Searching for inspiration

I have been wondering what to write about most of the day…and I am still wondering! Not inspiration to run, I am loving that. I had such a runner’s high yesterday after my run, I was bouncing around.

I have a multitude of possible posts in my head, but I haven’t had the time to flesh them out and do the research. Ah well, as many a famous procrastinator has said, there is always tomorrow. And the day after. 

So, until I get that inspiration (aka time), keep this in mind: 

5 thoughts on “Searching for inspiration

  1. Ah! I’ve often thought of doing a post on posts not written. All the half-thoughts, random pictures I went to the effort to locate, random notes on my phone that I thought were BRILLIANT, that simply didn’t go anywhere…

    It’s be easier another day.


    • yes, all those nebulous ideas that are so hard to pin down when you go to write. I have occasionally written a post that way and am always disappointed because I should have formed the idea better and taken more time.


  2. Writing about not writing is a classic. Well done! And I have another procrastination quote for you:
    If only every minute could be as productive as the last minute! Have a great weekend, Samantha (or Sam, if you prefer).


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