Whose in charge here?

Apparently, my knees are.

My left knee has been increasingly uncomfortable recently, probably from the extra stress the last two years while I babied my right knee. I have been wearing a brace on both, but I think my summer of pushing further, faster has come back to bite me.

Since I am doing my yoga month, I took this week off from running. My run last Friday was uncomfortable.  Going down hills with my left leg feels like someone is sliding a knife under my patella from the top. Fortunately, it rebounds fairly quickly when I hit level ground. And I have discovered that “slaloming” down the hill helps my legs a great deal, although I am sure people are wondering why I am running back and forth as I run down the hill 🙂 Just getting a few extra steps in!

I went for my first run for the week this morning. Now, originally, I had planned a fairly short run. But as my knees felt ok (the one steep-ish downhill did hurt), I kept going just “a little further.” I went out about 2.5 miles. And made it back about 2 miles before my left knee told me, in no uncertain terms, that it was done.  I walked the last half mile.

I had a hard time giving in. But I remembered seeing an older marathon runner I knew limping along daily because he just refused to stop. I thought it was foolish at the time.

I decided not to be foolish. Everyone has injury issues, and not pressing on to make it worse is the smart thing to do. Walking didn’t hurt at all, so I guess Daisy will be getting a lot of exercise for the next week! And I will be looking for exercises to make my knee muscles and tendons stronger.


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