Weekly Rundown

Weekly Rundown–finally! Only five whole days late. I was recovering from our annual BBQ. Actually, I was recovering from the dash my husband put us on to finish every project he ever started before the party.  I have also found that my change in schedule (working 11:30am to 8pm) puts a crimp in my writing–apparently, I really don’t like writing in the morning! And, yes, those are both excuses for my being lazy 🙂

Monday: a planned day off. I did do some stairs at work, but I had overdid the previous week. Once I figured out how to go down as well as up, I eschewed the elevator every chance I got. I spent most of the weekend with an aching knee.

Tuesday: A walk again with my friend Kate on the Rail Trail. So much nicer than walking around my house, it is so flat and even! We did 3 miles, and I did more stairs at work.

Wednesday: Yoga to stretch out from my walk. I took the mat out on the deck and enjoyed some nature, which always makes yoga better. I did 15 minutes of stretching poses and felt relaxed and refreshed when I was done.

Thursday: off

Friday: Arm Weights and Leg PT. As always, it made my leg feel better. Maybe I should start doing the every day?

Saturday:  yoga for 20 minutes out on the deck.  Then I lunged the horses. They were so good. No more riding yet, but I am loving playing with them 🙂 Apparently they are enjoying the attention too. Then our BBQ in the afternoon/evening. That kept me busy!

Sunday: off–recovery. We spent the day on the couch watching  the Jaws marathon. And napping. There was definitely some napping involved.

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