Blogging 101 Day Two

Today we were supposed to tweak our title and tagline. I have only been on WordPress for three or four weeks, and I tweaked quite a bit when setting my page up. I had a blog on a different hosting site, and I like WordPress much better for many reasons, not the least of which is I get a tagline! And Blogging 101. And peers to help each other. But, back to the main point, I like my title/tagline as is.

I am, as my title suggests, a runner who blogs.

I am a beginning runner, and so I consider this my journal as I explore the world of running, large and small. As everyone in the world does, I have distractions from this blog. Sometimes I can’t get out a post on schedule (yes, I do have one!) because the car has issues, or I am spending time with my husband. Telling him writing a blog is more important than being with him would  so not go over well. I have not tried it.

Thus, my tagline: my journey into running amid other distractions. The tagline also keeps me on track. Why and what do I write? I write about my journey into the huge world of running, races and athletes, but also I can write about the distractions that keep me from that goal. Sometimes writing my blog can help me ignore those distractions–writing is much more fun than, say, class. Sometimes it helps me to focus on what is important, and what really is a distraction.

But mostly, my tagline is a simple way to tell readers I am here because I think it is important, and my journey is exciting, distractions and all.

7 thoughts on “Blogging 101 Day Two

  1. Hello, I am coming over from Blogging 101 to say hello to a neighbor. I think your title and tagline are great, and obviously very appropriate for your topic. And I have to say I am a pushover for dogs so adding a picture of Daisy and of Charby is a great touch. Good luck with your blog and with running.


  2. Your title and tagline say just what you want it to so leave well alone! In truth I reckon that Blogging 101 is trying to make us think carefully about such things and that’s what you’ve done. Your writing voice is very engaging, informal and personal at the same time. Love the dog, we have one, Sandy, I do occasional posts for him, he always outsmarts me! You can see him here,
    Do visit him, he’s always looking for dog loving bloggers.


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