Weekly Rundown

A day late, but here I am! My excuse is that I left the house yesterday morning at 8am, ran around town all day, came home for an hour and a half (forgetting to do my post as I sat staring at the tv rather blankly) before going to get hay when Hubby got home, then coming home to feed the Hubby and myself, and barely got a Birthday greeting off to my brother before succumbing to my day.

Monday:  mostly off. All I did was work with Christopher Robin in the round-pen for about 20 minutes. He so adorable (although I do change my mind about that later in the week!)

Tuesday: I only did a short run, so I pushed it as much as I could. Did 2.04 miles in 21:38, which wasn’t bad considering it was 89% humidity and dew point was 65. Rather felt that I was swimming while I was running. As usual, my second mile was faster than the first, but my first was my best time so far this season for that particular mile.

Wednesday: a fun day! Started with a short yoga for abs in the morning, then headed out with my friend Kate. We went to a wilderness park nearby for a walk. This particular park is great because you walk through the woods then end on up the shore.  The ocean breeze was marvelous, and the smell, oh. I love the sea air.    I had been there once before, and it was my idea to go back. I had no idea how far it really was. I promised Kate that it was probably a 2 or so mile walk.  So, 4.14 miles later, we made it back to the car! It was a beautiful day, and we had lunch down on the rocks by the ocean.  And we both slept well 🙂

Thursday: a busy day– started off with a short 2.14 mile run, took off from the driveway going the opposite way from my last run. And, again, my fastest mile going that way–the 80% up hill route– so far this season. Yay! I am definitely getting faster, which is funny, because I was actually doing that as an “easy” run.  Afterwards I went down to Portland with my team-mate Penny again to run the obstacle course. It was just us today, her daughters were unable to come with us; so we went through the course twice a bit faster than last week. I could definitely tell I had run beforehand. I was glad I had done that, since I will be running (hopefully) during the Raid, and I needed to know how that would feel. In the afternoon, I took Charby out back and rode her in the ring for a half hour. I have been using my bareback pad, it seems lighter than a saddle for them in the heat. And it is great for my legs not having stirrups 😉  At least, that is what I keep telling myself.

Friday: oddly enough, I was tired Friday. Hmmmm, I wonder why? I went out for a nice relaxing run, 3.89 miles. Not fast at all, but I just wanted to stretch my legs out and that it did. I wanted to go out to work with Christopher, but my national Certification test for being a Medical Admin Assistant was the next day. I have been studying for the last two weeks, but I decided it was more important to continue studying than ride. I said that a lot the last few days: I can ride on Sunday, I can read on Sunday, I can sleep on Sunday!

Saturday: up early and took a final practice test, then hit the road to the testing center. Three hours later I was free and my brain was fried. Went home and hit the couch for a bit. Too wired to actually nap, but it was nice to lay there and not have to think. In the afternoon I did take Christopher Robin out for a ride. Enter the “he is not that adorable.” I took out Charby with us, leading her while riding him, but when we got there I unhooked her. She was so cute, she followed us for another minute or two until she got bored. Then she went back to the barnyard, and I lost CR. He was so concerned about where she went, and when we hit the corner closest to the barnyard lane, he refused to go further. We circled and circled and here’s the thing with his pony brain: he gets so focused on not doing what I want him to do, we could go over a cliff before he noticed. After a few close calls of being where we shouldn’t be, I got off and took him to the round-pen for some lunging. Having worked out some energy (I hoped), I got back on. He was just the same. So I got off and walked him around the entire field–away from the barnyard to prove I was in charge–before taking him in. I was happy that I kept my cool the entire time and just talked to him in a soothing voice trying to calm him down. Didn’t work, but at least I didn’t make a bad situation worse by hollering at him.

Sunday: ah, Sunday. Took the day off. Well, except for the wood I stacked after Hubby split it (his arms hurt that night!). And cleaning up the barnyard. And hacking a path through the brush so I had a path to the top of the hill where I could pick blueberries. And picking said blueberries–and some blackberries I found on the way back down.
                                                             yeah, through that-uphill
Then we took the tractors out and tried to level out my riding ring a bit. I was going to ride that pesky CR again (plan B: keeping Charby out there!) but I crashed on the couch. Imagine that!

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