Weekly Rundown

Ah, what a week. Not as much to report as I would like.  Or, at least, not as much exercise as I would like.

Monday: Took the day off, not knowing  what would come 🙂

Tuesday: Just a few moments for yoga before my PT, so I focused on leg strengthening poses, as well as ones that bent the knee. Then I was off to work at 8:30. They gave me a break to run off to pool therapy at 10. And I ran! Ok, I ran in the pool, but it was still running. Wonder what it would be like if I ran out of the water? Well, you know I wondered that too. So I tried it upstairs in the hospital that night (when there was no one around). Bad move, cuz of course it was a concrete floor and really improper shoes! It wasn’t the coming down on my right leg that bothered me (kinda surprised me there), but trying to push back off with that leg. I guess I will be running in the pool for a bit.

Wednesday: off. I worked the day shift, and I figured that if I took two days off this week, it would be ok.

Thursday: off. We have a co-worker on vacation this week and I was asked to do 8:30 to 5s, with the caveat that someone could cover my 5 to 8 upstairs. Because of the busyiness, I came in at 7am to help. Then I realized around noon that my night shift wasn’t covered. Oops. So I stayed til 8pm, and no exercise was done that day. Although I did plenty of stairs at work 🙂

Friday: off. Another long day at work, 8 to 8.  With another break for my PT. I guess if I go to PT, it’s not really a day off, I just never feel like I work that hard in the pool. It’s too much fun!

Saturday: the first day of my three-day weekend. I fed the horses, and then did a two mile walk. It was a wonderful walk, before the day got too hot. Going down a steep hill is still  awkward, but little hills are definitely easier. I did 10 minutes of yoga to stretch out after my walk. Afterwards, I ran to town to get groceries before the stores got too crazy for the holiday.  Then I took a really nice nap on the couch with Daisy.

Sunday:  A busy day. And this is how I started it:

yep, I got on the horse!! It was marvelous. She was such a good girl, and very lovey–I guess she needed the attention. It was a short ride, but proved that I can do it and will be getting on more! I also raked out my flower gardens, cleaning up the last of them for the season.  Although they have been doing well enough without my attention:

After helping my husband carry some bricks, I managed to squeeze in a nap before doing the house cleaning and laundry. And still slept so well!



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