A Whole New Year

Well, here we are mostly through the first month of the new year already. My streak has ended and I am on to a Burpee challenge for this month.

And it looks like winter has finally arrived in our neck of the woods.

After having more snow in the month of November than December or January (so far), we finally got dumped on. A wet layer on Monday and a fluffy layer Wednesday night. Might be good for some winter sports. What a pity I prefer summer sports!!

I finished my Streak on Christmas feeling stronger than I had in a while. I had clearly been slacking and the first couple of weeks were, um, not fun. I didn’t succeed in 2 miles everyday, but I did do 2 miles or more 80% of the streak. Now I am just trying to keep it going.

Even before the snow there was enough ice that running outside wasn’t going to be safe. It would be warm, everything would melt and then it got cold and everything froze again. Repeat ad nauseum. But my treadmill and I have become best friends. And my husband got me an Alpha Ball for Christmas, so I have been doing resistance training as well.

My Burpee challenge is not as, well, challenging as previous ones, but it is keeping me going. I started with 10, and every other day I Burpee (can I use that as a verb??) and add one to the count. Currently up to 21 — 22 tomorrow.

Now I have to figure out what I am going to do next month! Definitely need to keep my momentum going so I am shape for spring. I didn’t do many 5Ks last year, but I think this year I am going to aim for one a month. I don’t tend to make New Years resolutions, but I find that having a plan absolutely is key for me. Guess I am going to add some 5K tees to my collection!

Daisy and I attempted our first after-snow walk. I was worried she wouldn’t be warm enough (especially with the windchill) walking through the ice and snow. I was also worried about sliding on the ice and snow myself, and injuring my knee more. It isn’t good with sudden movements or weight slamming down on it. Glad to say we both did great, thereby expanding our walking season. I did get her a new coat, and I do have some Yaktraks on order from Santa–we will see what he brings!

Saturday Nite Special

I haven’t been taking many pictures recently. One can only take so many pictures of the sun glistening on a pure white field, or stately trees with limbs delininated by a snowy covering.  Then one decides that winter can–just–be–over!

My friend Kate saved me, thank goodness

My friend Kate saved me, thank goodness

Yesterday she suggested that we take a walk at Viles Arboretum.  Located in Augusta Me, Viles is 124 acres of fields, trees and ponds for locals to walk, ski or snowshoe.

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A nice winter’s day: part B

A photo-journal of today’s run:

            There’s Charby —   IMG_0800.2015-02-04_161139

                                                    wondering where the heck I am going

IMG_0797.2015-02-04_161121The canyon that is the end of my driveway now

                  Generally the forest floor  IMG_0793.2015-02-04_160724    

                                            is even with the road–but not today!

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