I tend to be fairly goal oriented – I blame my parents.  While I love running just for running, I am always looking for the next challenge. It is good to know what you are working towards so that you can keep getting better.

Some of my first goals were to run the Rail Trail (a 6.3 mile run) from Gardiner to Augusta, do a 10 minute mile out on the road (ya know, where there are hills and bumps and holes vs the treadmills where one can sleep and still manage not to trip), to do the Blinn Loop (5.6 miles) back to my house, and to run to the Bog road (5.3 miles).

One of my fav runs now is to the Bog road and back, I ran the Rail Trail last summer, I have managed the Loop (although I don’t like it), and I have done a sub-10 minute mile a couple of times.

So now I need some new goals. I have a couple fairly easy ones–I just want to run the 6.3 mile Rail Trail faster, I love shaving time off the Loop or the Bog rd, and I am aiming for a sub-9 minute mile out on the road.

But I need bigger goals,  right?

I have done two 5Ks this year, so now my goal is a 10K.  That is the race my dad ran most often, so it kinda has always been  a goal in the back of my mind once I started running road races.I dropped off my car at my mechanic’s down on Blinn hill and ran from there down to  the Dresden side and back to my house, which was a 6.1 mile run. I would love to run it from my house and back, which would be an 8 or so mile run. That goal may have to be next year. We will see.

I do want to say that I am not aiming for a half marathon–ever. If I put that out at any point, please feel free to smack me!

I have reached the point where even my “strong” knee is wearing a brace while running, so while I love running  5 or 6 miles (which is further than I ever thought I would run as normal run), I don’t think longer distances are a wise idea for me. I would rather run 3 to 6 miles for another ten years than go on longer runs and then not be able to run  at all.

I expect eventually the knees will give out on me, but I am going to baby them as much as possible to go as long as possible. After that, well, I guess I will be walking!


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