Weekly Rundown

Another week! And almost July. Hard to believe. It was a good week, I got a lot done. Unfortunately, I didn’t increase my bend at all. But I have a lot more maneuverability.  So I will be happy with that! And it is getting stronger–when I had to step back on my right leg unexpectedly, I didn’t fall on my butt. Always a good thing!!

Monday: A quick session of Arm Weights and Leg Pt, just 2 X 15 reps.  It took 24 minutes, but I managed to get in some of the leg bending with a line to push my knee a bit.

Tuesday: Yoga and Physical Therapy day.  24 was my magic number this week, as I did that many minutes of yoga too.  I stretched out nicely, then was off for 30 minutes in the pool.  Still loving being in the water, although I am not quite as hungry afterwards, so I must be getting used to the exercise.

Wednesday: A day off, with absolutely no guilt 🙂

Thursday: More Arm Legs and Weight Training. I did 3 x 15 reps, and added calf raises as well.  When I tried to skip as part of my drills, my right calf just refused to push me off.  I suspect the landing wouldn’t be much fun either, but I need to try. So I am working on strengthening my calf, so next time I can launch.

Friday:  Yoga and Physical Therapy, again. The two do seem to go together well.

Saturday:  a wonderful day.  I went to the beach in the morning, and lazed about on the sand. We did take a nice walk through the lagoon–where the water was actually warm enough to brave. The ocean was 64, which seems a bit chill to me. Then it was off to errands, hay for the horses and food for our BBQ the next day. Even with lazing on the sand, I managed to walk over 14,000 steps!

Sunday: whew. It was quite busy, with planting tomatoes in the morning, then cleaning the house and  putting away the laundry.  I made the horses do some work, lunging each of them. It is nice and shady where I work them, so I feel no guilt on making them canter. No matter how many reproachful looks I get. I took a 1.3 mile walk after that, and cut another 15 seconds off my 1 mile time.  Then our friends came over and enjoyed some BBQed chicken with us. Oddly enough, I slept very well that night 😉

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