Weekly Rundown

I seem to have skipped writing last week. Well, the previous week wasn’t very exciting anyway. I didn’t run, as I was letting my knee recuperate from the fall the Saturday before. I did exercise, but it didn’t seem all that worthwhile to tell anyone about it. Having said that, I am not sure this week is any more exciting!

Monday: off. I had the day off from work; the lab was observing New Year’s, since it had fallen on a Sunday. I was shockingly lax, didn’t even manage 5000 steps. The long holiday season caught up with me, and I was beat.

Tuesday: I hopped on that treadmill first thing in the morning. I did a slow 10 minute warmup, then a 10 minute run, and a 10 minute cool down walk. The run was slower too; which, in all honesty, was harder than going faster. I am used to going all out walking or trying to run faster and faster. Going slow makes me think and balance a whole different way.

Wednesday: I did a 10 minute run on the treadmill, then 20 minutes of my yoga/physical therapy moves. I am going back to some moves I found in Self a couple of years ago. The moves are a series, such as the squats with a twist and weight lifting. The idea is to move smoothly and continuously, and they use a whole new set of muscles. I do have to say, they are much easier than the first time I tried them. I am in much better shape!

Thursday: 10 minute slow walk on the treadmill and then 16 minutes of yoga. I did the moves from my fav DVD, but I don’t believe I held them long enough. It was much faster than doing the DVD.

Friday: mostly off. I did do 15 minutes walking on the treadmill. I had my appointment to see my ortho doctor and I didn’t want to make my knee swell.  The appointment went well, he wants to take the metal piece out of my leg next month. Since the tibial plateau was broken, he had to put something in to hold all the bones in my knee as they healed. I am somewhat amazed at all the parts to a knee that had to fit back together.

Saturday: Daisy and I went out for a walk. We walked past the scene of the crime (where I went into the ditch the previous week), and I was amused at just how very deep it was. No way I was going into this time, it was very clear where the ditch was since some of the snow had melted and the plow trucks had plowed up banks in other places. We finished 2 miles, and while I had thought about some yoga when I got home, really, I just did some other stuff around the house.

Sunday: a busy day. Cleaned the house in the morning, then ran over to check my uncle’s summer home early in the afternoon. And still I had no steps to speak of! I really thought I got more walking around the house doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom and making my kitchen sparkle. So I climbed on the treadmill for 25 minutes 🙂

PS I did mean to post this yesterday, but I went downstairs to help my husband replace the seat cover on his snowmobile, and there went the evening. Tis that time of year here in Maine, when snow falls, lakes ice over and the sound of ‘mobiles can be heard in the clear air. My husband, of course, wants to be on one them!


















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