Weekly Rundown

This has been the quickest month! Every week I am amazed it is time to write another rundown. I have my Urban Raid coming up, only 3 weeks away now! And I still need more upper body work. I better get on it.

Monday: mostly off. Monday does seem to be the day I want to take off after working the last week. I did do 20 minutes of yoga, mostly to stretch out my sore muscles.

Tuesday: I got busy Tuesday! Watching my favorite motivator, American Ninja Warrior, I dragged out the treadmill. Doing some speed work (hah) I did a 5 minute warm-up, then did three 10 minute bursts of 6 MPH (as fast it will go) with a minute break in between. I did have to slow down to 5.5 MPH for the second burst, but the third was the easiest and I was back up to 6 MPH. I really do need some miles to warm up! Finished up with a 7 minute walk cool down.

Wednesday: Busy again. Took Bruce out for the mile run today, figured it was only fair. He was sooooooo slow on the last third, I could barely run. He definitely needs more practice. Guess I will have to make it a regular thing. I believe I heard a loud thud when he hit the floor in the library. Did 25 minutes of yoga afterwards, including some strength poses that I have been avoiding recently as I have been doing stretchy poses more. In the afternoon I went out and tacked up Charby. We worked on the road, there’s been some heavy rain and I was relatively sure that the ring would be tragic. She did a great job as always; Christopher Robin yelled like he was being tortured, even when we were right in front of him, during our 20 minutes of work. What a goober.

Thursday: Did a short, 2 mile relaxing run. I feel that I have been doing a lot of these recently, probably because the heat is not encouraging to push my limits or run too far. In the afternoon it was Christopher Robin’s turn to come out and play. I want to point out right away that Charby only yelled twice during our 30 minute session–no torture there. I tried to do some trust work while I was on him, but he reacts much better when I lead him to scary stuff–you know, lawn chairs and watering cans. After 5 minutes of circling and patiently coaching him, I got and led him to the chair, and then down to the garden. I hopped back on after circling the garden and rode him back past the scary stuff, then out on the road to do some regular training.

Friday: Had a fun time with my friend Amanda, she took me to a public obstacle course she had found with her boyfriend. I was a bit concerned about my Raid, I haven’t done any monkey bars since my playground days. I had a blast!


Although, not too impressed with the height of the net 😉

Saturday: Daisy’s turn for a run again. We went a bit further, did about 1.3 miles. While she bounced around the room (these runs don’t tire her out) I did a new ball/core workout from Pinterst. Oh wait, I attempted some new ball exercises for my core. Did not exactly perform them gracefully. Added in some arm weights too. Enough that I felt it the next day for my abdominal and arms. What a lovely feeling.

Sunday: Blah, rainy day. So I pretty much did nothing. Watched tv, went to see my husband’s Gramps, then came back to watch more tv. Gotta say, I have no regrets!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. As I am doing much less exercise now, your week seems even more tiring than before…but don’t let me discourage you, I really need to get back into it but I’m just too lazy/tired at the moment.


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