem to help a bit. I did want to try this on a day when my husband was home, I was a bit worried that he might come home and find me still on the floor otherwise! I also walked down the whole driveway to get the  mail.

Saturday: I just did my arm weights and leg PT, two sets of 15 once more.  I was happy that I felt great after the busy day before.

Sunday: off.  I (foolishly) took my sock off during the night. I have to stretch quite a bit to reach my right toes at all, and I guess I twisted my leg when I pulled the sock, plus I didn’t have the leg on the mattress, so it bounced after pulling it off. Won’t do that again. The knee felt funny and achey all day, so I decided the better part of valor was to not exercise.

PS as I write this on Monday, my leg is much better and I have already exercised 🙂

Weekly Rundown

Once more I must face what I did–and didn’t do– last week! For a Holiday week, I think I did pretty good. Especially with the eating of two Thanksgiving meals, one on Sunday and one on Thursday 🙂

Monday: off

Tuesday: off, except for all my yard work and bring in the wood. I think filling the wood box should count double, as there is both weight training and walking!

Wednesday: once again I took my sneakers and running clothes to the hospital and I finally got to run after work! It is almost a mile around the hospital, then I found a mowed trail around the back field too. Not sure how far or long I actually ran, as apparently my phone died. The exercise app sometimes drains the battery. Might be time for a new phone. But I am guessing that I did about 3.5 miles or so.

Thursday: 25 minutes of free yoga before we went over to my husband’s aunt’s for Thanksgiving. I was rushing all morning, from the cleaning to the yoga to the cooking, and I was awful glad to sit down for the afternoon!

Friday: I was working from 7:30 to 11:30 at the hospital then 1 to 6 at the Paper Store. The Paper Store is basically a store that sells gifts and Hallmark, and keep in mind that it was our national holiday: Black Friday.  I knew it would be busy…but it can be very fun to work BF, I just don’t wanna be on the other side of the counter 🙂 I took my sneakers again, but got out late from the lab and didn’t think I had enough time to run AND clean up, so another day off. But I think I walked enough steps (roughly 11000 at PS alone) to make up for it.

Saturday: weight training. I added some different moves and I felt them! Think it is time to do this at least 3 times a week. Let’s see how it goes the next week!!

Sunday: played with my horses! Took off the blankets and brushed them until they almost shone. Took a while to get all the mud off their legs, since they are walking through 10 inches of mud daily to get in and out of the barn. Of course they rolled and got all dirty again before I got the blankets back on them. Later I did my fav Candlelite Yoga, which was not my fav cuz it hurt. Definitely need to stretch more too.

I think it is time to revamp my exercise plan. In that, maybe I need to start planning again.  I have been haphazard in what I am doing since I started working.  Time to start working again.

Weekly Rundown

One more week towards the end of the year. Mother Nature is feeling it too, cooler weather has moved in. Very happy to say that I trucked on out there even in the 30 degree mornings.

Monday: I had a three-hour window between my morning in the lab and my afternoon in Same Day Surgery, so my friend Kate came to visit me. We walked around the hospital, which is a mile. We might have done it again, but the wind that threatened to blow us away put a damper–and chill–on our enthusiasm. So we went in and had lunch and talked until I had to work again 🙂

Tuesday: my previous week and weekend finally caught up with me and I crashed on the couch with the puppies for three hours. A definitely needed day off.

Wednesday: unfortunately another day off, this one due to work–7:30 to 11:30 at the hospital and 12 to 5:30. I am happy to say that my nap on Tuesday stood me in good stead, and I made it through my 10 hour day just fine.

Thursday: I decided to do my weight training that I hadn’t done in, well, forever. I think maybe September? It actually went very well, and I felt quite chuffed and strong when I finished.

Friday: Mother Nature struck again. The weatherman promised me that it would stop raining around noon.  Having an hour and a half between hospital and retail job, I decided to run around the hospital. Took all my stuff to run and clean up . Sadly it did not stop raining–for the whole day–and I ended up with another day off.

Saturday: a run, a run, a real run!! Short, but outside early in the morning nonetheless. This is when I found out what my weight training had done. Halfway through the first mile, I realized that yes, lunges do affect my legs. In the second mile my shoulders started to hurt with every swing.  That would be the Burpees with weights, I believe.

Sunday: another run! Same short 2 miles, with much better results. Both faster and not as painful. Wonderful! Of course, we went to have Thanksgiving at my brother’s, so I think I probably did not run enough 😉