Weekly Rundown

Last week in March! There is definitely a spring vibe in the air, even if it is only wishful thinking. The days get bright earlier and stay light longer.

I find that I am not quite as ready for bed as I was two weeks ago–although I still sleep as well, and almost as quickly! I also find that I am more ambitious  with my workouts, willing to work harder and longer.

Monday: in the spirit of getting ready to run outside, I decided to go at a faster pace. I had been using the presets, which are great for conditioning as they vary the pace, but I wanted to see if I could run a solid 2 miles at a continuous pace. Turns out, I can! It was only 10 minute miles, but it is a good start at this time of year. Especially since I didn’t pass out when I was done, and I did it after a 10-hour work day 🙂

Tuesday: took the day off, except for my walk at break.

Wednesday: As I don’t have all that much time when I get home from work, especially since the horses seem to want to be fed and their stall cleaned like every night, I squeezed in a 20 minute walk on the treadmill. Twenty seems to be the magic number, since it was a 20 minute run on Monday after work too.

Thursday: I kinda took Thursday off too, although I did a brisk 15 minute walk at work during my break. Getting out of my office and striding about the hospital for 15 minutes (especially when it is nice enough to go outside) refreshes me and helps me get back to work in a relaxed mood. I also did 10 minutes of stretching yoga after work for further relaxation. It is a short routine, but I have been doing it more regularly and I can see that I am getting more flexible than just by doing long practices twice a week.

Friday: Still thinking I needed some solid runs behind me, I decided to run a 5K on the treadmill.  I did the first mile at 6.0, the second at 6.2 and the last at 6.4 MPH.  I felt incredibly good afterwards as I stretched it out. My first race I signed up for is at the end of the month, and I feel pretty positive about being able to finish it decently now.

Saturday: going back to the preset workouts, I did a 30 minute run (about 2.5 miles). I followed that with a 10 minute walk. I had discovered previously that I could do arm dips (reverse pushups?) on the treadmill (did I mention how short I am?) using the side handlebars. I hadn’t done any in quite a while, and for some reason I thought 4 sets of 4 dips spread throughout the 10 minute walk was a good idea. I mean, it was, but oooh, my muscles reacted the next day!

Sunday: another run on the treadmill. Funny how I no longer dislike the treadmill as much as I used to. I will be happy to get back outside, but I won’t really mind the days weather forces me inside. And I am very happy that I have the treadmill, so weather no longer controls my exercise routine. Now if Mother Nature would just let it be spring!


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